[Build] "Blast Monster Mowze" Run and Gun no IB build

Moze M10 Blast Master/Green Monster build

Infinite Ammo splash build for everything

Because who likes reloading, or switching elements when you can have the 3 health type elements at once?

Skill Tree

The green tree is pretty much self explaining. Cloud of Lead to get free shots, Scrappy and Stoke the Embers to increase our damage and Scorching RMP’s for fire rate and crit damage. Rushin’ Offensive, Redistribution and Forge for health and ammo regen.

Blue tree gets every spalsh damage/functionality boost in there, and also Stainless Steel Bear, as it buffs Fire in the Skag Dens damage.

Red tree gets Armored Infantry for more gun damage and damage reduction, plus our last available point for Drowning in Brass for some more mobbing damage.

Class Mod

As the title suggests, we’re using either a Blast Master or a Green Monster


Arfifact is up to your preferences, i like to use the Victory Rush or Otto Idol for mobbing


Re-Charger and Stop-Gaps are pretty nice for this build


Theres a good amount of weapons that work with one or both coms.
Like the Flipper, Tsunami, Kyb’s Worth, Cloud Kill and even the Boomer and Kaoson,
O.P.Q System, Soulrender, Contained Blast, Sickle and the Monarch,
Gargoyle, Pestilence, Skeksil, Scoville, Unkempt Harold, Beacon, Hellshock and Miscreant,
Plaguebearer, Backburner, Scourge, Plumage, Nukem and the Ion Cannon and so on, just to name a few.
Test for yourself and find what fits your needs best!

Anoint wise we are looking for Consecutive Hits, with exception for launchers, where 300v2 is better in 90% of the cases


Classic CMT with OGT

Graveward Oneshot M10
Captain Traunt Oneshot M10
9:05 Maliwan TTD run

More videos soon

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post


You can get to Short Fuse without any Iron Bear skills if you take extra grenades.

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Yeah i know i thought about it but you really don’t need more nades, i guess at least if you use IB at some point at least ab’ll draw a little Aggro

Edit: its personal preference, you can put those 3 point wherever you want to to get there

small changes to the blue tree have been done, as SSB buffs FitSD

Nothing wrong with adding a little fuel armor and damage to IB.

Soo…Fire Hoze Moze then?

Between his Pearl and 5 points in DiB, he seems to be getting more damage.

the only weapons you see him use are beacon and flipper, i didn’t use those for the videso cause they are litterally overkill without a build. so thats no good comparison at all.
Flipper has super low ammo consumption and will never go out even without forge, weapons like the kaoson, boomer, miscreant and so on all have higher ammo consumption and are way harder to keep from reloading.

Edit: Im no fan of the pearl either, i would preefer to have some functionality instead
Also there are 12 points that are differently set up, if 12 points difference is the same build, every build is the same build.

Minus was answering to an early skill tree, where I used grizzled and ab to get to short fuse…I switched those anyways as someone mentioned to me that ssb buffs fitsd, so I tested and relocated some points