[Build] Amara - Hellwalkin' Deputy (M10)

Nice job, but this build is capable of soloing M4 Slaughter without using something that is broken as f*** X)

Do you use the sustainment variant or go for soul sap and personal space?

sustainment variant

but ist funny to Play, and it reminds me of the Pimpernel Salvador playstyle xD

@kevin.gloth Thank you for this. I have most of it put together (I need, NEED an anointed Hellwalker (lol)). I used it for the entire Moxxxi DLC and had a lot of fun, particularly the Claptrap thing and the Dastardly Lucky Seven is an absolute blast with this build! You should consider it in this guide.

Thanks again!

Just caught this. I’ll stand by my statement that the Lucky 7 is a lot of fun with this build!

Thanks for your input. I’m taking a break of BL3 at the moment due to the holidays and I only played a bit with the Lucky 7.
The thing with this gun is, its heavily RNG dependant. But I can see why it can fit this build well because it resets on Reload. I only learned that recently. And with this build you reload extremely fast. I’ll play with it a bit more once I get back to BL3. If you get godly modifiers, I think it felt like it did even more damage than the Maggie. I agree it’s pretty fun…

BUT there are two issues I have with the gun:

  1. It depends a lot on RNG. It will never be as reliable as the Maggie.
    (But that is the nature of the gun and can be mitigated with Alacrity. )
  2. It has a modifier that grants you automatic critical hits. I absolutely hate automatic critical hits. It’s the reason why I did not roll FL4K and depise Nisha with a passion. That may sound elitist, but I like to aim for critical hits myself. I don’t need or want the game to do that for me. I don’t know why Gearbox keeps implementing auto-critical gimmicks in their games. The gun wouldn’t even need it, just give it bonus critical damage instead.
    This is why I prefer to mob with Phasecast as well. It feels way more engaging and rewarding than Ties That Bind. Honestly, it is kind of annoying how good Ties That Bind is in general. Sorry, that went to a rant and off-topic pretty fast X)

Thankfully it only lasts for one magazine and most of the time only for a couple seconds. I will consider it and most likely add it as an option. I won’t deny that the gun is interesting and pretty strong.


Enjoy your break! For the record I adore the Maggie but getting it to drop is nigh impossible so I have an average one. The Lucky 7 drops pretty consistently from Scraptrap Prime so is farmable. I grow weary of endlessly farming say Gigamind in the hopes of a better (or any) Maggie drops (it’s happened but sheesh!) and may illustrate differences in our play styles.

I love chaos in my Borderlands play! So I’m having a blast with the Scraptrap boss fight and just running around screaming :scream:. Lining up for a critical hit is the last thing on my mind but I understand your point of view on this. I tend to use the Hellwalker or Lucky 7 for about anything at the moment. The Hellwalker for consistency and the Lucky 7 for the hopes of a great roll and watching their health bar drop like a rock.

I assume you’d be more amenable to the gun if they just increased the critical hit damage instead of making it automatic? Either way works for me but it sounds like the game is well designed enough to fit both our play styles.

Yeah and Ties That Bind is too “calming” (I agree with your assessment) at times.


I updated the build for 53. I did not add the Wedding Invitation because it is a seasonal reward, but obviously this would be your go-to ranged option. I’m not quite sure what Gearbox intent was with a level cap increase of only three levels. Honestly, it does not make any sense to me. It would make sense to add UVHM and balance the game accordingly with a new level cap. I’m not going to refarm all my gear just for three levels. I’m still waiting for Mayhem 2.0 to evaluate the direction that Gearbox wants to take with this game. Just a small update, keep hunting!

EDIT: Added builds with BL3 Zone. Gonna post a new loadout soon.


Hey guys!

Just some quick content about the new DLC and my favourite weapon of it. I think the video will speak for itself. I will update the guide, once Mayhem 2.0 arrives because right now the game seems rather unbalanced.

TLDR: Get this gun, it’s amazing for any Jakobs fan!

PS: I forgot to show the spec, it’s in the description or just here:



Just sharing the next broken Jakobs gun of the DLC. This one is really broken! Happy hunting!

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Thanks for pointer. Played with Seventh Sense last night - it’s absolutely insane! Things just melt in seconds.

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Is this build back with the current weapon dmg upgrade of the Hellwalker (~316%)?

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You bet it is. I expect it won’t be too long before Lazydata creates a new video. That buff basically created a new weapon.

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Couldn’t be happier about the latest buff. I can finally enjoy the game again. I would love to play with better modifiers, but these were the best I could get. RIP AND TEAR until its done!! Build will be updated once the last level cap for a while arrives. There is no point in farming at the moment.

EDIT: I overhauled the main guide to update it for M10. I’ll record some more gameplay soon and add it to the Gameplay section.

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Build is updated for M10 LVL 65. I added another Takedown Run using only Phasecast. I’m still missing a Phasecast Anointment on my Skullmasher, but the farm is very tedious. The build works very well and can clear any endgame content. Even Guardian Takedown is fine, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Without Phasegrasp you’ll get knocked around a lot and just die because you fall off a cliff. I completed it once, but it was so annoying that I cannot be arsed to do it ever again. Besides that it’s a ton of fun. Have fun and happy hunting!