(Build) And Now For Something Different (WIP)

Hi guys, and welcome to what is a serious WIP build. All typing will be done on my phone, and all formatting etc. will be done on some sort of laptop. This is just so I can get the main idea(s) down without too much hassle. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress, so I may find that different equipment works better in some respects, so I will update the build as I go. The KerBlaster I am currently using is as follows, however, I am rubbish at parts, so I shall post a picture of the gun. I am also running at OP8, so bear that in mind as well.

Plump KerBlaster
Damage: 1387062
Accuracy: 90.6
Fire Rate: 2.7
Reload Speed: 3.7
Mag Size: 35


If you like explosions, then this is the build for you. This build is centered around the KerBlaster, with the obvious addition of the standard Grog Nozzle for Slag and healing.

But why the KerBlaster?

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is simple, and that is that the Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold is so overused. I’d like to try something different, so I chose the KerBlaster. I haven’t seen many builds (if any) that has Sal using the KerBlaster, as it’s not an obvious choice.
The second reason is a little more complicated. I figured that with the right build, COM and Relic, the KerBlaster may be able to deal around the same damage output as the DPUH (I highly doubt it, as do other people, but its worth a go!) Sure, Sal hasn’t got the explosive boosts that Axton or Krieg has, but I think with a little TLC this build could be useful.

Quick test runs have proved that the KerBlaster can hold its own. I have not been to see any bosses yet, but I have done runs through Frostburn and Southpaw with little to no trouble. What with my current build (I will post the final skill build once I have seen what works best), with fire rate boosts from both skill and COMs, the KerBlaster spits out rockets at a ridiculous pace. The drunk effect from the Grog Nozzle can turn one rocket into multiple. This, coupled with Slag and the extra grenades going off, is awesome. It is almost as if I am carpet bombing the area, which, let’s face it, can’t be a bad thing, right?

This build is fuelled by my penchant for seriously fast fire rates. Sure, Vladof may be a better manufacturer in that respect, but let’s face it, they’re not very fun, are they?


However, there are some problems with using a KerBlaster, but these may be mitigated by certain items. The main problem is that if you aren’t careful, you can down yourself very easily. This is due to (stating the obvious here, but there you go) being too close to the grenade/rocket blasts. As I said above, there can be a number of ways around this.

  1. Don’t stand too close to your targets. At any rate, you want to be hitting your target’s feet, so that the extra grenade bounces up into their face/body. Look out for Psychos, and deal with them as quick as possible. Most of the time I went down because of Psychos, or any fast-closing enemy in general.
  2. The Sham, or any Absorb Shields. I haven’t got a Sham at the moment, so I’m not sure whether Absorb Shields will negate the damage of the grenades. This would be useful as you wouldn’t have to be so far away from your enemy. I will test this once I’ve got an Absorb Shield of some kind.
  3. Fistful Of Hurt. This is incredibly useful, and one of the differing skills from most builds. Whilst it’s situational (you won’t be using it against non-melee enemies), it can save your life on multiple occasions.

The Auspicious Raider COM

One of the cornerstones of the build.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say “+6 in Money Shot, done”, because it’s boring. With No Kill Like Overkill, and in some cases, without it, you won’t really need the extra points in Money Shot.
I happened to luckily come across this COM while testing the build in Frostburn last night. The Assault Rifle Accuracy helps a lot with putting shots on target, and with the accuracy bonus of Divergent Likeness, this can only be a good thing. The KerBlaster is fairly accurate anyway, but every little helps.

The other variants of the Auspicious Raider are points in Locked n Loaded and Incite.
The bonus to LnL is very welcome, as it boosts our fire rate. This helps with DPS and can really make a difference on the battlefield. The bonus to Incite is also fairly useful, as if you are faced with multiple Psychos, the movement speed bonus can save your life. The reload speed of Incite is nice as well, albeit situational.

Ideally, you want to be using an Auspicious Raider with as many points as possible in Locked n Loaded, but it really doesn’t matter too much, and won’t seriously affect the playstyle.


Let’s talk No Kill Like Overkill. Now, according to the Wiki (and we all know how reliable that can be) “the damage buff applies to any kind of gun damage, even splash damage”. This is great, as the KerBlaster has two chances at proccing splash damage (the first coming from the original rocket, and the second from the bonus grenade). With a Bee, this can annihilate any mob with ease.

But how to stay alive?

Well, with the fire rate boosts, the splash damage, and a Grog in hand, you should have no trouble. The Problems…part of this build should cover most of the points.



Looking forward to it :smile:
There are a lot of good guns in this game without any spotlight.

I have no doubt that the Kerblaster is totally viable when built around…but

That’s the part I’m SERIOUSLY doubting.

Don’t let that stop you though :acmaffirmative:

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Let me be the stick in the mud and just say that this will never happen. I’ll gladly eat my words if it does happen, but for now here’s some constructive criticism as to why this won’t happen.

Here’s the 3 big ones

  • No crit in general, so that also means no 200% from the grog and no 800% from the LF. So with a grog you are already doing 1/6 the damage you could be doing.
  • No Money Shot, up to 1056% damage that can chain is a lot.
  • So it’s a Hoarder build only (in my mind) which are fun and preform fine in mobbing but fall flat on their face while raiding by comparison. (You said on par with a DPUH so I’m only saying this b/c of that.)

If anyone can ever get Krieg’s Bloodlust tree working like it’s supposed to at OP8 I think he could give DPUH sal a run for his money.

That came outta left field.

Not really, you were talking about out damaging a DPUH sal, I once oneshotted one of the ultimate badass enforcers in pyro pete’s Bar. With an Omen.

Well, it might have been 2, it was shooting pretty fast.

With the Kerblaster, but ok. I was just surprised you posted that in response to my post.

And I’m not saying Blister K couldn’t do it, but 800% crit and 1056% mult damage that can chain is hard to beat. Especially when you add in a Bee. Along with NKLO’s mult 400% (I think) and being otherwise kill skill and stack independent, while almost matching K’s FR.

Ect ect a bunch of other stuff…

oh, yeah, I mean, Sal is crazy on the numbers, but if they both one shot everything it doesn’t really matter, anyway, enough thread hijacking, I’m out.

Haha, yeah, it definitely doesn’t! I didn’t realise how much raw damage my DPUH was actually doing. I’ll take that bit out.

Thanks man! I actually got the KerBlaster as a world drop from a Loader in the WEP, and I figured, if Axton can use it to great success, I can’t see why Sal can’t.

As I said to Chuck, this definitely was a bold statement. I was messing around last night and it will definitely not have the same damage output as the DPUH!

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Can’t wait for your skill tree so I can play this build I should have all the gear except the com but I can fram a chatioc good monk if what I think the com boost is true.

If I remember correctly, the Kerblaster is a bit like a rocket launcher: it can’t moneyshot. The Monk is thus a bad choice.

It might also not activate get some, so it may need the help of a Legendary Gunzerker COM to stretch Gunzerk for as long as possible.

Can it not moneyshot or just not chain money shot

No money shot at all.

It will make the noise but will get no damage increase.

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That sucks is guess ill still try it out with sal anyway thanks for the info.

Yeah just like I said it can’t proc Money Shot, but his Grog can proc Get Some so he should be fine in that regard.

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