[Build] Blue Steel - Legendary Hybrid Action!

Yup, easily the best Oz kit for Athena, and I never even remember it boosts laser. That’s its least important attribute.

Ah, well, it’s the most important Oz Kit for an Athena that doesn’t use Bomber, at least. Meaning, one without a heavy CS focus.

I do still use Bomber for bosses, which is the only time you really need or can benefit from huge stack counts for more than a second.

Yeah, Bombers are also very good general choices for CS and hybrid. That said, I like 3DD1.E’s extra health and shield boosts even against bosses. But situationally, sure, there’s better choices (like Ack Ack vs. RK5, etc).

I forget if I have asked before, but have you tried rolling with Mercurial instead of Clarity of Purpose? You lose out on the COM boost but really it’s kind of a nice passive skill. One of those things you don’t notice outright while mobbing until you spec out of it and just feel slower.

The health from Clarity and the Movement speed from Ephodos, taken together, give me something resembling Mercurial. The Air Control from 3DD1.E (or Acrobat) is more helpful for lining up Blood Rushes (which should be done from the air generally anyway). But even the Movement Speed on Ephodos is secondary to the Gun Damage. Blood Rush is enough of a speed boost for me.

On the other hand, without a Roid Shield, full Clarity does help squeeze a bit more out of each Rush. And the health somewhat simulates the damage resistance (it’s not 1:1 because damage resistance works on shield capacity). It also influences the amount of healing per second I get from Vanguard, and the healing of 3DD1.E and its Care Packages that give Health needles.

I haven’t needed to abuse Health Gate with Athena. Therefore, stacking health does help shrug off hits (which will not be at Health Gate levels).

If Mercurial were boosted by the Class Mod, I would be more inclined to take it. But its effect isn’t big enough on its own for me to give up Clarity for with this setup.

There’s also the fact that it’s a Kill Skill, which would leave me inclined to play faster. This build can function well playing carefully as well as fast, and its lack of Kill Skills enables this.

Normally I advise people to use Kill Skills because you will get kills and they are generally very powerful. However, a defensive Kill Skill is less useful on a character who already has huge amounts of defensive power before that skill even activates.

In summary, I haven’t found it necessary, so having the points into Clarity, which is always on, pleases me more because I know it’s always there. In either case it doesn’t do much (1 point into Clarity to get the COM boost is probably enough for most people), but since I haven’t noticed Mercurial as much because I also have Ephodos (1.4/1.2 = 16% increase in Speed), Air Control, and Blood Rush satisfying my Need for Speed, I chose to simply dump the points into Clarity for a little bit more health and Melee damage. The build doesn’t really need more defensive capability, either.

Understood. I could go either way (actually I often take both), but have been noticing things seem more “fun” with Merc than without it.

It’s funny. My Butcher build kind of morphed into something close to Blue Steel after 50, when its novelty of “no capstones” was no longer really that interesting anymore, and I wanted Blood Rush back. I more or less move the points from Return Fire, Wrath, and all but 1 in Vanguard over to Unrelenting and EB. And go Mercurial over Clarity.

Vanguard’s a great skill though, and Wrath can be a lot of fun. This is a great build.

Most TPS Vault Hunters, but Athena especially, can have a lot of variety in builds compared to BL2.

It’s awesome.


I 100% agree to that, Jack is the same way.

How easy it to acquire an elemental resisting Asteroid Belt? As far as my luck goes, I haven’t seen one. (On a random side note, the Athena forum has been dead as of lately).

It’s not easy. It either takes a lot of resetting or some good trades.

Technically you have a 1 in 12 chance to get a specific elemental immunity (there are 12 Capacitors available on Asteroid Belt), but that’s if you ignore the other 2 parts, which might be a bad idea depending on which ones you get.

Preliminary level 70 allocation.

Basically, added Superconductor and United Front.

Alternate option I’ll be testing:

  • Adds Bloodlust, Fills Conduit and Vanguard
  • More distinguishable from Battery, and focuses more on HP recovery in absence of Lifesteal.

Just finished a run through UVHM at lvl 60 with this build and it is BADASS. Pun intended. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work !

Officially updated for level 70.

we have a similar concept or almost the same build structure, but i cant find to see Bloodlust helping out the build at all, as the character build is already tanky i would rather suggest Mercurial over Bloodlust for overall performance and better tank,

the other thing is that your leaving out Elemental Barrage while you have a Launcher with a Quick Change prefix/accessory that can activate Storm Weaving easily, with a high stack Maelstrom free shots for your Launcher? profit?

i highly suggest for everyone who wanna try out this build take out the 5 skill points from Bloodlust and put it and try it out on Mercurial and Elemental Barrage

i never looked back with this build…

if im playing team co-op i will put 1 skill point from Vanguard to PfG

I don’t see much point in taking Elemental Barrage without Unrelenting.

This build focuses on Melee and powerful single strikes.

It’s not intended for sustained firing under most conditions.

I’d just use something like @BookEmDano’s Perfect Storm for that.

I think this spec would make more sense for what you’re trying to achieve (high gun DPS). Mercurial isn’t nearly as useful as Unrelenting, if you’re going to be getting Elemental Barrage anyway.

Note that 10/5 Gathering Tempest gets an extra shot out of Nukem (4 mag) and Flakker (12 mag), compared to 9/5.

Speaking of that, I went ahead and added that spec as an alternate Raid Boss build.

I’d rather not take out Bloodlust from the mobbing build, because it’s extremely helpful against the Holodome and Mutator Arena. Unless, of course, you have a bladed, Cryo Hail.

yeah was gonna suggest that too that if Mercurial is not helping or a lil’ bit too much for an already tanky character then put it on Unrelenting but you already cover it up, and yup sometimes i use that build spec for Raids

i dont have the luxury yet to get the perfect Nukem (swap acc, torgue grip+stock, tediore sight, luneshine) but i do have a the perfect Badaboom (swap acc, bandit grip, torgue stock, maliwan sight, explosive, pierce rounds luneshine)

I’m missing mine at 70 along with it’s +50% melee damage bonus. Seriously, though, nice raid boss spec. +Fire Rate from Celestial along with Storm Weaving will be really helpful for stacking. And 10/5 Gathering Tempest is going to make it even better.

Removed the Bloodlust variant, because I really really hate having to re-spec.

I’ll miss it, because it really was good. But it was also really easy to be careless with Bloodlust running on a few enemies, which made the transition from Mobs to Raids pretty jarring. I ran with the level 60 spec through Subconscious and it functioned quite well, so I’m confident that the 10 points are better invested in Unrelenting and Elemental Barrage so we can run bosses without a respec.

Also changed the class mod for Raid Bosses to Surging Storm. My experiences with Eclipse and EOS are telling me the DPS race is now real.

I tested out Bladed Cryo Hail, but I didn’t find it particularly easy to use due to the rubbish Freeze Chance. However, Shock Rabid is a fantastic piece of gear against Eclipse, if not EOS. I need a bit more practice with stacking against the latter, but it’s a lot easier with Storm.

I’m still having issues at higher levels of Mutator Arena, but it may be that I’m rusty.

Working up to the Badass Round of Holodome.

I’m also playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate most of the time, though, so not really devoting a lot of time to TPS.

I use both a shock and corrosive Hail against Eclipse after stacking with Bullpup. I use a Development against EOS as soon as I get a kill. Storm FTW.

You won’t miss Bloodlust running a shock Hail and I think Vanguard is good enough for mobbing.

Just wanted to add a little note that Laser Disker reloads are an excellent alternative to Flakker.

If you’re into that sort of thing.