[Build] Amara - Hellwalkin' Deputy (M4)

Concept of the Build

In this build I wanted to embrace Amara’s potential for a close-range elemental destruction by using one of the most badass weapons in Borderlands 3: The Hellwalker!
It will be your main weapon in your loadout and additional weapons are there to compensate for weaknesses of the gun. In order to make Wrainwright Jakobs proud, you’ll be using Jakobs steel to accompany the Hellwalker. With Infusion we can broaden our arsenal of Jakobs guns and use them more effectively at higher difficulty levels. Since Gearbox worked on the skill, you will still lose some damage-over time, but that is hardly the focus of this build.

Amara has a lot of skills, that can enhance the performance of this gun and uniquely fit the playstyle you want to go for while running with this tool of demonic destruction! So let’s see if she can make the Slayer proud!

Amara has …

Strong self-healing mechanics (Sustainment, Soul Sap, Samsara, Clarity)
Great shotgun synergy (Personal Space, Steady Hands, Transcend)
Extremely quick Reload Speed (Fast Hands, Alacrity)
Very high elemental damage (Anima, Tempest, Infusion)

With these tools, Amara can probably get the most out of this gun in this game.

The Build

In my testing so far, the key stats to improve this gun are:

Reload Speed
Accuracy and Handling
Elemental Damage
Critical Damage

In order to hit most of those key stats I created this build for Mayhem 4:


This build is based around the idea of Avatar with Alacrity . Avatar allows you to control the battlefield with two quick consecutive Phasegrasps. Alacrity with Avatar equals a crazy fire rate for Hellwalker. Soul Sap will keep you up, while you are Phasegrasping a target, so make sure you grasp the most threatening target, to take advantage of Ties That Bind.
I picked Laid Bare because it is quite beneficial for the Hellwalker because this build is not designed around oneshot-kills. In this build, your Hellwalker will get a pretty ridiculous fire rate and you want to take advantage of that. I created the build with Mayhem 4 in mind, and used the Takedown as a benchmark on how well it performs. Further detail on the skill choice reasoning can be found in the “Skill Choice” section of the guide.
Since the recent level cap increase this build can pick up Samsara and Indiscriminate, so I fully shifted my focus to Phasecast with the main build. However, you can still play with Ties That Bind but you will get far better resulsts with Sustainment and Personal Space because Ties That Bind does not activate Samsara.

What about Sustainment?

With Sustainment you will be a lot safer and it works better with Ties That Bind. Sustainment helps a lot because you will be able to heal with some of your guns without using your Action Skill or throwing Grenades.


If you don’t want to use Infusion, you should match elements and I would suggest to run with the elemental guns in the Jakobs arsenal. Put the points in Anima and Wildfire instead.

The Gear

1. Hellwalker :fire:
Obviously the core part of the build. This It seems to always drop with the same prefix (Speedloadn’= Reload Speed) and therefore has some locked parts. It always comes in fire element and seems to have a locked magazine size of 2. So it will always be a single-shot shotgun. High critical damage and good base damage. This gun also shoots the 10 bullets in the shape of a pentagram. Which just adds to how badass the gun already is. On every trigger pull you get a power chord played with a distortion effect. And if you equip the gun of the floor it plays a DOOM themed riff. Damn, I love it! With 70% Accuracy you also can hit headshots at a fairly decent range, but due to the bullet pattern point blank range criticals will yield the best results. Ultimately, this weapons performance largely depends on the user, since it is quite easy to miss shots with this gun. However, the reward of mastering this gun is certainly worth it!

2. Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
Ideally I would like an Anointed Bekah in this slot. However, unless Gearbox changes the way to acquire it, this Assault Rifle does the job as well. A good option for ranged combat. It spins up and once it reaches its full fire-rate mobs just disappear when you keep it on the critical spot. A good gun for mobbing and bossing if you have a Phasecast Anointed version. Even without a Phasecast Anointment this gun plays well with Ties That Bind, does excellent single target damage and solves any range issues you might have with the build.

3. Maggie
This gun is still a beast, as it always has been in the Borderlands franchise. For a pistol, it does really high damage, even outperforming some shotguns on a single shot. With Infusion, you can add your preferred element to the gun to make it even more potent than it already is. With a corrosive Infusion, it works great versus high-armor targets like the Maliwan tanks in the Takedown. This is your badass killer, if you have a low fire rate on your Hellwalker in between the Alacrity Loop.

4. Wagon Wheel

This is your group-extermination tool. This gun is just insane with the new elemental Anointments. Who needs a Brainstormer if you’ve got this baby?! This gun ricochets bullets all around a room if you hit an enemy with it. It has massive synergy with Indiscriminate and the new elemental Anointments. Just point it at mobs and watch them disappear because they get hit by a crazy amount of ricocheting bullets.

Additional Jakobs Shotgun options:

1. Sledges Super Shotgun
Yep, its back. This shotgun was my favourite in the previous games of the Borderlands franchise. It always looks pretty awesome and has interesting gimmicks. It has a pretty high magazine size and always fires in bursts. In previous Borderlands titles, the burst was limited to two shots. However, in this game Gearbox added the “Super” prefix, which adds a third-barrel to the gun, at the cost of fire rate. That way you get a 6 round burst in a single shot. I’d say it could use some more punch, but the “Super” prefix does quite a ton of damage if you get it on a point blank critical hit. I use this beauty to deal with fire-immune enemies or just as a secondary shotgun in my loadout.

2. One Pump Chump

A good option for ranged combat. This gun is pinpoint-accurate and has a fast reload speed. Therefore you can get a good fire rate with this build as well. I usually use it to take out targets that are hard to reach, like Jetpack Troopers.

Alternative Elemental Jakobs Arsenal for Sustainment

1. Rowan’s Call :zap:
I added this gun because I felt the need for a shock gun. And if you critically hit, it will ricochet bullets and refill your magazine. You basically have infinite ammo, as long as you keep it on the critical spot. This gun works pretty damn well with Indiscriminate and Ties That Bind and strips shields in seconds. It has pretty good damage per second on its own as well.

2. Queen’s Call corrosive-
Yep, this pistol was nerfed, but it still packs quite a punch and performs quite well in mobbing scenarios, even on Mayhem 4. It has a rather low magazine size with only three shots in one magazine on Amara. However, with Alacrity they reload extremely quickly and if you hit critical hits, you won’t have to reload them at all.
Of course, you want to get hit critical hits with it to activate its special effect. But this is Jakobs build, so what did you expect? You can go for the set with the King’s Call and you get an additional fire gun in your 4th slot.

2. The Companion :fire: / King’s Call :fire:-

This gun is a pretty good alternative, if you like to fan the hammer. The fire rate will depend on your trigger finger and if you get it on the critical spot, you will delete flesh mobs. It has a rather large magazine size as well for a Jakobs pistol. I usually switch to it, when I feel the need for a faster fire rate gun in between the Alacrity Rush Loop. It also helps with Sustainment, since you can also just spam it to regain health, when you need it. Or you can go for the set with the King’s Call.

Additional Gear for Utility

Sellout :fire: / corrosive -
Just to light yourself on fire for bossing and for taking advantage of a Elemental Projector.

Facepuncher -

Mayhem 4 enemies have a lot of health and you will be spamming your Hellwalker quite a bit. That is why I added the Redundant Facepuncher with a Bullet Vamp/ - and or Cutpurse Relic to refill your shotgun ammo in a single shot.

Class Mod

Phasezerker -

Still a really good choice and mandatory for this build. Without it, you will not be able to get the Rush Stack Loop with Alacrity to increase the Fire Rate with your Hellwalker on every second Action Skill. It also adds quite a bit off Cooldown Reduction and Weapon Damage.

Note on the passives: The best ones are Jakobs Critical Hit Damage, Weapon Damage or Shotgun Damage. Reload Speed is good as well of course. But getting the perfect COM is heavily RNG dependant, since you not only need the correct passives, but also the right skill point boosts. As you can see, my own Phasezerker is far from perfect or optimal for this build. I will have to pray to the RNG gods and keep farming.


A solid, rather sturdy shield, that has bullet absorption and complete shock immunity. Shock damage even heals you with this shield on. Recharge dealy and recharge rate are solid. It will work pretty well and is a solid choice, especially against Maliwan content.

Re-Charger -

A good alternative and my preferred shield against COV mobbing. It instantly recharges, when it breaks the first time. The recharge delay is not long at all and the recharge rate is solid.


The Stormfront and the Transformer synergize beautifully. Not only does it create a field of tesla coils that strips the shields of targets in the field, the coils heal you with Sustainment and regenerate your shield as well.
You can also use the Quasar to group up enemies for your action skill and more importantly for crowd-control.
Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair is a good option for healing because this build is quite the glass-cannon. Be careful though, you can kill yourself quite easily with this grenade.


The Elemental Projector Otto Idol helps with survivability and damage if I need to have some more punch.

The Snowdrift offers better mobility. The slide speed will allow you to weave in and out of cover and avoid tons of damage. This is essential for this build, because you do not want to take too much damage when your Action Skill is on cooldown. Especially in the Takedown on Mayhem 4 you want to avoid as much damage as possible.
Ideal would be the Victory Rush for more damage and movement speed after killing a badass enemy. The Otto Idol is an option as well because it just helps with the healing when you run a build without Sustainment.


The Anointments to drastically increase the damage output of the Hellwalker are the Phaseslam and Phasecast Anointments. This is really good for bosses.

Phaseslam (+ 300 Weapon Damage after using Phaseslam)
Phasecast (+ 250% Weapon Damage after using Phasecast)

For regular mobbing:

100% Bonus Weapon Damage, after using your Action Skill

Shield and Grenade:

  • 50 % (Shock/Corrosive) Damage after Action Skill Usage

You want to have a set of two elements on your shield and grenade. This will add a ton of damage on your guns, and allow you punch through protective layers quicker. Try to match elements with the bonuses on your Artifact. And always use one element that is good for shields and one for armor, so a combo of Cryo/Radiation or Shock/Corrosive works pretty well. You can also stack Cryo/Corrosive Bonus damage on high armor targets like Wotan the Invicible. The endgame goal is to have these Anointments on your favourite piece of gear. You should be aware, that this will be quite the grind. So, if you’re up for it and you can spare the time, I wish you the best of luck.

Action Skills

Main Build

Phasecast / Tandawa

I run this because the recent addition of Samsara with Clarity is usually enough to keep you up. An additonal Otto Idol really helps to make this setup safer. With the right Anointments this playstyle is much more explosive because you get two activiations of your ASE Anointments and can usually keep up your Phasecast Anointment for quite a while due to Topped Off. Tandawa has a longer cooldown but works better with Samsara. Try both of them and see what combat loop works better for you.

Ties that Bind - Control and shared damage. That is exactly what you want with high damage Jakob’s guns. I used to avoid it because the interaction of Do Harm and TTB is still quite busted. However, with the introduction of the Takedown and Mayhem 4, you want to take this to effectively deal with large groups of enemies.

Soul Sap/ Stillness of Mind - You get a higher Cooldown with Stillness of Mind. However, this augment gives you some breathing room to line up the perfect spot for multiple critical shots. The enemies won’t be shooting at you for a couple of seconds, which means that they won’t throw off your aim or knock you around. This augment can work if you already have Sustainment for healing. With the main build you depend on Soul Sap for healing and it provides you with a quicker cooldown. It’s personal preference, but if you want to get Personal Space you will not be able to get Sustainment. And I would not run Stillness of Mind without Sustainment.

Soulfire/ Shockra / Blight Tiger
You should usually use shock, so your Hellwalker can punch through health and shields. The On Action Skill End Anointments will take care of the additional armor if needed.

Switch to Phasecast and Soul Sap for bosses.

Skill Choice

Mystical Assault

Fast Hands (3/3) - Good Reload Speed is a key component for the Hellwalker. The faster you reload, the faster you shoot things in the face. Since playing Krieg, I appreciate fast Weapon Swap Speed as well.

Do Harm (3/5) - This skill adds a massive amount of damage to Ties That Bind. For some reason, the damage to linked targets is considered as Action Skill Damage. You only get 3 points in this build, because in my opinion Laid Bare and Alacrity are more important for the Hellwalker. I value gameplay over raw damage. But hey, if you like broken stuff and you want to exploit the “Fakegrasp” glitch, take some points elsewhere and max this skill. It is just not the focus of this build.

Transcend (3/3) - This talent is great because it boosts your critical damage after you use an Action skill and it can actually stack. With two stacks, you wind up with above 50% critical hit damage bonus after you use your Action Skill. You get more Accuracy as well, which is really important for the Hellwalker and Jakobs guns in general.

Alacrity (5/5) - With Avatar and 25 Rush stacks this skill will give you insane Reload Speed up to the point where you can just hold down the right trigger with the Hellwalker and just watch the gun go nuts. This skill will significantly improve your DPS with the gun.

Laid Bare (3/3) - 25% more damage if used in conjunction with your your Action Skill. Kunai for Amara, it’s pretty good! It activates on your first hit on enemies that are linked with Tiest That Bind, so it benefits guns that shoot very quickly in rapid succession. Which you will with the Hellwalker, if you use a Phasezerker with Alacrity and Fast Hands in the Avatar Build.

Wrath (3/3) - 40% bonus gun damage after you use an Action Skill. This skill cranks up your damage potential. Get it if you can get down to it!

Awakening (3/3) - This skills helps you to get more benefit of Do Harm and Alacrity. I would always take this skill with a Phasezerker setup, since your whole build works with the Rush loop.

Remnant (1/3) - This skill is not as strong, as it would be with a gun like the Unforgiven. Overkill generally does not work well with multi-pellet guns in this game. However, it is just one point and adds up to a good amount of bonus damage.

Avatar (1/1) - The capstone allows you to use your Action Skill twice and more importantly adds 10 additional Rush stacks. This is really good with Phaseslam and Phasecast and decent with Phasgrasp as well. You should use your Action Skill twice in a row quickly, since the cooldown depends on your last action skill usage. Overall you get more control and a lot more benefit of the Rush loop through this capstone. In my opinion, it is Amara’s strongest capstone.

Fist of the Elements

Anima (1/5) - Higher damage-over-time effects and duration helps with lighting yourself on fire and adds some additional damage. It gets boosted by your COM, so you will not have to invest heavily into it.

Infusion (5/5) - Gearbox worked on this skill and fixed some of its issues. Your damage-over time will still be a bit lower, if you infuse fire on flesh with a fire-gun, but it won’t diminish your direct damage. Overall, this skill helps you to increase your Jakobs arsenal because it improves the non-elemental guns of the build by quite a bit.

Steady Hands (3/3) - Most of the community seems to assume this is a bad skill. At least that’s what I picked up so far. However I disagree. Accuracy equals damage on a Jakob’s shotgun. The Handling helps as well.

Tempest (5/5) - Multiplicative elemental damage boost! Amara staple.

Dread (1/1) - 15 % Damage and automatic reloads on a grasped target? Yes please!

Indiscriminate (3/3) - Chain reaction in BL3. It does not have the strongest synergy with the Hellwalker. However, for example a gun like the Rowan’s Call gets a lot out of this skill. It already ricochets bullets through it’s own special effect on a critical hit and Indiscriminate adds to that.

Alternative Setup:

Deep Well (1/1) - It does not really affect the Hellwalker much, but it really helps on the King’s and Queen’ Call. It adds an additional shot on both pistols, which actually makes a huge difference in usage and gameplay.

Sustainment (2/5) - Great survival skill. Life steal on elemental damage with your guns. Of which you are going to do a lot with this build. However, it only heals you with the base damage of your gun and does not take into account most of your other gun damage and elemental bonuses. It does not work with damage over time effects as well. It’s still great, but could have been much better!


Personal Space (3/3) - A great multiplicative damage skill for Amara. Extremely good for shotguns because you want to be up close and personal with them.

Clarity (2/5) - Constant health-regeneration that helps to deal with damage-over time effects in the game. It get’s boosted by your COM as well. You need to spend the points to unlock your corrosive element for Infusion.

Samsara (3/3) - I adore Samsara. If you aim your action skill correctly you get a whole lot of benefits. Loads of percentage based healing and additional gun damage. This is a skill that will work better for you, once you learn to fully take advantage of it. If you only ever get one stack of Samsara, it is really not worth it, but multiple stacks are really powerful.

Gameplay and Testing


Boss Damage
Tyreen the Destroyer (M4)

Graveward (M4)


Slaughter Shaft

Phasecast Lectra City

Thanks for reading guys! Always open for feedback, suggestions and improvements to the build :smiley:


Some constructive criticism and questions:

This seems a little contradictory? How does dropping personal space aid in using the Hellwalker? Especially if the Hellwalker needs to be in close quarters to be effective?

Phasezerker does not include Infusion perks?

You use phasecast anointments, yet you use ties that bind? Please elaborate.
Furthermore, personally i am in the possession of a 300% dmg increased after phaseslam Hellwalker, should i still resort to ties that bind?

Overall i feel that you need to update the guide throughout, since for instance, the talent point reasoning is very confusing. Seemingly jumping back and forth between your first, second and third build as well as the previous “end game” build which you removed.


Hey thanks for your feedback!
I just updated the guide for Mayhem 4 and changed it, because my previous Avatar Build worked well in Mayhem 3, but not so great in Mayhem 4. I use this new setup to solo the Takedown in Mayhem 4, so I had to make some adjustments. The first two versions work well up to Mayhem 3.

I checked the part again and noticed that I was not clear enough and somewhat contradictory. Thank you for pointing that out. Just to clarify, Personal Space is awesome! It is such a huge damage increase. And I really did not want to drop it. However, while playing I noticed that for me personally Samsara and Clarity were not enough healing in endgame encounters. And if you want to go down to Avatar, which you need for the fastest Reload Speed possible with a Phasezerker, you won’t have enough points to pick up Sustainment. Sustainment is unfortunately far more reliable healing than Samsara because Samsara procs only consistently to 5 stacks with Fist Over Matter. If you use for example Phaseslam and you jump into a a group of mobs, you will only get Samsara stacks for the mobs that are on your screen or in your field of view. So, even if you hit a group of 6 mobs, you might only get 3 stacks of Samsara. In Mayhem 3 you could easily add Stillness of Mind to Phaseslam and just oneshot them with a headshot, due to your anointed damage increase. That’s not really possible anymore in Mayhem 4, due to the huge stat increase, especially with shielded and armored enemies. That’s why Ties That Bind works really well here, it allows you to safely strip shields with the Rowan’s Call of a whole group and finish them with the Hellwalker.

EDIT: I think the only way, you could get Personal Space and still be somewhat safe in Mayhem 4 is a Snowdrift Deathless Setup, that converts your Health in Shields. I really would recommend a strong shock splash gun to refill your shield with this setup!

Thanks, I meant Anima, I switched that up. This helps for bossing, when you want to use an Elemental Projector. Anima extends the dot-duration on yourself.

I still use the Phasecast Anointed Hellwalker, because it is the best one I have. And I still would keep it and switch to it for boss fights. I have far from perfect gear and I will update that section, as soon as I get better pieces.
Ideally, I’d like to have the new damage and reload speed Anointment, that stacks or the new + 50 % corrosive/shock damage after Action Skill used. However, the latter would be even better on shield and grenade because they will apply to every weapon that way. So, I am still hunting for those on a Transformer and Quasar.

You might be able to make Phaseslam work if you have matching Anointments on your gun and shield, that give you more damage reduction and movement speed + 300% gun damage. Just keep in mind that the cooldown is quite large for mobbing encounters and you rely on your Action Skill for healing in that build. Personally, I would keep the Phaseslam Hellwalker and use it for bosses and use Ties That Bind for general mobbing.
This only applies to the Avatar Build. If you want use Sustainment and Samsara in the Forceful Expression version, it will probably be enough. But your gun will shoot a lot slower and I got used to the fast fire rate and high DPS with the Phasezerker.

I updated the sections and it should make more sense now. I learned a lot, while playing with the gun and added that to the guide, while still testing different setups. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

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ist a fun build to Play, but maybe it lacks a bit of everything when it comes to fight bosses?
Do you try Wotan?
I love the Hellwalker, but im not sure you can use it often in the maliwan takedown, cause more than half of the enemies have high shields or armor. Maybe i try it by myself, but im afraid of be a little ■■■■■■■ to my teammates when they have to carry me^^

It’s a good weapon for mobbing once you strip their shields. I use a Rowan’s Call for that. It does also pretty well vs bosses with just a huge red health bar (Graveward, Tyreen, Troy, Aurelia etc.), if you get an anointed version with bonus damage on Phasecast/Phaseslam. It shreds the normal mobs in the Takedown with Ties That Bind. But yes obviously you can’t use it vs Wotan or the Valkyries. I’d say use a Recursion or Cutsman for them. Obviously different weapons like the Hornet work as well, but it will take quite a bit longer.
I still have to try a full set of bonus elemental damage Anointments with the Hellwalker. But getting the right Anointments on Transformer and Quasar may take some time. Maybe I can go for full elemental Jakobs loadout after all.

Interesting. I was thinking of trying out a build similar to this one yesterday. I even invented an imaginary mod to go with it,

Conquering Caracal
Close quarter kills grant instant reloads and remove 2 seconds from action skill cool down
Skills: Personal Space, Restless, Wrath

What do you think?

Not bad, but actually you already have instant reloads with the Hellwalker after consuming 25 Rush stacks with Alacrity and Fast Hands. It get’s pretty ridiculous on Amara. I’d rather say, adds a Reload percentage that can stack. So your new COM would probably be a very godd shotgun COM, but it lacks the Rush stack interaction that the Phasezerker has. Like one of the new Anointments.
I’d rather get a level cap increase, so I can pick up Personal Space and Sustainment in an Avatar Build, without being forced into a Deathless (Health converted into Shields) setup!

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I overhauled the guide and changed the title. I could not really call it Disciple of Krieg anymore, since I barely use the initial idea of the build. It is a Jakobs Allegiance Build around the Hellwalker with Jakobs Elemental Guns now. It should be less confusing and more straight to the point. This is the result of me playing around and testing the Hellwalker in Mayhem 4 and the Takedown (Solo). As always constructive criticism and feedback is always welcome.

Oh and I already have an idea and loadout for a COV Amara Build (Disciple of Krieg), but I still have to test this and play around with it for a while.


Interesting choice to not use the driver. I would like to see how this build plays out in M4.

The build relies on Accuracy and Critical Hits. I don’t think the Driver works well with that concept. You need to have the Phasezerker anyway for the fire rate on the Hellwalker.

That makes lots of sense. I will test out your build as well as play around with some of my own. The hellwalker is probably may favorite shotty in the game.

idea 1

idea 2 – this one is probably too much of a glass cannon, but you never know.

I used to play something like your second idea, only without Infusion. Tandawa and SoM to proc Samsara, but the cooldown was too high and I could not kill mobs fast enough in Mayhem 4. And the healing was not as dependable. I guess it could work with Phasecast and Soul Sap with a Quasar for control. But definitely not in the Takedown, you need that crowd control there.

Solved the Arena in Promethea (Dino Thing) solo in M4. Was quite easy, used mainly Hellwalker, and for the adds with armor a corrosive Cutsmen . The only struggle were the rakks, but even they can be done.

Like that Build :v:

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If we’re making this a Jakobs build, how about a sniper like the Monocle or Headsplosion for slot 4? It would provide a range option and conserve ammo.

Well there is already the Sheriff Build for the Monocle. I want to use elemental Jakobs weapons that have a faster Fire Rate to take advantage of Laid Bare. The reason for this is, that Infusion doesn’t work very well with the Hellwalker, and I would not benefit of Sustainment with NE Jakobs. So, something like Hot Mama in BL2 would be neat. But yeah if you feel the need for a Sniper, the Monocle is a great choice.
I might add the Maggie for high armor targets as well, I’ve been using that for stuff that has a lot of armor and no obvious critical spots (Takedown tanks, Valkyries etc.) With a + 50 % Bonus Cryo Damage Anointment on my grenade, it did some pretty good work on them. But I’d rather try out some more shotguns. Stuff like Sledges Shotgun or the Garcia.It’s supposed to be a Deputy after all :smile:

And about ammo: I get it for pistols, but with a Cutpurse Relic and a Facepuncher, you basically have infinite shotgun ammo. That’s why I’m gonna test out some more unique Jakobs Shotguns in Mayhem 4.

I am loving this build but can’t pull it all together because I cannot for the life of me get a phasezerker. any suggestions on best way to get it? Can one drop for a different character?

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Class mods are world drops only I’m afraid. Just keep playing the game, do some sidequests. Farm Slaughter Shaft or your favourite boss.

Added a new version of the build with Infusion and Personal Space. I finally made it work for me with Ties That Bind and Soul Sap. Infusion helps with some other Jakobs options and adds utility against bosses with a lot of armour.

Should have tested more before I made that assumption. :smile: I did not test it for a while and apparently Gearbox fixed it.
Sorry, I’ll have to correct myself on this statement.
Added some gameplay footage against some bosses. I’ll add some mobbing, preferably Takedown footage soon.

Thanks for keeping this up to date. I am having so much fun with it. I finally got that phasezerker and I am going to try out your new build tonight.

the only thing I am struggling with is the artifact at this point. I have one that gives 80% elemental damage (I’ll have to look up what it is called) but I’m not sure if it is only when i get hit with that damage type that I get the 80%.

can you go into more depth on what the idea artifacts would be?

Oh the one i am using is elemental Projector Moxxi Endowment. It says:
elemental damage boost
damange boost +90%

then at the bottom it says while suffering an elemental affect, increase your damage with that same element.

Editing this to add because I can only make 3 posts per topic as a new user (dumb):
I am using a transformer and I have like 6 of them if you want one. I am on ps4.