[Build] Arachnophobia - M10 Terror Pet Build

Greetings Vault Hunters,

It’s that spooky time of year again. Pandora retreats into its 90 Hour night as the Bloody Harvest commences! Grotesque grogs slither out from their borrows and the blood-curdling cries of the @prismatic rakk echo throughout the world. The hanging bandits of The Droughts sing a sweet murder lullaby as the purple goons terrorize the little boys and girls. Marcus tells of a mysterious figure who only appears on this most spooky of nights. Rotting flesh and rusting limbs give them away as they rise from the grave. Neither man nor woman, organic or machine, but a ghastly mixture of all these, traveling in tow with a horrible creature. Standing on 3 legs with no eyes and a mouth full of vicious teeth, the petrifying pair roam the world of the living, devouring the souls of any unfortunate enough to cross their path. No one knows exactly who or what this creature is, but they do know one thing:



Welcome to Arachnophobia FL4K, a pet build based around the recently buffed terror anointment and spiderant Scorcher! There isn’t a whole lot that distinguishes this from a normal Red Fang build beyond it’s spooky theme, but we’re going to go pretty hard with it.

How does it work

This build focuses on URad and the terror attack command anointment. We want to simulate the feeling of being a zombie on the edge of life, while also capturing the fantasy (or knightmare) or controlling a giant radioactive undead killer spider.

There are some specific synergies that Scorcher has with the terror anoint though. Since her attacks deal fire damage, same as the anoint, both have the same elemental affinities. This means that the terror anointment is a consistent x3 damage increase for Scorcher. On top of that, this anoint scales very well with attack speed since it is a timed bonus, and Scorcher’s fire pool is essentially an attack speed increase while it is active. Finally, while this is a general synergy across all pets, terror AC applies to reflected damage from He Bites as well, though it won’t be the focus of this build.

The Skill Tree

Skill Tree

Skill are pretty self explanatory. Only 1 point in Go for the Eyes since that is enough for Hollowpoints off basic attacks to blow up badasses. The 4 points in Two F4NG can change depending on which weapons you use and how far into the theme you want to go.


Since this is a Red Fang build, gear is pretty lenient. You will need a Facepuncher to generate terror for the anointment, but otherwise feel free to use whatever you wish. This is a URad build, so every weapon should have this anoint.

Some suggestions for weapons though:

  1. Soulrender - it shoots skull the ■■■■ did you expect here?
  2. Fearmonger - you’re going to be terrified all the time anyway so why not?
  3. Breath of the Dying - you get to shoot waves of ectoplasmic goo whenever you kill something. Ghostbusters anyone?
  4. Hellwalker - I don’t feel the need to explain this.

We need to be on low health for URad to be on 24/7. A Front Loader shield with the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge is one way to achieve that, but if you want the full flavor of being a Frankenstein monstrosity you should go with Deathless/Transformer. You could use an Old God for max damage, but Transformer gives that cheesy immunity to damage that Frankenstein had so I prefer that combo.

Grenades don’t matter at all since the pet terror anoint can’t roll on them and you have the terror generating anoint on the Facepuncher. Anointments that consume terror don’t work with this build since you are consuming terror for the pet. You can use a Ghast Call if you want to stay on theme, or just use a Piss grenade otherwise.

You can use the relic spot to generate terror with a Rocket Boots or Spark Plug prefix. If you go for Spark Plug, then I’d suggest going with a Victory Rush.

Ideally, on your class mod and artifact, you’d want AOE and Splash damage rolls to increase Atomic Aroma’s DPS, but it really isn’t necessary at all. Just get weapon type boosts that match your main weapon.

That’s pretty much it. I don’t have video at the moment, but it’s pretty much your average URad Gamma build, just with the added twist of cosplaying as a Zombie with a radioactive killer zombie spider, which is pretty ■■■■■■■ cool if you ask me.


Cool build. I have a question: The pearl of ineffable knowledge does affect pet damage?

Unfortunately it does not, splash/AoE are the only gear bonuses that benefit pets and even that is situational between pets and their attacks.


Interesting build, have to try it out when I have the time.

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Victory Rush applies I think?

Nope. Wish it did.


Does the splash damage annoint buff certain pet attacks then?



Thinking of trying this build and, thankfully, have all your suggested weapons in Urad already. Just to be clear on the gear you are suggesting, could I do:

Facepuncher - melee terror
Soulrender - URad
Hellwalker/Fearmonger - Urad
Breath of the Dying - Urad

Transformer/Front Loader - a terror anointment. Ammo regen? Oh! Attack command fire?
Ghast Call
Red Fang
Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge

What anointments would I need on all my gear?

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Grenade anoint doesn’t matter since it’s a Red Fang build. If you run More Than OK Boomer you can use the OGT anoint. Terror AC has to be on the shield. Everything else except for the Facepuncher is URad. From what you listed you’re good to go.