[Build] Bearonator M4 Hybrid/Themed Build

I wanted to share the build I’ve been working on for the last little bit. As usual this is a themed build based on a specific weapon and playstyle.

This build is a hybrid with Iron Bear and Infantry Moze which focuses on using the Trevonator while on foot. Trevonator is an under-utilized shotgun which is very strong and can handle all M4 content adeptly. This is one of my favorite weapons in the game so I decided to make a build based on using it.

The write-up here will probably be light so if you want to really get into the details I recommend watching the video. I will link first a video that explains the build and has some gameplay (round 5 of Slaughter Shaft) then I will link a video of killing Wotan with the build utilizing the other 3 weapons we equip for the full loadout. Keep in mind I have cleared the entire raid including killing Wotan with nothing but Iron Bear / Trevonator but this Wotan kill will utilize other weapons because it’s a lot quicker and easier and it shows the versatility of it.

The build all around is very versatile. You can focus your gear passives and shield choice more to Iron Bear or more to Moze at your discretion. You are just as strong in Iron Bear or out of it and combining the anoint “After exiting Iron Bear kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%” with 5/5 Grizzled the cooldown is extremely manageable.


Use Iron Bear to take out high priority/tanky/dangerous targets and/or soften targets to prepare for foot kills. Utilize anoint/Grizzled and get kills to get Iron Bear back in a very reasonable time. The majority of the time I use full duration of Iron Bear but depending on the field may exit early to preserve cooldown and have Iron Bear back at key moments. The build uses Blast Master so we need to also make sure we aren’t reloading. 2/1 Redistribution and a lot of MOD procs makes that doable.

Skill Tree:

Level 53 version:
Click here for lvl 53 Skill Tree

Click here for lvl 50 Skill Tree

Gear I use:

Click Arrow to expand Screenshots of Gear



Build explanation and SS Gameplay:

Wotan kill:

I think this is my PB for Wotan kill time and there is a LOT of room for time improvement this was my first run with this build.
@Prismatic you might be interested in this one.


I’m interested that you don’t take some for the road? Those 5 seconds are a valuable opportunity for you to freely regen ammo into your mag without consuming any. Would a point out of Iron Bank be noticeable enough to pass up on SFTR’s benefits?

Honestly just didn’t think of it. You are right a point out of Iron Bank probably wouldn’t even change the mag at all tbh. Part of the reason it didn’t cross my mind is for the most part I use IB to it’s full duration and the first few seconds after leaving it are usually used to throw nades. Even so, it could be useful.

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You can hip fire that gun while throwing grenades can’t you? I feel like only pistols (or some pistols) can’t

Eh not really it’s a semi-auto so it’s not really comfortable for that.

Ah, yeah some of them are bad for it. Sometimes you can fire and hit grenade at the same time. I wish it just let you do it comfortably with all guns

Is the Recursion splash damage?

Have you tried making a ricochet build like Moxsy’s Bullet Witch Amara? The 125% incendiary damage and Green Monster each proc bonus ricochets, as do the elemental damage on ASE anoints for shield and grenade.

Yes it’s splash. I don’t call using a gun with ASE aoints a build but yeah I’ve done it. It’s sort of like Tediore chucking or Transformer self dmg. You can just take the recursion and an ase anoint and throw it on any build and it is silly. https://youtu.be/NRjvBSPI47I this is with this build from the topic and only ASE on the shield not nade using the 25% thrown nade here. Didn’t bother with a green monster don’t need to… Honestly don’t even need the ASE’s. I also did a full takedown run using only that recursion, absurdly easy.

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Awesome build and your vidyeo does a damned good job of explaining your choices. Well done Bear friend.

I see with Re-Charger and Last Stand you have tons of tankiness and probably don’t go down a bunch. With so much grenade damage do you feel like you miss To The Last? It would be a nice precaution to FFYL and you have a point or two to play with(Iron Bank, Rushin’). Bear Shield could potentially be good there too, depending on how it works for you and if you like it.

So yeah , timing:

Last night, I was working with a nearly identical hybrid build but based instead on Torgue and Matching Set! With some + Mag on gear I was able to get that juicy 2 bang Flakker.

Was running Cocky Flakker(+Damage), Dbl. Devastator (+Damage), Dbl. Alchemist(+Damage) and Corrodo Hive(Rad ASE) w Ghast Call.

Transformer(I NEED that 30% cooldown soon!) and Last Stand Otto.

I did well with the build, killed SS but Takedown presented a challenge with excessive armor. I need an answer for prolonged battle versus armored emenies…halp…

I think I’ve got most of the gears to try Maliwan Matched Set. I’ma take yours for a spin tomorrow.

Great job brov! Keep the Bear dream alive!

It’s not a skill I normally take personally but a point could definitely be moved there and it would surely be useful. I do find mostly if I go down the Trevonator is enough to get me up even vs a Badass but TTL would almost guarantee it.

Yeah you could definitely tweak a point into there as well and that’s something I have considered especially since my current setup doesn’t boost IB’s hp really.

Definitely sounds fun.

Since you are using Torque I would just get a good corrosive sticky launcher or shotgun, usually makes pretty good work of Wotan from what I’ve seen.

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Time to take out for a spin my Recursions, mines are splash dmg bonus ASE, do you think they’re up to the dmg output needed fot wotan?. Either way, it’s an awesome build mate! i’ll be testing your build tonight :slight_smile:

Ps. Trevonator its BAE.

I’ve been using it for ages now, it’s my main mobbing weapon with Moze and absolutely my favourite legendary in the game. And damn, you have THE EXACT Trevonator I’m searching for - cryo + radiation with 125% bonus fire damage!

Some Maliwan weapons are either good with their DPS or serve better as cryo weapons for freezing enemies. This is one of those rare guns that does damage and freezes enemies noticeably faster than most other weapons in the game. As a splash shotgun, I would always choose the Trevonator over the Flakker, 100%.


Ok, i’ve tested the build with a little mods of my own on the skill trees and i like it, i like it a lot. Run SS on M4 with no problems, IB cd it’s really good (relic and shield provide cd reduction), my guns focus on splash dmg ASE and they melt, but i totally will look for the 125 fire versions. Im having a blast with the Bearonator :slight_smile:

But i felt that the Recursion doesn’t do enough dmg, i mean you can shot a lot with it but it looks underpowered compared to the kybs or the trevonator or am i doing something wrong?, i’ve switched my mod to BM with wpn/splash/smg dmg and the kybs wrecks. Now as for prolonged dps, the 125 fire bonus is needed, that’s for sure. Splash dmg ASE melts, but 18 sec of carnage are nothing compared with almost infinite melting from the fire dmg anointment (now i see why they where chosen over the splash kybs). The bear does heavy dmg, i’m using it to strip shields and armor from badasses or going one on one on anointed enemies.

That said, it’s a great and fun build, well done @kabflash, damn well done sir. If you’re on PS4, please let me know if your kybs and trevonator are up for trade (or dupe, ya now)hahahaha.

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It does poor single shot damage the Recursion only really shines when there is a lot of close enemies to each other. I made a build focusing on Recursion and there is some videos in the topic if you are interested in seeing more about how it works as a weapon [BUILD] Recursion Moze casual mobbing (M4).

Glad to hear you are enjoying it! I’m on PC sadly :slight_smile:

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Noticed, that’s what i though, it’s has limited use but i can live with that (i might swap it for a Cutsman). Too bad you’re on pc, we could be melting the takedown with our Mozes hahahaha

I love Trev too! It’s beast. Great for procing MoD and just an all around great weapon.

Too bad I don’t have the “next 2 mag” annoint…I make do with x ele after ase.

@kabflash been having a blast playing this build. It’s been my go too for SS the past few nights.

I like it maybe a tiny bit better than my Torgue version because with the elements it has a lot more tools and answers on the fly.

Great little farming build!

I still like popping off that double shot Flakker though!!

Thanks again.

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I think I have a couple of Trevs with 50% ele dmg for two mags. I could drop you one if you’re on PC.

Awe, thanks I would take you up real quick fast on that offer but I’m on that PlayStation. :+1::heart_eyes_cat:

So, day 2 of heavy testing on PS4, running the takedown for the first time and i was wrecking the valks when a savage blue screen attack :frowning:, either way, the build holds his own pretty well, i just remove 1 point of The Iron Bank and add it to Security Bear for more survavility (im only missing 6 ammo on the kybs for a total of 88 rounds per gun), also added an stop gap shield w/ 30% IB cd decrease on kill and my last stand helps with another 21% cd reduction (The Transformer its far better for Maliwan, but im still looking for the CD reduction one), also i’ve focused heavily on SMG with the Kybs doing 160 splash dmg (i just got 1 with 125 incendiary yesterday sadly its cryo and shock, but still pack a punch on cryo mode) and a backup fire western gun with 125 incendiary (go for this ones if you cant get the kybs, but get them with 44 mag size, they’re easy as f**k to farm and they drop 2 at the same time pretty often, they can save your **s since they dont have to charge to fire, but they will eat ammo due high fire rate, so be careful if you dont want to loose the BM splash bonus). The Trevonator melts anointed enemies on SS.

More testing comming soon.

Ps 1. SS it’s a joke, period.
Ps 2. I’ll try to upload a video asap


Are you PS? I luck-sacked one out the Shaft yesternight. I’d be willing to toss at.

I’ve been playing around with an extra point in Scrappy last night and running a load out of:

Kybs(Incendiary/Corrodo), Trev(Rad/Cryo), Shocking Cuts and the main thing I wanted to mention here was the purple Proton Sniper(Incendiary/Corrodo) as a kind of point-blank high velocity shotgun.

Those purple Proton Rifles hit hard af and the charge gives you x2 which combos nice with the GR “Overkill”!

I really wish Scrappy shortened the charge time that would be super dank!

Again, fun build @kabflash I’m having a lot of fun with this. One reason, I think is because I really like the Trev.

Try out a Proton Rifle though if you get a chance.