[Build] Battery - No Legendaries Required!

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #21

Yeah, it even works better generally than defensive-oriented shields in this particular build.

This build has a lot of passive damage: Return Fire (which triggers Smite occasionally), Superconductor, and Asteroid Belt. Along with grenades, there are plenty of ways to deal damage and thereby heal yourself without worrying too much about shooting constantly, such as to build and maintain the Continuous Damage bonus (which isn’t very large anyway.

I think people underrate passive damage. The reason my Sal Mob build was so easy was because of its passive damage and healing. It happened to have DPUH Money Shot Chains too.

Asteroid belt frequently steals my kills in both this build and my Nisha build…

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@Sljm I know you mentioned Maliwan parts for the Asteroid Belt in the OP but what are your ideal parts?

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(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #23

It’s all about proc chance, so all-Maliwan. Ideally you would have 1 of each element, but for now Grounded and Alkaline are the most-desired because of the Sentinel fight, with Grounded being the more important of the two and the most generally useful.

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(Cheukyi6) #24

Haha I would really like to know a legendary version of this Battery build :slight_smile:

Btw I find using a Fire Bullup instead of Rosie is much more satisfying, it kills enemies much faster as Rosie’s shaking is quite vigorous making it quite difficult to aim for the head or other weakpoints, correct me if I am wrong :smiley:

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(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #25

The Bullpup is excellent, and I generally prefer it to Rosie. It’s on the top of my “Other Gun Options” section, in fact.

However, it doesn’t satisfy the conditions to make it into the main build, which is to be one of the following:

  • Quest Reward
  • Random Non-Legendary drop

Since it’s only available to people who have a Borderlands 1 save, it’s not “available to everyone” in the sense that Quest Rewards or random non-Legendaries are.

I’m going to be updating this thread soon because I need to add colors and formatting anyway. I might as well redo the gear sections while I’m at it. I’m thinking of breaking options down by element and only having 1 “required” slot, which would be whichever Shock weapon is named in “Table: The Journey”

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Athena Master Build list
(Cheukyi6) #26

Ahh okok :slight_smile: Sorry that I kinda spammed you with my questions, and once again thank you for the detailed explanation Sljm :smile:

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(Cheukyi6) #27

After trying most of the Athena builds that are being published on this forum, I would really like to thank you Sljm for making this beautiful, practical and amazing build. It might be my playstyle but I found builds that heavily focus on CS is too demanding. But this build just takes care of business, either mobbing or raiding, once again thanks Sljm!

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(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #28

Iwajira drops Hail, which is a Moxxi weapon like Vibra-Pulse, but it actually does a lot of damage.

If you have one of these in Shock, it should replace Vibra-Pulse.

Added it to Gear Options, and did a reformatting pass.

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I love this build, have used it often since it was first introduced. Nice to see it still getting updated. One question, why no Hades Shackles? Maybe I am imagining it is doing more than it is, but it seems nice to build maelstrom for doing nothing other than slamming, which I do anyway.

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(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #30

Ultimately, my builds do reflect my personal playstyle, and I don’t slam very much.

That’s all, really. If you can find a point to use on it, then it’s worth it for you since you already slam frequently.

1 point from Omega-Senshu, Unrelenting, Elemental Barrage, or even Superconductor could buy it for you.

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(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #31

Silly video added to the OP. Flameknuckle is so weak.

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(Cr8zy Sappa) #32

I think I’m going to start collecting shock weapons and respec athena into this. My athena was pretty much like this for the first 25 levels, but now I am getting sick of going into FFYL in TVHM and I like the idea of blasting shields and those who wear them into ash.

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(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #33

Preliminary level 70 spec:

Filled in Vanguard, Unrelenting, and Gathering Tempest. Added Mercurial.

It’s worth noting there are enough skill points at 70 to mix Battery and Blue Steel.

I’m considering a reconstruction of these two builds with Battery as a path toward (level 70) Blue Steel.

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(Over Lord01) #34

I was wondering if you were going to update your battery build to 70. Is this the final one or are you going to make some changes to it. I mean the battery build of course. :slight_smile:
Also im still truckin on the battery build till i reach 60. I am not there yet but your build is still working like a charm. I’m still lovin you build bud.

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So is the end result Le Tigra or Magnum?

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(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #36

Maybe Ferrari. Le Tigre’s a little bit softer, more of a catalog look. I use it for footwear sometimes.

@OverLord01, I’ll probably make a few adjustments, especially if I do decide to add a Melee aspect to the build, which is certainly possible.

I keep going back and forth with the investments into Unrelenting and Elemental Barrage. While they allow the build to more easily and quickly handle the Sentinel, if I’m being completely honest about it, I think @BookEmDano’s build is a much more effective Raid Melter than this can hope to be. It’s also strictly Phalanx/CS. And those skills are utterly unnecessary in other encounters, where the stack counts don’t go very high (with this build) anyway.

I’m not sure what I want to do with it.

This was another option I was toying with:

Defensive spec. Blood Rush with Vibra-Pulse would mean DoT-heals on top of Bloodlust. Superconductor and Return Fire can already kill small enemies by themselves. And then there’s the Teslas. Tear is included to justify Blood Rush against bosses/badasses.


I think for merging the two into Blue Steel, Unrelenting (points from Return Fire) seems to have the better synergy with Xiphos, Tear especially. Swap speed will help with cryo-explosive swap after bleed is applied. I’ll definitely play around with it some when I get there. Personally, I think your Battery version is probably going to be the most effective mobbing spec for a non-melee Athena.

I’m actually planning to spec for compatibility with Storm and Defender. I love running point in co-op with Defender on to tank and draw aggro. Simple swap to Storm when the opportunity for high stacks presents itself.

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Solid as well. I’d also try moving points from Bloodlust to Mercurial so that I could run purple Dominator too in that set-up for Raids.

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(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #39

Actually wouldn’t need to.

Not that I think I want to take the build in that direction.

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Yeah, it loses a bit of the original spirit of the build running Dominator doesn’t it? Back to Defender.

Still no Hades’ Shackles? Three seconds of stagger effect while they are tethered plus stacks is a really effective intro.

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