[Build] Blurred Trickster Maya

Blurred Trickster Maya

This is a general blurred trickster Maya build. The build utilizes a high chain reaction percentage (10/5 or 11/5, 80% or 88%) to destroy grouped mods (singularities, Converge, Ruin).

## The Build


5/5 Accelerate
5/5 Ward
5/5 Suspension
1/5 Kinetic Reflection (5/5 with Blurred Trickster Com)
1/1 Converge
3/5 Inertia


5/5 Sweet Release
5/5 Mind’s Eye
5/5 Wreck
1/1 Res
4/5 Elated
1/5 Life Tap (5/5 with Blurred Trickster com)


5/5 Foresight
4/5 Flicker
5/5 Immolate
1/1 Cloud Kill
5/5 Chain Reaction (10/5 with Blurred Trickster com)
5/5 Reaper
1/1 Ruin

###Other Possible Builds:
You are going to have to choose between Scorn and Ward/Accelerate.
Sub-Sequence build - This is not as viable with the Trickster com because Ruin or Life Tap must be sacrificed to accommodate Sub-Sequence.

If you are going to swap between the Blurred Trickster and the Legendary Siren or Legendary Cat use this build.

If you are going to swap between the Blurred Trickster and the Legendary Binder use this build.

If a Legendary Trickster is made through the community patch, I will re-make this guide. (Go get it Derch!)


This is a Maliwan unique sniper. When you shoot this magical gun after it impacts, you get a second bullet that hits above the first shot and then splits into 5 bullets. The distance the second impact happens depends on the velocity of your shot, and each of the 5 child projectiles can crit if hit right. Each child bullet does the same damage as on the card and 50% splash damage. No other sniper can come close to this damage. So to crit with this gun you have to shoot below the crit spot, the distance below depends on the velocity of the bullet, so accelerate affects the distance of the sweet spot. Chain Reaction also allows you to kill multiple targets with one shot with Ruin, and Converge due to the extra pellets.This gun has a learning curve but once you learn it no other sniper can come close (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Elements: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Jakobs/Maliwan Grip, Dahl/Hyperion Stock
  • Best Prefix: Gentleman’s(bee) Barking/Banbury(no bee)
  • Location: From a mission in the first dlc, Don’t Copy That Floppy, from C3n50r807 in the Washburne Refinery.

###Lyuda/White Death
This sniper shoots one bullet that splits into 3 and are unlisted so each can get full amp damage, and has very high fire rate, large magazine, and very little recoil. The downfall is it tears through limited sniper ammo. It can be inefficient for mobbing because of how the ammo can go so quick. If you want a sniper to absolute destroy everything in its path and don’t want to mess with the pimpernels sweet spots this is the sniper for you (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Dahl/Hyperion Stock, Vladof grip
  • Best Prefix: Razrez or Gromky
  • Location: From Gettle in the dust after you do the mission The Good the Bad and The Mordecai.

Honorable Mentions: Droog, community patch Patriot.

This is a Hyperion Seraph shotgun that is by far the highest dps shotgun in the game. The projectiles move slowly but each bullet splits into 3: one goes strait, the other 2 arc off in opposite directions and come back on impact. If you get all the projectiles to converge on the crit spot you get the biggest dps bonus, and its not difficult. You can also move at full speed while scoped, there are only 2 guns in the game that do this. With the fast fire rate, unlisted pellets, vast amount of pellets, and elemental bonus, no shotgun comes close to its damage. Add all those things to Chain Reaction and Converge and mobs fall fast, I lose count of how many enemies I kill on each phaselock. The biggest drawback is the ammo consumption - it takes 2 ammo per shot - and the fire rate make it hard to maintain ammo if you use it as your main weapon. It is also stupidly hard to get because Voracidous is a ■■■■ (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Torgue Stock, Hyperion grip
  • Best Prefix: Practicable
  • Location: Seraph Vendor in Hammerlock’s Hunt in NVHM & TVHM, Voracidous in UVHM, I have also seen it drop from Triple O, but I wouldn’t farm him unless you are going for a Twister and then you might get lucky and get an Interfacer as well.

###The Butcher
This is a pearl Hyperion shotgun. The Butcher’s high accuracy and massive fire rate make critical hits trivial. What makes it truly amazing is the chance to add ammo instead of removing it while shooting, so reloads become a thing of the past. It does not deal the damage of the Interfacer or Conference Call, but it does plenty for mobs, can handle most bosses without issues and can even take down some raid bosses as well. The outrageous fire rate is its biggest bonus, with Wreck the dps of this thing is insane, puts up less pellets per shot than some others but with its speed that isn’t much of an issue. This is also one of the best guns in the game for flying and fast moving targets, buzzards, rakks, stalkers beware (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).
####The Community patch made The Butcher automatically have 5 pellets per shot, so the practicable prefix is no longer required, but it is still the best.

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Torgue Stock, Bandit grip
  • Best Prefix: Practicable, Critical(only with Community Patch, otherwise Practicable)
  • Location: LLMs, OMGWTH, or tubbies.

###Conference Call
This is another Hyperion Shotgun. Even after the bee patch this is the 2nd best dps shotgun in the game. The bullets shoot strait and “T” off hitting everything in the area; unlike the Interfacer the bullet speed is rapid and effective for flying and fast moving targets. It is again brilliant with Phaselock letting pellets go every where and quickly. It also consumes a lot of ammo very fast (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Torgue Stock, Bandit grip
  • Best Prefix: Practicable
  • Location: The Warrior, The Handsome Sorcerer

This gun shoots a wide spread of shock balls that group up thinner into a tornado shape as they travel. The only Jakobs shotgun that comes in elemental, adds 40% splash damage (100% splash with the community patch). These balls move slowly and only for a short distance before they dissipate, making it only usable at close range. But at that range it does as much damage as about any other gun you can get your hands on. The spinning orbs can each hit a target more than once, and keep traveling after they hit. With a high base damage, 19 pellets, and each pellet having the ability to hit multiple times its one of the highest dps guns in the game at close range (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”). With the slow bullet speed you can see how well this gun functions with Chain Reaction. Only downside is it is stupidly hard to get; Omnd-Omnd-Ohk almost never spawns.

  • Elements: :zap:
  • Best Parts: Hyperion Stock, Jakobs Grip
  • Best Prefix: Rustler’s or Doc’s
  • Location: Omnd-Omnd-Ohk in Hammerlock’s Hunt. Lo siento.

The Minecraft Tediore shotgun, shoots a pattern of 3x3 and each pellet can reflect once off of a surface. This thing does a ton of damage and unlike most Tediores you don’t want to throw it with a full clip because of the damage it does, and the little shotgun ammo we get. Only comes in fire.

  • Elements: :fire:
  • Best Parts: Hyperion Stock, Bandit Grip
  • Best Prefix: Gentle
  • Location: Badass Creepers in the Caustic Caverns.

This is a seraph e-tech Tediore shotgun that shoots 9 slow moving pellets with splash damage that shoot in a circle following the center pellet. The pellets converge in on a certain distance giving this gun a sweet spot if you can learn the distance (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Elements: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Jakobs Grip, Hyperion Stock
  • Best Prefix: New and Improved
  • Location: Ancient Dragons of Destruction in DLC4.

Honorable Mentions: Swordsplosion and Heartbreaker.

This is a Dahl Unique SMG that shoots 8 pellets that slowly travel in the shape of a hawk while they fly through the air. The reason this is number one is purely dps, with 8 pellets on each pull of the trigger, burst fire while scoped, nothing comes close to its dps. With a dahl stock one pull of the trigger while you ADS puts out 32 pellets making it one of the fastest fire rate guns you can get despite the slow fire rate on the card. The extra pellets are unlisted so each get the full amp damage, to make it the most powerful gun in the game with amp shields. With the 8 pellets it works wonders with Chain Reaction. The slow bullet speed can be a liability, but not such much with Phaselock and Converge. With a Dahl stock it is a 4 round burst and non Dahl stock 3 round burst. It consumes 3 bullets per shot and 12 or 9 per burst depending on the stock (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Dahl Stock, Dahl Grip
  • Best Prefix: Flying
  • Location: The story mission Whoops in DLC1.

###Tattler/Bone Shredder - Shredder only with community patch
This is a seraph Bandit smg that shoots 3 bullets at a time for the cost of one ammo. It has very high base damage, a fixed fire rate of 7.7, decent accuracy for a bandit smg, and a massive magazine size that can be over 100 with foresight. It always spawns with a blade and cannot get any other acc, and is only effective at close range to mid range. In its limited range it’s very potent and can compete with any smg (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”)

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Dahl Stock, Bandit Grip
  • Best Prefix: n/a
  • Location: Hyperius the Invincible in DLC1.

###Torrent - Only with community patch.
I was skeptical about the power of the Torrent, but it is an incredible smg. It actually has lower damage than the weapon it replaced, the Emperor, but its fire rate is more than double the Emperor’s making it incredibly good with Chain Reaction because of the incredible amount of bullets it puts out. The 6 round burst flies out of that gun extremely quickly. This weapon is now top gear. This is video proof (thanks Derch).

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Torrent/Emperor

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Dahl Stock, Dahl Grip
  • Best Prefix: Flying, Stopping
  • Location: The Assassins in Southpaw Steam & Power.

Honorable Mentions:
Bitch, non-community patch Bone Shredder, Hellfire, Plasma Casters, Lascaux.

##Assault Rifles

A Jakobs Pearl that fires a single shot, followed by a slow moving projectile which, after a set distance splits into three and rapidly gains speed. It also has bonus critical hit damage beyond most Jakobs AR’s. Those secondary 3 pellets are unlisted so you get full amp damage, and it’s highly accurate and fires as fast as your can pull the trigger up to 13-14 fire rate. This gun is good for many reasons beyond the special effect, it has high almost sniper rifle base damage, some of the highest fire rate in the game as well, and unlike non Jakobs AR’s it does not suffer a critical hit penalty. After all that goodness the pellets keep moving after impact giving it even more dps making it great with Restoration and Chain Reaction. This is a gun that can be used to spam the trigger and kill enemies with a hail of bullets, as a sniper with one shot potential on crits, or even in burst fire much like a Dahl gun, incredible versatile. A learning curve but huge damage potential (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”). Only drawback is it is incredibly hard to get.

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign:
  • Best Parts: Dahl Stock, Jakobs Grip
  • Best Prefix: Boss
  • Location: Tubbies.

###Sawbar - best with community patch, still good without it
Oh my god, finally a good bandit assault rifle! (You probably just fainted). This amazing gun shoots a projectile that after a set time (so Velocity and Accelerate make it further away keep that in mind) splits into 3 extra projectiles that go off at an angle and explode after a set distance. If you get the distance right the damage output is insane, and with a boosted Chain Reaction you got bullet splits and explosions flying all over the screen because the three projectiles continue after the explosions; they are unlisted projectiles so they get full amp damage. Only thing that holds this gun back is it only comes in fire.

  • Elements: :fire:
  • Best Parts: Dahl Stock, Bandit Grip
  • Best Prefix: Boss
  • Location: LLMs, OMGWTH, Tubbies.

This is a Vladof Moxxi AR. The hail has an aim like a grenade launcher and shoots in a huge arch and after a certain distance splits into 2 both pellets doing original damage. The hail has a special crit modifier that you can learn about here, and a usually large splash damage of 80%. Did I mention it heals you for about 2.5% of damage done with the gun? Add in a really good fire rate and other base stats, if you learn to shoot this gun you will do lots of damage and be very hard to kill (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”). This gun does have a learning curve though, and make sure to avoid any skills that increase bullet speed because they make the arc much too large to be usable.

  • Elements: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Vladof Grip, Dahl Stock
  • Best Prefix: Severe
  • Location: Completing Round 5 in the Bandit Slaughter

This is a Vladof Moxxi AR that shoots 3 bullets at a time that move in a pattern of a smiley face. You also get your Moxxi healing of 2.5% from it. With the wide spread and high fire rate this is a really nice mobbing gun, better close up than at range. With a bunch of skags or psychos running towards you can you hit multiple targets at the same time with the firing pattern. The damage leaves a bit to be desired on this gun, but the fire rate and the healing make up for it (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

Now y’alls may be thinking I committed a felony by placing these below the Sawbar above these two, but just go and try it out, with or without the community patch. The Sawbar severly outperforms both of them.

  • Elements: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Vladof Grip, Dahl Stock
  • Best Prefix: Severe
  • Location: The side mission Everyone Wants to be Wanted in DLC2.

Honorable Mentions: Ogre, Lead Storm, Seraphim.


###Unkempt Harold
This Torgue Legendary is quite simply the highest dps pistol in the game, shoots 7 slow moving explosive pellets in a wide pattern with splash damage. The center bullet has 100% splash and the others around it have 70%. Unlisted pellets means it can take full advantage of amp shields. Limited range of use because the slow speed of bullets and wide spread. It consumes 3 ammo per shot as well, but for its damage and the amount of pistol ammo you can carry ammo consumption is not an issue. With Chain Reaction it’s better than almost every other pistol, also great for healing teammates. The ammo consumption of the DP version can be an issue with 6 bullets per shot, thats why some prefer the Hard version with less damage but only 3 pellets per shot and still more than powerful enough for mobs, or any mode before UVHM when you don’t need as much damage. When it comes to raids and bigger bosses always go DP (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Elements: :boom:
  • Best Parts: Torgue Grip
  • Best Prefix: Double Penetrating
  • Location: Savage Lee or Item of the day in Torgue vending machines in DLC2.

(no grog/rubi or lady fist because they are simply good, they do not synergize with Chain Reaction as well as others)

These three pistols are all good and all perform the same function. Incredibly high fire rates = amazing synergy with Chain Reaction. The Stinger and the Stalker both have reduced bullet speeds which can be fun to see with Chain Reaction but I feel like the Anarchist performs best with its normal bullet speed.

  • Elements: :no_entry_sign: :fire: :zap: :biohazard: image
  • Best Parts: Vladof Grip
  • Best Prefix: Vengeful
  • Location: Stinger - Ancient Dragons in DLC4, Anarchist - World Drop, Stalker - LLMs, OMGWTH, Tubbies.

Honorable Mentions: Hornet, Maggie.

###As Rocket Launchers are not bullets, they have no synergy with Chain Reaction. So I am not going to do them. I’m sure y’alls know what all the good rockets are anyway, and if you don’t there are plenty of resources on the forums than can inform you.


###The Bee
The Bee is of course the best shield damage wise for this build, with unlisted pellets flying everywhere with Chain Reaction. But honestly, it makes the game so easy that it is boring. So I recommend that you do not use it. Use one of the shields below for survivability, and save The Bee for bosses unless you want to be bored to death.

  • Best Prefix: Inflammable or Alkaline

  • Best Parts: Maliwan, Maliwan, Maliwan

  • Location: Hunter Hellquist in the Arid Nexus - Boneyard or Treants in DLC4.
    This is another of the more balanced shields in the game, big capacity, decent stats outside that but it gives you 27% damage reduction weather it is depleted or not. So bullets or melee this shield helps you stay alive. This can have as low of a delay as 1.79. With Ward, Inertia, and all her healing skills the blockade really lets Maya tank with the best of them. I’ve personally taken 8 shots in the back from a blaster nomad and laughed at him, turned around and killed him (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Best Parts: Bandit, Bandit, Bandit

  • Location: Ancient Dragons of Destruction in DLC4.

This is probably the most feature heavy shield in the game and maybe the most balanced as well. It has a high chance of deflecting bullets, deflected bullets can do up to 880% damage, it has damage reduction against bullets, and it launches homing slag balls at any enemy attacking you. On top of all that it has good shield stats across the board, high capacity, good recharge and really quick delay. Its almost like having a better balanced KR and a slag version of Impaler on a very solid shield. It can suffer when there are not many bullets in the area you are fighting in (or the entire dlc it was made in) but unlike other shields like the sham it stands on its own as a good shield (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Best Parts: Hyperion, Hyperion, Hyperion
  • Location: Seraph Vendor in Flamerock Refuge in DLC4.

To start here I have used both of these and have trouble finding a better one, so lets leave the battle to another thread. These are legendary and seraph adaptive shields. They both have high elemental resistance to what ever element attacked you last, up past 80% resistance. They both add massive health to your max health. They both have health regen that increases as your shield takes damage. The Neo has a smaller capacity, but quicker delay. The Evo has a larger capacity, and longer delay. Maya is one of the few characters in the game that can mob without abusing health gaiting even at high levels. Also the bigger her health the more Elated and Sweet Release heals your entire team (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Best Parts: Maliwan, Maliwan, Hyperion
  • Location: Evolution - Hyperius the Invincible in DLC1. Neogenator - Spycho in Frostburn Canyon.

#Grenade Mods
(assume zero fuse time unless otherwise specified)
The Quasar is the best grenade mod for Blurred Trickster Maya. It is a grouping tool; without it you can only rely on Converge to group up enemies so it is nice to have another way, because Chain Reaction works the best on grouped enemies. Not only does the Quasar group enemies, it also strips their shields.

  • Best Delivery: Longbow or Sticky Longbow
  • Location: Ultimate Badass Varkids or LLMs.

###Storm Front/Chain Lightning
These both shields strip just as well but they do not group enemies. The Storm Front deals much more damage than the Chain Lightning and the Quasar, but it does not have the grouping, and the Chain Lightning regenerates grenades. So all 3 grenades have benefits that the others do not have, but they are all really the same.

  • Best Delivery: Longbow or Sticky Longbow
  • Location: Storm Front - Mike, Lee, Dan, Ralph, or Flinter after completing the mission Splinter Group. Chain Lightning - Badass Sorcerers in DLC4.

Honorable Mentions: Magic Missiles X4, Longbow Slag Transfusion, O-negative.

###Bone of the Ancients
This e-tech relic adds elemental damage and cooldown rate. Because of this bonus comes after final damage, splash damage, crit damage and elemental bonuses, it adds far more than you would think at first look and more than any other relic. Toss in a pretty large cool down rate to it and this is the relic of all relics (Derch, “Top Gear for Maya”).

  • Location: LLMs
  • Best Stats:
    Op8: Cooldown 47%, Elemental 39%
    72: Cooldown 43.8%, Elemental 37%
    61: Cooldown 39.4%, Elemental 33%
    50: Cooldown 35%, Elemental 30%

Honorable Mentions: Blood of the Ancients, Skin of the Ancients, Sheriff’s Badge, Deputy’s Badge

#Class Mods

###Blurred Trickster
Well as of right now this is the only option.

Blurred Trickster - +30% Fire Rate
+5 Chain Reaction
+4 Life Tap
+4 Kinetic Reflection

or a blue version with +6 Chain Reaction and +5 Life Tap or Kinetic Reflection.

If a Legendary Trickster becomes availible that will of course become the best class mod for this build.

Strategy For Bosses

Maya’s Chain Reaction skill is a part of the “b0re family”

Derch Nye the B0re Family Guy
Maya vs. Saturn
Maya vs. BNK-3R

Is Digistruct Peak Viable

Digistruct Peak Video


I like you inclueded the video where he mentions me +10 points for ego boost :wink:


For Tediore, Royal is the critical prefix and Gentle is the increased pellet count.

Thank you Gulfwulf. Added.

Thanks :slight_smile: I might end up using this build :smiley:

Blockade is also a good shield for this build if available.

Not quite as good as Antagonist but still highly effective. I prefer low recharge delay/high recharge rate versions to those with huge capacity but slow to recharge.

You can also mention Jakobs shotguns with high pellet count, like the Hydra or Triquetra.
Trading Accelerate for Quicken is also viable as you need Phaselock up as fast as you can to benefit more from Chain Reaction. But I think that, with 5/5 KR you can trade Ward for it without much problem.

I was always under the impression that the two blue blurred versions always come with 6+ Chain Reaction and one w/ either Kinetic Reflection or the other where Life Tap gets 5+. In fact all the other blue trickster class mods come with at least one that gives 5+ to Chain Reaction. But then again if those are used then this build cannot just be referred to as a “blurred” trickster build.

So if the main foundation of the blurred build is Chain Reaction which is better, the purple or the blue blurred?

I read some old forum posts from a couple of years back, in fact one from Derch here (re Maya the Twisted Pimp build) that can use the blurred trickster class mod among others and another post discussing which is better (see links below), the blue blurred w/ 6+ to Chain Reaction supposedly gives you a +8% for a total of 88% chance of Chain Reaction.


It would be great if you could at some point elaborate further and explain why you’re putting points in a particular skill. Thanks for posting this.

Blue or purple depends on your build. Not all builds get lifetap and KR. For example I use blue because I don’t get KR. Molmf uses purple because he gets both LT and KR.

I understand. But to clarify what you’re saying, you use the blue blurred version that has Chain React (CR)/Life Tap (LT) because you did not put points in Kinetic Reflection (KR). And not that the blue blurred version doesn’t have LT because there is in fact a blurred version w/ the CR/KR combo.

So its safe to assume that its not so much that one color is better than the other, It depends on the build?

Though I haven’t tried this one which I will for comparison, as of now I am sort of leaning towards your build the reason being that it appears more versatile IMHO particularly since it can use several leg class mods w/o the necessitating a respec. Then again, that’s just my opinion.


Also yes

I appreciate you like it. I have been tempted at times to steal one point for KR so I could use a purple com but I really don’t want to loose a point from either suspension or inertia. It could be done but I’m just not a fan of KR, it didn’t scale well.

The one I have is a blue Blurred Trickster that is +6CR, +5 KR. I think I might still have a purple one but it’s +5, +4, +3 (can’t remember which skills are boosted though). My point is that even though I have this particular com I still spec into Life Tap (and Sustenance). What can I say- I like to be healthy… :grinning:

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That’s the way I roll, also chain/lifetap love each other

Regarding grenades-- when I’m grouping for chain reaction, I like to lead with a Quasar to pull fringe baddies a little closer and increase the chance that Converge picks them up when I PL. I find Singularity grenades to be incredibly useful, even (especially?) with Maya.

I totally agree, I always have my quasar ready.

A funny little note about this - if you’re running 11/5 Chain Reaction, careful about using a Conference call in heavy crowds.

If your system is slow, you may get some lag or even a crash due to the sheer number of pellets flying around.

That happened to me earlier today.

Interesting Build. I will have to check it out. From viewing the Skill Calc, it is very close to what I run
with 90% of the time, though I don’t put any points in Inertia or Immolate.

Unless you are running with a Rough Rider + Breakneck Banshee COM or a Flame of the Firehawk Shield, it is a very good idea to put at least 3 points into Inertia. Inertia will keep you from going into FFYL, since it overrides your shield’s recharge delay and (like other kill skills) lasts for 7 seconds. This means even if you are taking damage, your shield will still recharge. Inertia is particularly useful for a shield like the Bee which has a long recharge delay.

Immolate is unfortunately only a FFYL skill. So, you probably won’t get too much use from it. If you spec into Ruin, you need to spend 25 points in Maya’s Cataclysm Tree. Immolate is one of the better skills, in Cataclysm, to spend 5 points on since some other skills don’t scale well into UVHM. However, it is still good to take for those hopefully rare occasions when you do go into FFYL. If you could use Immolate all the time, it would probably be OP and unbalanced.

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What I wrote above is factually correct. If you prefer to make playing Maya more difficult by not spending points in Inertia (thereby avoiding one of Maya’s best defensive skills), then that of course is your prerogative.

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