[Build] Automatic Nisha - Level 70 with Eclipse/Eos Video

Hey Everyone!

My name is Charrisx and this is my build for automatic weapons. I have been playing as Nisha for a very long time, in fact she is the only character I play. Below you will find a videos showcasing my level 70 automatic build in UVHM against Eclipse & EOS, a hyperlink list of all the equipment I use, as well as many other helpful resources regarding the build. Please take some time to check everything out and I hope you like the build as much as I do.

Below is the link to my level 70 build. This build uses the blue rarity of the High-rollin’ Crapshooter class mod as shown below:

I’ts very similar to my other Nisha build made for Jakobs / Non-Automatic type guns that can be found Here

Clicking on the name of an item or skill listed will direct you to a level 70 screenshot of that item or skill.

Equipped Weapons:

[[color=lightpink] Purging Anarchist [/color]][2] [[color=lightpink] Accelerated Blaster [/color]][3] [[color=orange] Feral Major Tom [/color]][4] [[color=steelblue] Practicable Company Man [/color]][5]

Alternate Weapons:

[[color=lightpink] Dichotomized Splitter [/color]][6] [[color=lightpink] Hard Slapper [/color]][7] [[color=orange] Peppy Shooterang [/color]][8] [[color=orange] Rightsizing Fatale [/color]][9] [[color=orange] Laser Disker [/color]][10]

The Gear:

[[color=steelblue] Shield of Ages [/color]][11] [[color=steelblue] High-rollin' Crapshooter Class Mod [/color]][12] [[color=mediumorchid] Homing Cryo Transfusion [/color]][13] [[color=mediumorchid] Arctic Tranquility Oz Kit [/color]][14]

Alternate Gear:

[[color=orange] Prismatic Bulwark [/color]][15] [[color=orange] Cronicler of Elpis Class Mod [/color]][16] [[color=mediumorchid] High-rollin' Crapshooter Class Mod [/color]][17]

The Skills:

[[color=wheat] [/color]][18]

[color=limegreen] Law & Order [/color]

[[color=lime] 4/4 [/color][color=lightgreen] Law [/color]][19] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Order [/color]][20] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Rough Rider [/color]][21] [[color=chocolate] 4/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Wanted [/color]][22] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Discipline [/color]][23] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Blood of the Guilty [/color]][24] [[color=chocolate] 4/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Jurisdiction [/color]][25] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Rarin' To Go [/color]][26] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Thunder Crackdown [/color]][27]

[color=deepskyblue] Fan the Hammer [/color]

[[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Saddle Up [/color]][28] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Ruthless [/color]][29] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=skyblue] Short Fused [/color]][30] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Faster 'n You [/color]][31] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Hell's Comin' With Me! [/color]][32] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=skyblue] One For Each of Ya [/color]][33]

[color=indianred] The Riflewoman[/color]

[[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Bona Fide Grit [/color]][34] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Quick Shot [/color]][35] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Unchained [/color]][36] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightcoral] Fistfull of Bullets [/color]][37] [[color=aqua]6[/color][color=chocolate]/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Trick Shot [/color]][38] [[color=aqua]11[/color][color=lime]/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Tombstone [/color]][39] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightcoral] The Unforgiven [/color]][40]

If anyone has any questions after taking a look at the build or the video I’ll be happy to answer them if you will just leave a comment below. I will try my best to get back to you as quick possible, I often check back here a few times a day. And thank you for taking the time to take a look at my thread.


If a cryo version of the weapons listed above is to be used, then chronicler com surpasses crapshooter com.

Pretty solid, let me nitpick a bit:

Post layout:
Since lasers don’t have accessories and their prefix all depend on elements, the average player would be better informed by “Maliwan splitter” than by “Dichotomized splitter”. Same with the blaster.


  • Anarchist is not as good in actual use as it is in theory with Nisha. You’ll hit the fire rate cap pretty hard. You’re better off with a second Shooterang of another element.
  • For the same reason, Hard slapper is better than intense, no matter what the DPS calculator says: DPS calc doesn’t take ammo shortage or fire rate caps into account. Nisha is the queen of speed: ALWAYS pick damage over fire rate with her.
  • No Pitchfork ?
  • For any other grenade type, you can make a case for homing, But it’s actually a pretty bad delivery for a transfusion. Since the orbs are already homing, the initial throw only serves to break them loose and/or direct them to your intended target. The faster you accomplish that the better, so longbow is better here, and even lobbed is better than homing.
  • Purple Crapshooter this time…or Like Leo said, Chronicler. The margin is much narrower this time: you don’t have a moneyshot to make crit, and a big boost to Unchained is better than ONE point in tombstone. (or in the case of the chronicler, 2 points, but you gain cryo chance, damage, more shield and a few “free” skills)
  • You might want to diversify your gun selection a BIT more for ammo shortage. You have one shotgun and everything else uses either pistol or laser ammo. A single SMG or AR in your backpack could save your ass occasionally.

Ya I still have a lot of testing to do apparently lol, I will modify the thread once i get around to it :smile:

Was trying to stick with Automatics for this build, i added Pitchfork to the Jakobs build thread

In my experience Blue > Purple and Purple I’m not real sure about but I’d say from a dps standpoint Purple > Elips :smile:
Yes even if using a cryo weapon Blue is still better than Elpis, the extra free skills don’t ever make up for that 12%, but anyone is of course welcome to prove me wrong with videos showing a direct comparison. I’m tired of doing all the leg work to prove my point :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely plan on doing this soon.

The Glitched Anarchist imo is pretty much the best Automatic pistol in the game bar none in terms of dps and total damage output capabilities, the Shooterang’s are good damage per bullet, they just are slow as crud in comparison but they are second only to the Anarchist.

I’ll not go there, I think I’ve done enough testing to prove the Intense Slapper is better lol.
This calc takes reload speeds & magazine size into account, as well as everything else you need to know a gun stat by stat is better in terms of dps, you always have to weigh if dps or damage per bullet in your game play is going to be better for you or not. if dps is close i always go with the higher damage gun, if the dps is a huge difference, i always go with the higher dps. With torgue pistols your not going to ever run out of ammo quickly cause the fire rates are just terrible.

For instance:
Hard Slapper - DPS 126,980
Damage - 30,706
Accuracy - 89.3
Fire Rate - 2.0
Reload Speed - 2.3
Mag Size - 22 (with FFOB skill)

Intense Slapper - DPS 134,552
Damage - 28,052
Accuracy - 89.3
Fire Rate - 2.4
Reload Speed - 2.3
Mag Size - 22 (with FFOB skill)

Admittedly they are close in terms of DPS, but because of the ridiculously slow fire rates these things have as it is, its better to just go with the one outputting the higher DPS as long as your not playing on the Xbox 360 or the PS3 Borderlands TPS and your 30 FR limit on the console does not inhibit you then this is the wiser choice.

I wish even once you could prove this to me the way i always go out of my way to prove things to people. Make a video with the BLUE Crapshooter com with my exact build, then you go ahead and use the Elpis com, SAME exact build but with the bonuses of the com, for instance.

Use my build here with the cryo weapon against Eclipse in a very similar fight.

Then use this build with the Elpis com in the same situation. Its as CLOSE as you can get to my build, while still getting ALL your stupid benefits of the Elpis com.

You have to make sure you have 30 stacks before the shooting starts, and best effort to make sure you always have kill skills while shooting. I’ve already done the test, Its better to use the Blue Crapshooter than Elpis, regardless of how you tweak your build, all those extra skills cant make up the difference of these losses even though your gaining some back.

Switching to Elpis you lose:
49% crit dmg
12% chance to crit every bullet
12% gun damage
12% reload speed
9% chance to fire twice

And gain:
28% reload speed
28% weapon swap speed
28% fire rate
up to 50% gun damage the lower on health
15% gun damage / sec in showdown
49% Cryo damage
49% Freeze Chance

Your dps will be noticeably hindered from using Elpis over Blue Crapshooter even with a Cryo weapon.

Are you kiddin? The long list of gains speaks for itself. By the way, you may be unaware of 49% cryo damage increase means also 49%crit damage increase.

Not that last part.

The boost to cryo damage not only boosts the cryo elemental effect, but all damage that comes in cryo, including your base gun damage.
We can also cross out redundant info from both sides of the equation to make it more legible (like 12% reload speed on each sides cancel each other out). And if we assume that 9% chance to fire twice is roughly the equivalent of an 18% fire rate increase (It’s probably less, but i’m rounding up in Hell’s favor just to be sure) we can cross out their values across both boards too.

So, assuming a cryo gun is used…

Becomes this:

…Without the Luck Canon’s Money shot that desperately needed the Crits from tombstone and the 50% multiplicative crit boost from the twin Jakobs pistols, this time your damage source is much more regular. Without a Cryo gun in hand, it’s a tough call just looking at the data, but with a Cryo gun … i’m pretty sure @akdere1 is right.

Gotta grab my popcorn for this thread… It’s getting GOOD!!!

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Eh, I just want someone else to test what I’ve already tested, Its actually pretty funny the test results you get, so I was hoping someone would do the comparison and post the videos. I already have the videos I would just like for once someone else instead of just saying look on paper this is got to be better therefore its better! And prove that its better, instead of just claiming its better :smile:

Fair enough. Always being the one doing the testing can be tedious (especially the latest fire rate tests I had you do :stuck_out_tongue: )

I would, but I have no ways of recording what I do except with a potato cam… And I’m also not very skillful, so it would be hell to watch.

So if I blew it and sold my shield of ages

  1. Is there a way to get another
    2.if not what’s the best alternative

On a side note where do you find the dastardly

1: Trading post, resetting your playthrough, doing the quest with another character.

2: The Fabled Tortoise is close enough, or a purple turtle shield is also acceptable.

Honestly thought, the shield proposed is just the “best pick” … It’s not a critical part of the build: it will work just fine without it too. :smile:

Dastardly what ?

Haha, ah, yeah.

Well, if any thread’s going to beat his Jakob’s thread, it’s going to be another of his threads. He seems to know how to start a good flame war, lol.

@charrisx I don’t really seed the need for a separate topic for an automatic build. You could have easily added the slight change in point distribution in your Jakobs thread and changed the title of that to better reflect the optimization of Tombstone. Because the same mechanic is at play here.

I only say this because of the work you put into testing that mechanic in your other thread and you shouldn’t really have to prove anything more. It’s up to others now to come up with more effective gear setups and point distribution.

You could have build and gear setups for both in the same topic and save some energy. Unless you just want to make the argument that there is a real difference in the builds you’ve posted. I don’t see it though.

I just really didn’t want to have to have both builds in the same place, I wanted them separate so people could clearly see each, and adding a new build into that thread with different weapons and gear or whatnot could cause unwanted confusion. So i just tried to simplify it for myself and others by just making it a separate thread.

Take a look at @Sljm 's build threads. Multiple playstyles with the same concept. Consolidation is helpful when there are minor nuances.

I get what your saying, I really do, I just want them separate, its my preference and my choice lol.

It’s Charrisx thread. In the end, it’s their decision whether or not to include more than one :smile_cat:

I have an unrelated question - how did you et XP awards to display on kills when you were at level 70? I always found it useful