[Build] Balanced Binder - Lv72

(Meenoid) #1

Meenoids Balanced Binder Build:

This build is solely for general mobbing and having some fun with friends. This build focuses on keeping Phaselock active at all times to increase you fire rate and damage and to keep you alive. Raid Bosses are probably not a good idea with this build.


Practicable Butcher: Main gun in this build. High fire rate and regenerating ammo while firing is what you want with this build. Element depends on the enemies you’re killing.
DP Unkempt Harold: Back up gun in case you’re not doing enough damage or the enemy is resistant to your current elemental Butcher.
Grog Nozzle: If you can’t get over health gate in time or somehow you weren’t able to slag an enemy.
Norfleet: To get you back out of FFYL.


Antagonist: Deflects bullets, has damage reduction and launches slag homing balls.
Alternatively, any good shield you like using in close combat.
Legendary Binder: The game changing item in this build. It decreases the team cool down rate. +5 to Reaper, Helios, Suspension, Wreck, Sweet Release.
Crossfire: Best is a low level one. Doesn’t hurt you and slags the enemies.
Alternatively Slag O-Negative: To get you some healing while Phaselock is cooling down and to get more enemies slagged.
Bone of the Ancients: Improves elemental damage and cool down rate.
Alternatively Blood of the Ancients: If you find yourself running out of shotgun and/or rocket launcher ammo.

Skill Tree @ Lv72 http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#055311050055055100004551500501

Most Important skills:

Motion Skill Tree:
• Accelerate [5/5]: Just a simple boost in gun damage and bullet speed.
• Suspension [10/5]: To keep Phaselock active a while longer.
• Converge [1/1]: Makes it easier to shoot enemies.
• Quicken [5/5]: More cool down rate.

Harmony Skill Tree:
• Sweet Release [10/5]: To heal you after taking out an enemy.
• Wreck [10/5]: Most important skill in this build. Greatly improves your fire rate and bullet damage while Phaselock is active.
• Elated [5/5]: To heal you while you have an enemy phaselocked.

Cataclysm Skill Tree:
• Foresight [5/5]: To keep you shooting at all times. Larger magazine size and reload speed.
• Chain Reaction [5/5]: Since that build revolves around phaselocking this skill helps with dealing a little more damage to other enemies you’re not aiming at.
• Reaper [10/5]: More damage to every enemy that has more than 50% of his health.
• Ruin [1/1]: For all your slagging needs.

Not completely important skills:

Motion Skill Tree:
• Kinetic Reflection[3/5]: Kill Skill. Deflects bullets after a kill.
• Fleet[1/5]: Nice if you have a Breakneck Banshee class mod that boosts this skill and you want to run around fast.

Harmony Skill Tree:
• Mind’s Eye[5/5]: To get some more critical damage.
• Res[1/1]: If you want to play with your friends some time.

Cataclysm Skill Tree:
• Flicker[4/5]: Increases the elemental effect chance.
• Immolate[5/5]: Extra fire damage while in FFYL.
• Helios[6/5]: Not enough damage output. But I put one point in it to get that COM bonus.

Side note: This is my first post about a build.
And a video to back up my build: