[Build] "Auto Mowzer Madness" M10 Auto Bear build

Moze M10 build for every content

Auto Bear splash damage build that can face anything

Don’t feel like hopping into iron bear at all?
Don’t feel like killing anything yourself?
Or just want someone fighting by your side while wrecking some foes?
I got you

With the consecutive hits anointment you won’t ever need to trigger Iron Bear if you don’t want to.
Auto Bear will destroy everything in it’s path on days where you don’t wanna shoot a gun yourself.
The 130 incendiary while Auto Bear anointment is perfect for shredding your enemies together.

Skill Tree

For the green tree we’re picking up everything that helps Iron Bear and Moze deal more damage till unlocking Specialist Bear, to get enough damage for Auto Bear.

Blue tree goes down all the way to short fuse, to ensure moze can deal enough damage on her own with the right weapons, while still picking um as much Iron Bear supportive skills as possible. We won’t use deadlines as Auto Bear doesn’t use fuel at its momentary state and the reason i kept out TCP, is because Auto Bear will kill himself when having splash augments equipped and facing enemies that are too close to him.

The red tree gets anything left to increase Mozes damage, but also to unlock the Corrosive Sabot Round Augment for Iron Bear so he can easily take on armored bosses as well.

Class Mod

Rocketeer is the way to go, could be switched out for a Mindsweeper for bossing or a Raging Bear for fun. Rocketeer is the only one you really need tho.


Arfifact is up to your preferences, i like to use the otto idol to give me some more sustain, altough its not necessary


The Frozen Snowshoe is fun for mobbing and the Stop gap is good for bossing


There are maaany weapons that work great with this build:

Complex Root
Bubble blaster
Unkempt Harold
and more, pretty much anything splash can be good with this build


Classic CMT with OGT

Rocketeer and 130 Incendiary anoint used for all those videos.
Auto Bear Valkyrie skip
Graveward kill M10
General Traunt Oneshot M10
Auto Bear vs Captain Traunt M10
12:32 Maliwan TTD AUTO BEAR ONLY
49:11 Guardian TTD AUTO BEAR ONLY

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post


I have to disagree here, you want the Rocketeer to deploy AB but that’s about it. Once AB is up there is no reason not to switch to another CM as AB will be up for the full duration regardless.

That doesn’t change the fact that you don’t need them. You’re dealing enough damage to not have to abuse exploiting mechanics.


Thanks Justin for this smart build. I am enjoying it a lot. Of course should I look for a splash damage rooketier com. But what are the best ones? The green or blue tree extra points. By the way I’m loving playing in bear. Greetings

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Thank you! Honestly i think all 3 skills that the rocketeer can come with are good, but i’d say Fire in the Skag Den works best. With Torgue Cross Promotion Autobear will easily kill himself when you’re in a battlefield with no good savespot for him, so to ensure he can also survive mid battlefield i’d not recommend TCP if ou wanna go full auto bear. Cloud of lead is probably them weakest of them but not too bad either cause we picked up those incendiary increasing skills too.
If you are on Xbox i can gladly help you out with gear

Pretty much my go to build i usually lean back on, except i move 1 point from armored infantry to TRL or Full can of whoopyobutt and to the last instead of explosive punctuation.

It’s a good build. :+1:

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Fresh 60, here, who just returned to the game after being on hiatus since a bit before the initial level-bump. … Saw the discussion about your build over on the Vault Thieves Discord, followed that over here, and saw you offer to the other gentlemen regarding gear: if he was on Xbox, which I am. … Mind giving me a hand with the gear next it’s convenient for you?

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Of course my dude, i’ll be at work for 5-6 hours now if you leave me your GT and what you need i’ll get you sorted afterwards :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciated! … GT: “The Hope Thief”

Why do you have a point in short fuse? Put it in grizzled

Whut? No, short fuse is essential for moze to deal enough damage when playing without triggering iron bear for anoints at all

Oh yeah, sorry, meant explosive punctuation. It’s a terrible cool down skill, get much more out of another point in grizzled.

Thanks again (for the “hook up”), my man – incredibly appreciated.

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If going auto bear only and for some reason autobear dies early, its good to have a little extra cooldown just for throwing nades or shooting a splash gun

You’ll get very little out of it if you are getting other cooldowns, limited returns kills the skill. In particular if topped off is active you’ll only end up saving a fraction of a second off of the total cooldown. Grizzled is calculated differently and doesn’t suffer from limited returns as much, and you get better returns the more points you put into it. you always want to put in at least 4/5 if not 5/5 in grizzled.

you should read this post about cooldown rate

you don’t need to have that fast of a cooldown at all, since auto bear will be up long enough anyways, and isn’t used as a “last stand” before going down either, so if you know how to place/time your ab, you won’t even need grizzled
i know how the cooldown rate works, but like i said, if you wanna do auto bear only runs, not kill anything yourself and ab should still get downed, he won’t be able to get your cd back with grizzled so you’re just waiting. This is no auto bear spam build that always needs to have the cd ready keep that in mind, Ab is supposed to fight with you as long as rocketeer enables it

@Prismatic made a solid case for just tossing an extra point in EP for an auto bear focused build. I haven’t been playing lately so I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth, maybe he can explain it a little better.

A single point can be argued in specific circumstances when, like @ivi420ad said, you don’t have have a possible use for Grizzled (bosses, time constraints, can’t get a kill). I don’t and will never personally condone a point in EP, but i can understand others using it as a final point sink.

However, barring any changes I’m unaware of at the time of this comment, I’d still recommend taking at least 4 in Grizzled or something and swapping a point from PtHP or (weapon depending) a point from MoD to put into EP.

I’ll reiterate here, as far as I’m aware the only decent argument for a single EP point is for AB focused builds.

I could be wrong though.

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I’ll take a look into it, prismatic made me aware that rushin offensive heals of Dot damage which I didn’t knew, so I’m prolly gonna switch out 1-2 points to make it even easier to let autobear do everything and not die yourself while doing so anyways, not that it was a problem till now

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I think he was messing around with a 3 Grizzled build and said it worked fine btw. Since the buff to cooldown a long time ago AB builds can probably work without Grizzled at al, Rushin is def more important than 4th point there.

I should stop procrastinating and play the game again.

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Just to clear this up as 1 EP is something I’ve done in my own time but tend not to recommend as it requires a couple edge cases. The comparison has always been 5 Griz 0 EP vs 4 Griz 1 EP. These set ups are all in the context of a full cooldown, as early exit is always better with 5 Griz.

5 Griz vs the 1 EP set up tends to come out fairly when you don’t have CDR boosts on the rest of your gear. So with minor topped off uptime as the only other CDR supplement the 2 come out about even. The difference lies in consistency, 5 Griz has potential to be better or worse however it fluctuates more. So on a good run you come out ahead, but if something goes wrong then the 1 EP approach tends to win. I tend to prefer pulling up the bottom line rather than catering to a best case scenario.