[BUILD]Bloodied Hellion

Krieg mobbing build meant for survivability and fast kills. Don’t stop killing and you will survive.

For anyone that cares this is what I use


I’ll give a few options for each slot with a + and -

Slot 1
Fire and corrosive versions will be needed.

  1. Omen(best IMO)
    +Most ammo efficient
    -Slowest kill time
  2. Conference Call
    +Best range
    -Worst crowd control
  3. Interfacer
    +Fastest kill time
    -Most ammo inefficient

Slot 2
Fire and corrosive versions preferably but shock will work in most situations.

  1. Norfleet
    +It’s a Norfleet…
    -Most ammo inefficient
  2. Topneaa
    +Most ammo efficient
  3. Any Maliwan RL
    +Easiest to get
    -Least damage

Slot 3

  1. Pimpernel
  2. Just use a pimpernel :wink:

Slot 4
Doesn’t matter.

I chose it because the health regen will recover health between combat, you need to be on fire to get the most out of the skills so low health is bad…


  1. Longbow Slag Crossfire/Bonny(1.0 fuse on a crossfire is actually 0.0)
    +Best slag grenade in the game IMO
    -has to be low level or it’s gonna hurt… A lot
  2. Longbow Quasar
    +Best crowd control
  3. Longbow Fire Transfusion
    +Easy healing and status effects
    -Useless against armoured enemies
  4. Longbow Storm Front
    +Sustained damage

Legendary Torch
I tried all the legendary COMs and the torch was the best for this build IMO.

This is more preference but I’ll list the ones I found the most useful(in descending order)

  1. Blood of the Ancients(+max health/launcher ammo/shotgun ammo)
  2. Bone of the Ancients(both fire and corrosive)
  3. Resistance relic(has to have fire resistance)

Think that’s everything…


do you really need 5 in Thrill of the Kill, usually one or two at OP8 is enough…then you could also take Raving Retribution which can be good for healing with a Moxxi weapon in your currently irrelevant fourth weapon slot…just a thought…


1st off nice formatting, always nice to see formatted posts

2nd, pretty good build I’d only change a couple things, bump Thrill of the kill to 2/5 then take redeem the soul, max elemental empathy, and take raving retribution

Edit: you can’t get redeem the soul, so set thrill of the kill to 3/5

Maybe put something in your 4th slot that guarantees a bloodbath proc? Bloodbath list

For relics you could replace resistance with a skin of the ancients which can also boosts shield stats and resistances


The only reason I play Krieg is to not use moxxi weapons lol

Thank you, and I’ll definitely take a look at the changes you suggest.
EDIT: changed em, actually the first setup I used lol guess I went a bit overkill on health regen.

According to Derch’s video bloodsplosion counts as grenade damage, is that not right?

I was doing that but I just figured less shield more health lol and tbh I wouldn’t use anything other than blood of the Ancients with the listed boosts, only added the others as they do make some difference.

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Yep it does.

Have you tried a purple Power Toast? It has better DPS than the Leg Torch but sacrifices survivability . And it’s called Power Toast…I mean c’mon.


No words…

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Did more testing and made some grenade changes.

Name change… Opinions?


Which trees are the best to go for first?

For levelling, go with Bloodlust first, then Hellborn. If you have access to level 80, I’d try this skill set. You can also take a point out of fuel the fire and put it into redeem the soul for more FFYL time.


Cool thx. Just wondering, with skills that increase weapon damage, does the increase apply to grenades as well?

Technically yes because those skills increase all elemental damage. I don’t know about regular grenades that don’t have an elemental type, but you should notice the difference.

Once you hit 31 you can respec to the Hellborn tree. The tree only really works with the capstone, at least until end-game. So stick with Gulf’s pattern until then.

If so, then Bloodlust to Blood Bath.

By the way, the build recommends the Evolution but I finally discovered that adaptive shields also inhibit self-ignition. So use anything but.

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