[Build] Bloodsplosion Moze - M10 TTD Build

Bloodsplosion Moze - M10 Raid Build

What if Krieg and his bloodsplosion build from Borderlands 2 but its Moze and Borderlands 3 instead?

Hey everyone! My names Nootmad and im bringing you a build that is what i believe to be the closest you will ever get to the satisfaction of bloodsploding enemies in Borderlands 3. The build has a few components to it that enables it work effectively. Primarily, the Guardian Perk Overkill is the star of the show. What Overkill does is basically carry over excess damage from your previous kill to your next shot. As this build will be dealing insane amounts of splash/weapon damage, you’ll be dealing crazy amounts of overkill damage that constantly transition to the next shot.
The radiation element is another component to this build. When enemies under the radiation proc explode, they 1) spread radiation procs to nearby enemies and 2) the explosion is buffed by overkill, aura damage, splash damage and AoE radius. What this allows is what i call ‘bloodsplosion’ and is more or less what Krieg was able to do in Borderlands 2. When presented with a large group of enemies, a single shot with this build can nuke the entire cluster of enemies once overkill and radiation explosions are thrown into the mix.
Also. Heres some gameplay for you lovely people. This one uses the Yellowcake + Blastmaster COM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlwWjW9pFrM and this one uses the Plaguebearer + Baby Boomer COM: https://streamable.com/hte32q

Skill Tree


So as described previously, the build focuses on boosting splash damage and radius and this is done through multiple ways. I’ll be using Demolitions Woman and Shield Of Retribution as they provide the best gun damage and splash damage increases for the build. I am also going to walk you all through why im picking up each skill to help you understand my reasoning, and to help you guys create your own variations of the build since you will know what skill does what.

Demolitions Woman

Torgue Cross Promotion + Stainless Steel Bear + Short Fuse
In a recent patch, Torgue Cross Promotion was given Splash Damage along with the pre-existing Splash Radius increase and so maxing this skill to 5/5 is a no brainer. It has also been discovered that skills that boost Iron Bear damage also boosts the overall damage of Short Fuse and as a result, maxing SSB will boost our Short Fuse damage, once again enabling us to increase our explosive damage output.
Means of Destruction
Means of Destruction gives you ammo regen based on the number of instances of splash damage you are doing and is one of the critical skills in this build to enable rapid rocket ammo regen. Coupled with the right class mods and grenade mod, the issue of running out of rocket ammo is long gone.
Vampyr, Holy Pin, To The Last and Auto Bear
at this point, Vampyr has been given 4 points, Holy Pin has 3, 1 point in To The Last and no point has picked up Auto Bear. I see this is a ‘flexible’ option, should you decide to want aggro relief in the form of auto bear, you can easily take out a point from either Vampyr or Holy Pin and put it into Auto Bear. Should you decide to go this route, i recommend taking a point out of Holy Pin rather than Vampyr for 1 reason. Vampyr allows both yourself to heal, as well as Auto Bear. Considering how some mobbing situations can get out of hand pretty quickly, its always nice to have extra healing. Should you decide to pick up Auto Bear, i recommend using either Target Softening for a nice damage buff, or use Hammmerdown Protocool to spread even more radiation procs and psuedo crowd control as the nukes knowndown enemies as well. (personally, i would pick up Hammerdown only because this build is far from lacking in damage, and you’ll barely be noticing the damage buff that Target Softening provides). Finally, To The Last has been picked up as its a nice utility skill to have but is entirely optional. Feel free to max out Vampyr or use that point to pick up Auto Bear instead.
Short Fuse
Short Fuse is more or less the quintessential skill of this entire build and is what enables the dishing out of ludicious amounts of damage. Secondary explosions are buffed by all splash damage sources and that includes Torgue Cross Promotion. This helps to further the ‘bloodsplosion’ effect that this build strives so hard for.

Shield Of Retribution

Security Bear and Armored Infantry
So. At this point, Security bear should only be picked up should you have chosen Auto Bear as a skill in the Demolitions Woman tree. If you didn’t. Theres no reason to NOT max out Armored Infantry.
Drowning In Brass, Thin Red Line and Vladof Ingenuity
I am not even going to go through my thinking on why im maxing Drowning in Brass. Just do it. It’s free damage. 2 points are invested in Thin Red line and 5 in Vladof Ingenuity only because i need points to get down to Phalanx Doctrine and Tenacious Defence. Selfless Vengeance is not worth speccing into as you won’t be reloading much at all. I don’t put 3 points into Thin Red Line so i don’t go under health gate and thus preventing one shot downs from enemies (although one aspect of this build is coming to terms with killing yourself more than the enemy would actually kill you).
Full Can of Whoop Ass and Behind the Iron Curtain
Now. I did not spec into these skills for a few reasons. Primarily because i won’t be using Iron Bear at all (considering i didn’t spec into Auto Bear) thus making Full Can redundant. HOWEVER. If you decide to pick up Auto Bear and are struggling to survive in difficult situations due to being a ‘low health’ build, you can pick up and max both these skills to give you some breating room. If you do this, obviously don’t spec into Thin Red Line at all.
Experimental Munitions and Desperate Measures
Experimental Munitions is always a good skill to have as it not only boosts the incendiary damage of weapon crits, but also grenade crits (so its just extra elemental damage which is always nice to have in any build). As this can technically be considered a ‘low health’ build, Desperate Measures was picked up to give us a marginal but always constant damage buff which is always nice to have. But once again, this is primarily done to enable us to pick up Phalanx.
Phalanx Doctrine, Force Feedback and Tenacious Defence
And now after all this reading (thanks for sticking around if you did) we finally come to the powerhouse of this build. Phalanx Doctrine is hands down one of Moze’s best mobbing skills , and you can expect to maintain 15 stacks of Phalanx in any frantic mobbing situation. 10% gun damage for every kill as a stacking skill is huge and is what helps this build ramp up its damage output. Force Feedback after its recent buff to give you a flat 10% of your shield back is very nice and helps a lot to stay alive. Finally we reach Tenacious Defence which is a very useful skill to have. On shield break, you get 40% of your shield back (pretty cool) but more imporantly, 30% gun damage for 30 seconds. This gun damage carries into FFYL as well as when you second wind so it can help to get you out of sticky situations. Getting a second wind will also refill your shields completely (thanks to the Resilient Guardian Perk)

Class Mod

Ok so. Now that we have all the skills explained, we can finally move on to the gear! For this build, you can technically use 3 and swap out depening on the situation. Quite obviously, the passive stat rolls you want are those that will buff Splash/AoE Damage and/or Radius, Heavy Weapon Damage and Magazine Size.

  1. Baby Boomer Class Mod (Epic Rarity). This Class Mod should ideally be rolled for +3 Means of Destruction and +2 in Torgue Cross Promotion. As Baby Boomer is a purple COM, you can only get 2 passive stat rolls.
  2. Blastmaster Class Mod (Legandary rarity). This Class Mod should ideally be rolled for +1 Redistribution. The other 4 points the COM may give you dont really matter. Redistribution is very useful for ammo regen as the grenade crits can regen ammo for you. Not reloading and maintaining solid ammo regen is very important to maintain the splash damage buff that Blastmaster provides.
  3. Mindsweeper Class Mod (Legendary rarity). Mindsweeper is arguable Mozes best Class Mod for the majority of builds for a few reasons. First, it can roll with both Redistribution AND Torgue Cross Promotion making it very opportune for any splash based builds. Secondly, its passive effect is straight up amazing. As you will be spamming nades, the critical hits from said grenades will also proc the mindsweeper effect allowing you to chain micro nades and deal huge damage. Finally, its a legendary Class Mod and as a result, can roll 3 passives. What’s not to love.

Now. The reason why i say you can interchange the class mods is because each class mod fills a different role more or less. Baby Boomer is best used for situation where you will be spamming heavy weapons ALOT. 6/3 Means of Destruction more or less guarantees infinite rocket spam and helps in situations where you’ll be shooting a lot. Blastmaster is best used in areas with a contained number of enemies (i recommend using Blastmaster in Proving Grounds and Takedown), and finally Mindsweeper is used for when you feel like doing large amounts of damage to small clusters of enemies.


As this build is based on doing immense amounts of radiation damage, an Atom Balm relic works best. Atom Balm increases the range and damage of the aura explosions and fuels bloodsplosion chains when stacked with overkill. Victory Rush suffix is most suitable for this combination as free damage and movement speed when killing badass enemies (which there are a lot of) is always welcome. Hence, Atom Balm Victory Rush is best in slot for this build. The stat rolls you want are once again, those that will buff splash damage and/or heavy weapon damage + magazine size.


The shield isn’t really a critical factor for this build so feel free to use whichever one you most enjoy. The optimal suggestion for this build however would be a radiation Old God with triple Absorb or Adaptive rolls. The annoint doesn’t matter. You’ll basically be using the shield for survivability and not much else.


And now for the big crescendo. THE WEAPONS. To literally nobodies surprise, the primary weapons you will be using are the shiny new ones that released alongside the Mayhem 2.0 update.
The Yellowcake comes highly regarded and does a ludicrous amount of damage + the added bonus of being a radiation weapon. It has a very large splash radius, can be fired near infinitely paired with the right build, and can hit in the millions per shot and easily ramps to well over 100M damage once Overkill kicks in.
HOWEVER. The Yellowcake is not the only option. Other launchers that work just as well include the Plaguebearer (my personal favourite), the Nukem, Backburner (currently bugged and only obtainabl at M0 level but it doesnt matter because that weapon slaps), Scourge, Hive, etc…
You ideally want everything to be radiation element to keep the DoT damage and AoE damage to its optimal level. However, if you decide to do Takedown with this build, a corrosive Plaguebearer will come in very handy when fighting Wotan the chunky boy himself.
Now. As for annoints, you have a few options. Should you decide to invest 3 points into Thin Red Line and go under 50% health, you can effectively use the 150% radiation damage while under 50% health annoint. BUT. The primary annoint i recommend is the 300% weapon damage to enemies over 90% health. Mostly because its V2 damage and therefore multiplicative, and also because you’ll be killing enemies in one shot most of the time anyway and this annoint helps you ramp up overkill damage much faster.


Now, for this build to work effectively, you need a very specific grenade mod. And by that, i mean a Cloning Maddening Tracker grenade. Its an epic rarity com and is best farmed from vendors. The reason this grenade comes highly recommended is because of its ability to create multiple explosions. It comes with cloning and mirv parts and ultimately, is able to create 27 explosions in perfect situations. This is very helpful for keeping Means of Destruction constantly working to keep your ammo reserves topped off. As for the annoint, the 25% Weapon, Grenade and Action Skill Damage increase on grenade throw is best.

If you made it this far, thank you very much. I tried my best to explain this build as much as possible to (hopefully) make it easy to understand how and why this build works the way it does. If you have some criticism/feedback about the build, feel free to let me know! I’m always looking for ways to improve my builds. Anyway, thanks for reading and hope you guys get a lot out of this build. Happy Vault Hunting everyone!
Love, Nootmad

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post


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yes please!

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Logan, is that you? :eyes:

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This build is so much fun. I was doing the same thing item wise but went blue/Green tree bc I hate not having health gate. After reading your write up I went for the red tree in your build and I was very impressed. FFYL is a breeze and never lasted more than a few seconds. The only think I changed was the com. I started with the blast master but got distracted and ended up reloading. I used a minesweeper after that unfortunate reload. It worked just fine. Can’t decide which is better yet. Did the TTD but needed the baby boomer for wotan. I started the run using the mindsweeper and a 300v2 plaguebearer only vs wotan and while it kept me alive wotan wasn’t taking enough damage. I had to pull out my consecutive hits corrosive sandhawk. Ammo was an issue at that point. I guess you could use blast master at that point but you have to wait for the ramp up damage. When the backburner is dropping at m10 level it will be amazing on this build. I didn’t even bring my Yellowcake.

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yeah the plaguebearer is very finnicky to use in the wotan fight. i would’ve recommended backburner as the weapon to use for the wotan kill but it cant be obtained at m10. on an unrelated note, i created an m10 backburner for memes and my god does it annihilate wotan haha. cant wait till it gets fixed. and im glad you found the build useful, thanks for reading!

he’s everywhere!

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I recently did a TVHM run with a new character. After I defeated Agonizer 9000, I backed up my save on a USB. I turned on M10 and killed Pain and Terror a few dozen times. I just reload my save after the kill. Any M10 Backburner drops I put in my bank to not lose them. I got a 300^90 shock and a 160 splash corrosive that hurt Wotan bad. Too bad my TTD M10 run crashed when I got to double shield phase.

How are you not bending the knee every other shot? Fire in the Skag’s Den + TCP == unlimited death for Moze. I guess you are coming right back out of it but it is never good to spend that much time on your knees.

Step 1) Maintain reasonable distance from enemies
Step 2) Ignore step 1, accept your fate and come to terms with the fact that no matter how far away you are from enemies, you will always down yourself anyway


You mean that’s not normal? I pretty much use it as a way to refill my shield and health. :rofl:

I thought the +mag size made COV weapons worse. On a related note, does splash damage radius have any impact on damage, outside of hitting more things? Or does splash damage increase impact radius at all?

I have been yo-yoing lately, and while it works, I’m not sure why it’s happening so much. I switched from Mind Sweeper to Blast Master. I’m not really maintaining the bonus from BM, but it gives me the skill bonuses without so much self-gibbing. Or so it did at first. Now I get these crazy double and triple explosions (yellowcake) that seem to increase in damage and radius.

Fighting the Warden, I can stand on one side of the ring and kill enemies behind cover with the yellowcake splash damage. I’m using an Atom Balm Safeguard and my COM has +31% Splash Damage Radius and +32% Splash Damage. So far this has been more suicidal than the MS COM.

I’m perplexed as to what’s going on. At least I know it’s the yellowcake and not some mysterious explosive that appears at my feet.

Hi there

As you don’t use a deathless or a bloodletter mod (which is the only mod that renders the red tree viable) you are much better off, damage wise, if you go all the way down the green tree up until Click Click. Taking away 40% of your Heath for shields is meaningless. That puts you at 60% health, meaning you only get 40% of the extra potential gun damage coming from Desperate measures (for this skill to shine you should ideally run deathless). Yes, you are above health gate, but that’s about it.

That said, using Blast Master and in particular the Mind Sweeper mod, you don’t really need any skill from the red tree. 4 points in Vampyr is overkill. Leave it at three. It’s more than sufficient if you go for the green tree. I would go for 22/23 in the green (up until you can spend two/three points for Click Click, 26 in blue, and 7/8 in red (5 in Armored, 2 in Brass or 3 in Red Line - more to these alternatives later on ). You will notice the difference for a non-deathless build, both in terms of damage and survivability. That also allows you to switch between even more class mods as you listed (and fully take advantage of those you listed - Sapper, for instance, with the 2 in Brass variant). Basically all except Bloodletter and Iron Bear mods are viable mods that synergize well with this build. With the 2 into Brass variant, you could even swap between the Old God and Frontloader on the go, get below 50% health in certain situations, and make use of weapons with the 50/150 rad anointment on, which, especially when running Atom Balm and Mind Sweeper, is the strongest anoint after the 160% Splash Damage increase after exiting Iron Bear (which we don’t want to use here) for Moze. That way you nuke everything that remains standing after firing your 300/90 launchers in an blink of an eye. It’s by far the strongest, most consistent, weapon anoint you can run in an IronBear free Moze build (especially when paired with an Atom Balm). It’s a lot more squishy but you will nuke everything that stands in your way a lot faster. Faster kills = less incoming damage.

I run Moze with 8 points into the red, out of which three are in the Red Line skill. I run a 40% health build at all times. That way I can keep wearing Old God (permanent 20% rad damage increase from this shield, which outweighs the amount of damage you could get from a third point into Click (for taking full advantage of Click Click you have to run high mag size weapons and keep your magazine as low as possible whenever possible). Thus, use rocket launchers to nuke enemies from full health bars to low health bars, switch to a 50/150 anoint weapon, throw a grenade, if necessary aim for the Crit spot with a weapon of your choice, and Atom Balm and the Micro grenades from your MindSweeper usually takes care of the rest, no matter which enemy type we are talking about. Now, with a x2 Recursion for multiple targets and a 50/150 anoint on, you don’t even need rocket launchers outside of boss fights. You could also go for a Kaoson, Kybs Worth, or Sand Hawk (These weapons are not only strong but also trigger Mind Sweeper almost permanently). Nothing will survive :slightly_smiling_face:. If you don’t want to get below health gate, the best anoint you can run with on weapons other than rocket launchers is the consecutive hit anoint (if you want to ignore Iron Bear). You will feel the difference though, especially when fighting multiple enemies, compared to the 50/150 anoint option. For boss fights, I wear the Pearl of Knowledge (outweighs the Atom Balm VR in terms of damage, It’s Piss grenade (extra 20% damage on top of the 25% anoint), and 300/90 or/and consecutive anointed weapons.

Another alternative is to wear Red Card, focus on Yellowcakes with 300/90 and an Elemental Nova anoint, and go face to face with the enemies you are going to nuke (with a 100% health build). Your Yellowcake nukes everything and keeps you alive at the same time :joy:

Last but not least, make sure you have the +25 grenade damage increase modifier and grenade damage rolls on class mod and artifact if you use the Mind Sweeper. It scales the damage of the micro grenades you proc.

I love tweaking builds and creating my own, and that’s by far the best I could come up with and think of, which is why I wanted to share this with you and the rest of the community.

OBS: Sorry, revised my post a bit

Hey man. I get where you’re coming from and you’re free to use your own build but i do have a couple issues with what you say (and by issues i mean creative differences).

  1. investing into an entire tree for click click (which is by far the most inconsistent gun damage moze can have from her trees). Building solely around that is completely pointless. Maxing out DiB after 10 points of investment in red tree and getting 3 kills is already better than what click click offers at 2/3 (considering its 22 points of investment). The 40% gun damage i get from Desperate Measures is already more consistent than whatever inconsistent damage bonus you get from click click after such heavy investment. Add in a few stacks of Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine and it already shreds whatever damage bonus green tree will ever hope to give you.

  2. i get 4 points of vampyr is overkill but i have nowhere better to invest it in and i discussed what else you can put those points into instead.

  3. the 150/50 rad annoint really is great and i understand you can use a frontloader to get under 50% health but this build has health gate for a reason. without it, you’ll kill yourself even more than usual.

  4. This build is centered around heavy weapon spam and not for guns like kaoson, recurion and the sandhawk hence why the spec is as it is.

  5. now after saying this. green tree isnt bad. its just not optimal for a launcher setup like i said. scorching RPMs critical bonus isnt useful for a launcher build and stoke the embers incend damage bonus is decent but not good enough to move to green tree just for that. a green/blue setup is perfectly fine for a kaoson, sandhawk, etc… build and in fact, i encourage it. but once again, thats not what this build is supposed to be.

yeah mag size is not the best for a cov weapon but a lot of the other launchers are torgue manufacturer which is why its suggested. and i guess as a technicality, splash radius does boost splash damage but only as a consequence of
being able to do more damage over a wider area. but yeah. theres no direct relation numbers wise that more splash radius = more splash damage

No worries, just want to partake in enlightening discussions :slightly_smiling_face: You should not oversee the other green tree damage skills you unlock (including the Redistribution which you suggest one should have on BM and MS, which you don’t have unlocked). I guess in your case you want to have +5 in Torgue rather than a 1-4 combo.

Scorching RPM is insanely powerful, especially when running the Mind Sweeper mod, the 30% increased incendiary from Stoke, as well as Cloud with chances to not consume ammo and an additional chance to get even more incendiary damage, are not bad choices either. Rushin Offensive isn’t a bad choice either (depending on ones play style). It’s not all about Click Click. It’s just the only additional damage skill available when going that far into the green tree. Of course you could ignore Click Click and put the points into Brass instead. I am just not a big fan of this skill :slightly_smiling_face: . With the Yellowcake or Plaguebearer you rarely need the extra damage you first have to build up with your Kill Skills (in non-boss encounters) and Bosses usually don’t last more than a couple of seconds in order for Kill Skills to shine (at least in my experience). Things may change soon when the Yellowcake and Co. get nerfed tho :slightly_smiling_face:

Please, no offense. I am happy to receive counter arguments (that’s how we inspire each other :grinning:). I am always happy to learn and, as a consequence, become able to improve certain builds of mine

no i get that man haha. i appreciate you wanting to have an actual discussion and not just argue for the sake of arguing :slight_smile:
but yeah. you make valid points. however to me at least, green tree is more for utility and not so much for damage. for this build, i just wanted to cram in as much damage as possible when it comes to mobbing (something which there is a lot of in TTD) and hence why i picked up and maxed out kill skills like Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine. Like you said yourself, cloud of lead, rushin offensive, RPMs and stoke are all great skills but not skills i would immediately consider for gun damage .
Critical damage increases from RPMs is nice but pales in comparison to what the mindsweeper is capable of anyway (you can max out RPMs or not at all and you’ll barely notice the difference) . Extra elemental damage is always welcome but once again, not worth picking up solely for that reason.

These are all good points too. I will give it a try and see whether I can notice any difference or not (and in which scenarios). Of course for mobbing purposes, the red tree wins hands down, especially in the long run. I am just not too much concerned with additional damage when mobbing (only for certain boss fights) since the Yellowcake doesn’t seem to really care about where the extra damage comes from, haha. But yeah, I will certainly take your points into consideration and give your build a go as soon as I get home from work. Thanks for the fruitful discussion so far :slightly_smiling_face:

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have fun! :slight_smile:

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I like Green tree. I wish we had a COM that stacked PD without specing it.