Build aroud Vladof COM Heavy Gunner with Axton

Hi guys! last day i found a purple Heavy Gunner class mod for Axton. After several tests with different weapons with high rate of fire (Non-uniques, uniques, legendaries and pearlescents) i think this is the the skill trees for this build.

Tips and every support for this build are welcome!


Tell me you’re rockin’ Topneaas! 8/5+ in Steady? Should be great.

I’d say that one point in Overload for the COM is plenty. Vladof ARs are only so good - especially compared with Anarchists and Droogs (and Tops). I’d put the three extraneous points into Expertise.

Also, one point for Nuke! You’re right there.

Your title implies you’re going Vladof allegiance? Vladof allegiance relics are pretty good. They can have recoil reduction, which is mostly taken take of with Steady, but the relic can have added damage which is very nice.


Yup Torgue guns would be good, and if you’re lucky enough to find em Plasma Casters!


I think the only change I would make is to find a point for Mag Lock, but that’s tied to playstyle, otherwise I’d only be echoing what @Jefe said. Go hard brother, I expect your opponents will feel your wrath shortly.


play some coop, they will definitely love playing with you with those team fire rate buffs.