[Build] Automatic Nisha - Level 70 with Eclipse/Eos Video

Still, I like the spreadsheet, and its good info to keep on hand when considering weapons and things for a build. Thank you :smile:

That does kind of suck for sure that its so much lower than fire/corrosive/shock, for good reason of course, but sucks none the less.

I wonder if using something like an Excalibastard would be beneficial in a Nisha Cryo build considering her Tombstone ability allowing so much crit chance and then Unforgiven ricochet crits while in showdown, could be good maybe because of the 100% chance to freeze targets when it crits?

Yeah, but that requires a kill skill active, which in turn means almost instant death just based on damage for most mobs. and for tougher opponents, stripping it’s shield is very quick too. Simpler and quicker to carry a better cryo gun altogether instead. It’s a cool gimmick, but the gun itself is lackluster.

It used to be in the Top gear for the above reason, but it fell out of contention.

Bummers, oh well.

I tend to disagree…

Lies! Slander! I would never do such a thing! It’s only a page long.

…the rest of the post however… =P

I decided to separate out the explosive hit and the explosion damage. When I was comparing the damage multipliers, I was finding that I was getting a 21x multiplier when I was critting a frozen enemy with explosive damage. None of the calculations were making sense because I had the 2 damage lines combined, and removing everything I ended up with a 3.5x multiplier at the end.

Separating them worked, and if I’m correct, the explosion damage does not have an inherit chance to crit, as it’s an AoE effect, but because it’s coupled with the explosive hit, it works out the way it does.

Please rip the formulas of mine (above) apart and let me know if any of them are wrong.

BTW, here is my raw data:

14811 elemental damage guns, no badass ranks, no skills, no oz kit, no damage bonuses of any kind, UVHM

Fire :fire:
o Vs health: 25,919
 Crit: 51,837
 Frozen>Crit: 155k

o Vs shield: 5,928 (Resistant, seemingly same chance to burn)
 Crit: 11,848
 Frozen>Crit: 35,544

o Vs armor: 5,925 (Resistant, seemingly same chance to burn)
 Could not readily test crits in Deck 13.5

Cryo :snowflake:
o Vs health: 14811
 Crit: 29,621
 Frozen>Crit: 88,863

o Vs shield: 5,928 (Resistant, seemingly incredibly reduced chance to freeze)
 Crit: 11,848
 Frozen>Crit: 35,544

o Vs armor: 14,811
 Could not readily test crits in Deck 13.5

Electric :zap:
o Vs health: 14811
 Crit: 29,621
 Frozen>Crit: 88,863

o Vs shield: 37,024 (seemingly increased chance of DoT)
 Crit: 74,056
 Frozen>Crit: 222k

o Vs armor: 14,811
 Could not readily test crits in Deck 13.5

o Vs health: 8,887 (does not say resist) (Seemingly same chance to corrode)
 Crit: 17,773
 Frozen>Crit: 53,318

o Vs shield: 5,928 (Resistant, seeming same chance to corrode)
 Crit: 11,848
 Frozen>Crit: 35,544

o Vs armor: 25,919
 Could not readily test crits in deck 13.5

17773 Non-Elemental damage gun, no badass ranks, no skills, no oz kit, no damage bonuses of any kind, UVHM

Non-Elemental :no_entry_sign:
o Vs health: 17,773
 Crit: 35,545
 Frozen>Crit: 106k

o Vs shield: 17,776
 Crit: 35,544
 Frozen>Crit: 106k

o Vs Armor: 14,218
 Could not readily test crits in Deck 13.5

28052 Explosive damage gun, no badass ranks, no skills, no oz kit, no damage bonuses of any kind, UVHM

Explosive :boom: (all hits are direct hits)
o Vs health: 56,104
 Frozen: 168k
 Crit: 84,156
 Frozen>Crit: 589k

o Vs shield: 44,880
 Frozen: 134k
 Crit: 67,320
 Frozen>Crit: 471k

o Vs armor: 56,104
 Could not readily test crits in Deck 13.5

And screenshots of the guns I tested with, in case you were wondering:

…one in fire, cryo, electric, and caustic

It’s only slightly different than the one that you posted. I’m would guess that final release or patches tweaked things slightly to try and balance things as game designers do.

Yours however does have DoTs on it as well :thumbsup:, which is something that I haven’t been able to devise a test as of yet.

Hey Pip,

Let me start with this. If you feel slighted by, or feel that I was attacking you with what I said in my reply, I am sorry. I truly was not trying to attack anyone for any reason with that reply, yourself included.

My intent was purely to explain in as clear of a manner as I could what Charrisx was trying to depict when he posted his response to your Eclipse/EOS speed kill video. I have read and seen as readers either missed, ignored, been confused by, or for one reason or another not commented on the point that he was trying to make, and I know the frustration that this has caused Charrisx. I added my own thoughts in as well for a personal touch, but again my intent was not to attack you.

I will publicly amend one statement I made in that section:

This is too definitive for my tastes, and re-reading my post I realize it was a mistake to write this sentence in this manner. There is often more than two potential causes to a situation, so stating that something has to be one way or another is technically wrong of me.

I should have said something like, “Either Piphoff has some amazing secret to his build that we’ve not been able to figure out, or there is something in/about his kill or video that’s different than Charrisx’s setup in his video reply.”

That statement would have left me in a more neutral position, and possibly wouldn’t have made it seem like I was coming directly after you. Aside my personal comments in that section, the rest of it was simply stating the facts as I can see them.

As to what Charrisx has claimed about your kill Pip, I do have a couple of questions if you would be so kind as to humor me. What do you think about his video response? Please note that I am not trying to start a war here, I simply want to hear your opinions on the matter.

If you wish, rip his video response apart. Questions such as, “did he have the same build and the same gear as you did in your video” (at least as much as it matters to the Eclipse portion of your video)? “Theoretically, should the power of every shot from his shotgun have been more powerful” (or less powerful, or equal)?

Is there anything that you can think of that Charrisx or I could have missed?

If you’re not comfortable responding here on the forum but wish to humor me, you are more than welcome to send me a private message.

Thanks Pip!

Alright, I’ll run the test. It won’t be tonight, but I’ll see what I can do over the next few days.

I’ve already reset his Nisha and gotten her back to Concordia, so all I have to do now is get the correct weapons and build, and be on my merry way!

I’ll let you know my opinions after I’ve formed them.

And, uh – sorry in advance.

Just to be clear: this is not MY chart by any means.

I think Sljm whipped that one up, based on the old one from the wiki.
It’s just been modified for TPS since there was no Cryo back there, and the numbers for UVHM are different.

Your conclusion for crit on cryo is off: it’s not exactly a x3 improvement: it’s a 200% Type A crit bonus. While there is no difference between the 2 when testing in a sterile environment, couple this with other crit boosts and you don’t get the same results. Holding a Jakobs gun will make it more than x3, while having other crit bonus sources will make it less, proportionately.

For the explosive splash, the explanation is simple: Cryo boosts both explosive and crits, so if you crit with an explosive gun, you get more out of it. Splash is a function of your base damage (100% in the case of Torgue pistols, but less in other cases) but is separate from actual bullet damage when crits are concerned.

Simple equation (because there might be other factors, but this is the gist of it)
When you crit with a Torgue pistol on a frozen target:

  • The bullet’s damage gets multiplied by 6 (200% crit boost)
  • Then we add the splash (because it doesn’t crit)
  • Then everything gets multiplied by 3 (explosive boost)
  • so ( 6 + 1 ) X 3 = 21. We get the 21x damage you were getting in your tests.

Here are a few great sources of info.

Thoroughly tested, it’s accurate 100%

Also worth mentioning @Derch’s work here

…And mine :stuck_out_tongue:

The only weird thing is you’re getting numbers in line with the modifiers for TVHM. Are you positive you did your tests in UVHM ?

If so, then they simply reverted the elemental modifiers back to what they were in BL2, probably through a hot-fix. I will test that theory when I get back home.

Rephrasing things won’t change your intention. Admittedly, I followed both threads with a certain level of amusement. Ironically, I still don’t know how that glitch is supposed to work. I believe that you guys believe I was cheating, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.

Regardless, explanations can be as simple as just having a higher amount of Tombstone procs ( 66% is 66% is not 100% ). There’s a big difference between statistically unlikely and impossible. You guys not getting similar results is completely irrelevant, high sample size or not. Anyway, I don’t see any good reason why I would have to explain myself in the first place.

Consider this to be my last response on the topic. Thx,hf, gl, bye!

@charrisx @retrodenizen Did you even consider this possibility? Piphoff got lucky.

Comparable to two Salvadors with the same exact build doing a boss run and one gets a twenty Money Shot chain and the other one two.

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Stop the drama about if someone is cheating or not. I am sick of seeing this. Discuss your personal discrepancies in PMs not on this forum.


People who believe Pip cheated aren’t likely to start believing he didn’t now.

People who believe he didn’t are as unlikely to change their minds.

People who haven’t made their mind yet will not do so at this point.

And people who didn’t care about it will keep on not caring.

Let’s move forward. :blush:

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I’m all for that, Its clearly a pointless subject to pursue.

BTW, I did test the Anarchist (well, a proletariat revolution… Close enough) and in the context of a BOSS FIGHT, I agree: it’s great. I was out of ammo literally the instant the boss fell, but it was really quick.

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Ya its stupid how fast you can drain 900 ammo with one of them things lol, but crazy burst damage because of it :smile:

Updated this build thread to match the awesomeness of my Jakobs Nisha thread, :wink:

Hey Charrisx, It looks like you are able to fire both pistols at the same time?
I am not able to do that on my xbox one, mind telling me how to?

It’s just a matter of timing. Reload one of the guns and they might get in sync afterwards. Nothing special to it.

This post is rly long so i didnt take the time to read thru all of it so forgive me if this was alrdy addressed but why is your glitched purging anarchist 0044 and not 0404?

“Green effect: Multishot
Adds 7 to 10 pellets per shot for one extra ammo (except some shotguns?), turning any gun into a shotgun. Fire rate is lowered by roughly 50%.
Great for any mid to close range weaponry. Not so great for high accuracy weaponry.”

wouldnt the 50% reduced firerate be a bad thing?

“00 L0 M4 A4: hard to come up with a good scenario for this one, help me out!”
“00 L4 M0 A4: this one looks good for any kind of high fire rate gun (SMGs, ARs, Lasers, Hyperion shotguns, Vladof guns)”