[Build]Canadian Nuclear Curling Champion Moze [M2.0 MH10 update]

Canadian Nuclear Curling Champion

Harder. Haaaarrrd. HAAAAARRRRRD!!!


  • Overview and Development
  • Skills
  • Guns
  • Elements
  • Support Gear
  • Anointments

Overview and Development

As much as Moze is my favourite class, and realistically the only class I have serious play time on in BL3, I’ve never really felt satisfied with any build I’ve come up with or used. They’ve all felt like they were short on something, or there was a piece of functionality that just didn’t sit right with me. Blast Master ended up being my go-to COM for quite a while, as I felt it had the best consistent damage output potential and the best survivability due to the guaranteed 1 point in Vampyr and being less likely to deal damage to myself.

BM always felt like it was missing big burst damage. I felt like it relied on gimmicky things to down big health pools fast rather than play to its own strengths. Boss killing with BM felt forced, rather than fluent with what the build was about, and that, to me, was what really felt off. I could mob to my hearts content, but if I wanted to burst bosses I had to do something the build didn’t want to. Additionally, the “no reload” clause was really starting to get to me. I like optimized weapons, and the amount of damage that often gets sacrificed to make BM work felt wrong.

However, last week I started testing out both of the storm weapons, and the firestorm in particular put my back onto Mindsweeper. And then it dawned on me just what MS is. It’s Short Fuse in COM form. It’s a 25% chance to deal 100% damage dealt on a critical hit, except that it can be proc’d by grenades as well. Just as SF does, it double dips on the bonuses that it can (not the same ones as SF, but it has a wider pool), and so long as you’re hitting crit spots consistently the damage is a drastic improvement over BM. While mobbing, you’ll literally delete entire collections of mobs at once. While bossing, you’ll wonder if the target was even there to begin with, and only the loot pool that remains will remind you something existed there.

This build does require a hefty level of awareness. Mindsweepers micro grenades can not only hit you, but you can proc a cascade grenade on yourself, which is pretty much a guaranteed FFYL. Keeping your distance is very important. Getting back up isn’t a problem at all for this build, but you don’t want to run down that FFYL timer prematurely and then not have it when you really need it during a TTD run.

This also classes as a grenade build. You are going to be using grenades very consistently, and they also account for a large amount of your damage potential due to the preferred rolls on gear. I’ve seen my CMT crit for 17k, and a 17k hit with MS can cascade into much bigger micronade hits very quick.

Some math for reference:


  • Extremely high damage potential
  • Flexibility in guns
  • Excellent mobbing AND bossing performance


  • COM and artifact rolls are important
  • Blowing yourself the ■■■■ up

But enough is enough; let’s get into the details.


This is the boring section because in reality it’s just a minorly tweaked Short Fuse build

The M2.0 update has given us a bunch of new things to play with. First, TCP has been changed to give 6% splash damage per rank. Even with the ability to off ourselves, this splash damage is worth taking. Along with a 5TCP Mindsweeper, this will give us 60% splash damage and 30% chance to double our radius. This inherent splash damage in the tree plays off of our micro-nades incredibly well and pushes the build into M10 nicely.

You’ll also see that we’ve opted for 5/5 Scrappy over STE. Scrappy now gives 6% weapon damage per rank, and the handling and mode switch options are nice, too. With that, I’ve taken the points out of DIB and gone to a full 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity. the 46% Shock resistance is definitely beneficial, and VI now offers some shield regen stats as well.

Lastly, I’ve taken the one point wonder out of FitsD. With TCP being in the build, the chance at self damaging is way to high to even entertain the thought of any points in FitSD.


This is a pretty open category. I’m still working on weapons that work with this setup, but generally weapons that are good on Moze as a whole are good with this setup. It does have the added benefit of not requiring a splash weapon to be good, as it’s only concerned with the base output of the weapon. However, splash weapons, particularly ones that can receive the 160 anointment, will perform at a high level out of the box because they’ll be benefiting from your COM and artifact stats.

The things you want to look for in your weapon are a decent fire rate to maintain consistent firing and rate of proccing the com, and a relatively high card damage value. If the card damage gets too low, the COM really starts to underperform.

The standout performer with Mindsweeper is absolutely the Kaoson.


This weapon is the real deal. It’s the weapon that Mindsweeper has been waiting for since its release in September. It fires splash damage stickies that deal full damage as splash on impact and then explode for more damage as splash shortly after. The stickies can crit, giving two opportunities to proc Mindsweeper per pellet. This item is a straight up upgrade over the Kybs. It comes in every element AND kinetic, and can spawn with an x2 projectile part. It also has a much higher base damage than a Kyb’s, Redistributor or Hyperfocus.

TL;DR it slaps, and you want one.


Preferred anointments are Consecutive Hits and 300% v2 over 90% health

Kyb’s Worth

The kyb’s has been flat out the best performer by far. In both anointment variants it just shreds through mobs without caring. I can count the seconds it takes to delete bosses like traunt on one hand, and it’s the primary weapon I use for TTD’s, including the wotan fight. It has the perfect balance of fire rate and card damage and has the added benefit of two elements in one. Also, because it’s a dual element Maliwan weapon, it has an abnormally high radiation damage value. Because Maliwann weapons have elements, Radiation weapons get defaulted to the standard elemental damage loss rather than its own specific. Tl;dr = radiation maliwann weapons deal more damage relative to standard radiation balancing.

Ideally, you’re looking for a Rad+Cryo Kyb’s with a 24 round mag in BOTH anointments.


These SMGs aren’t as powerful as the Kyb’s, but they still serve a very strong function, and I haven’t found a weapon that gets as close to the Kyb’s as it does that’s available in all elements.

The main function of the Redistributor is for nailing groups of mobs that are too spread out to kill as a group with the Kyb’s, as well as to serve as an excellent FFYL weapon. It’s great as a FFYL weapon because you don’t need to find the enemy with the lowest health; you just fire at the closest target once you go down and the gun will do the rest. You don’t have to worry about whether you can clear the Badass Heavy that’s swarmed you before your meter runs out, as the Redistributor will catch something else. The Hyperfocus does the opposite. It has very impressive single target damage due to its projectile multiplier. It can work for multiple targets, too, but it really excels at single target.

Look for these in both Cryo and Radiation with the consecutive hits anointment, preferably with the 25 round mag (Redistributor only; Hyperfocus has a guaranteed mag part).

Good Juju

This gun was recently buffed to include a stacking crit bonus of 20% per shot on normal shot impacts, up to 500%. what that means is that after 6 trigger pulls that impact non-crit spots, the Juju will have a 500% crit bonus modifier. This only goes away on manual reload, so you can fire to your hearts content, and so long as reloads are only automatic ones for emptying a mag, you’ll never lose the bonus until you switch away or force a reload. It also doesn’t need to reload very often, as it refills its mag on kill. This weapon has the strongest single target mobbing weapon I’ve tried to date. Other spray and pray weapons can perform a little better when


OK. This weapon is a must have. Its ability to crit twice on a single pellet, tied in with ridiculous base damage makes this an optimal choice. It only comes in cryo, but that’s only a negative against heavy shields. Even then, the base damage is high enough that you can plow through most shields while mobbing. Look for this with the Gatlin’ prefix for full auto.

Consectuive Hits with Gatlin’


Ok, I just got a good roll on a CH hellshock, and this thing slaps. The damage is high, the fire rate is obscene and it just pumps out damage. its as good as the kybs, and i’d rather use it over a shock/fire kybs. the major drawbacks that it has are simply that it doesn’t have splash damage, so it doesn’t regen grenades/ammo through MOD on its own pellets. otherwise its a ridiculous weapon.

Look for the CH anointment with at least 1500 damage

Fire / Storm

These snipers recently got buffed, and good god do they ever slap. They will delete health bars and equally destroy mobs. Their limitation is total ammo pool, which restricts them as functional mobbing weapons. However, they’re very easy to farm and they perform outstandingly. These are meant to be used in conjunction with Iron Bear proccing so keep that in mind.

Look for them with the 160 splash anointment.


This AR from Dahl has a great effect that fires out explosive homing skulls at random when you fire. The high base damage of the weapon and the high splash damage of the skulls makes it a wonderful weapon to use. You want this in a full-auto mode, however, as the burst fire delay makes it slow. It also comes in all elements.

Consecutive Hits with Full-Auto

Hellfire, Night Hawkin’ and Krader’s EMP5

All three of these SMGs performed incredibly well largely due to their insane fire rates. With the Hellfire’s newly buffed damage, its particularly effective with splash damage on artifact and COM. If it wasn’t for how quickly it clears through a mag, it would be a top gear contestant for blast master. IF the splash anointment is added the the Hellfire, it would be the preferred anointment.

Look for these with the adapting prefix and the consecutive hits anointment

Star Helix

This weapon surprised me. It shouldn’t, but it did. It lacks splash damage, but the base damage is about 15% higher than a Kyb’s, and it fires one more projectile in relatively the same patter, increasing your SF and MS proc rates. Additionally, its available in Cryo, Radiation and Kinetic giving you the desired elements, as well as kinetic if you just prefer to go standard.

Consecutive hits anointment


It’s a splash weapon. It shoots fast. It has the good damages. It makes a lot of popping sounds. Seriously, between the COM and the weapon, there was a point where if it ended up in my loadout, the build might have been called Popcorn Carpet Bomber.

Consecutive Hits Anointment with x2 pellets

Things I haven’t tested that should work:

Hellshock – CH

Westergun - splash

There are tons of other weapons that are functional with this build, but these are just the weapons that performed best as I went along. I am absolutely looking for new things to try, especially for Wotan. The Kybs worked, but I’d like it to go faster if possible to skip more minion spawns. However, here’s a quick list of things that under-performed, just to give an idea what doesn’t work.

Super Shredifier

Lucian’s Call

Rowan’s Call

Lead Sprinkler


Krakatoa (too much ammo)


When elements can be chosen, there’s really only two choices for this build; Cryo and Radiation with radiation being the majority of your usage.

As time has gone on, radiation to me, particularly on builds utilizing splash, has shown to be the far superior element with regards to mobbing. The cascading damage of exploding bodies and the aura of ticking enemies seriously increases Moze’s overall output when there are multiple enemies around. With mindsweeper grenades exploding enemies like little nuclear bombs taking out the other mobs around them, groups of mobs just disappear when our damage is ramped up. It also helps sustain our anointments even better as the DoTs transfer from one target to another without a fresh grenade or focusing on them.

Cryo is our secondary element because its crowd control with mindsweeper is unparalleled. One of the consistent issues with MS is keeping mobs close enough to the micronade to actually hit them. With Cryo they’re kept in place or kept from moving away too fast to escape the grenades proximity. Additionally, because mindsweeper grenades damage match the element of the damage that spawned them you’re getting aoe cryo grenades that further control enemy movements on surrounding mobs as well as your initial target.

This is not to say that Fire, Shock and Corrosive can’t be used with this build; they absolutely can, and for big single targets without nearby mobs they’re preferable. It’s just that the aforementioned elements work far better with the COM than the other three, due to the nature of their secondary effects, rather than their elemental damage bonuses.

Support Gear


There isn’t a particular shield that this build needs, but my two recommendations are the Double Downer and the Big Boom Blaster. The BBB should be the general mobbing and bossing shield, as well as the scaled take down shield, and the DD should be reserved for TTDs.The reality is you need the extra FFYL time with the Double Downer. You can use whatever shield you like, but imo, until the Band of Sitorak is fixed or we no longer label it as exploitative, I think it’s the best offensive shield for Moze, largely because its capacity doesn’t matter due to the boosters, and the boosters facilitate a 50% amp damage BBB very well, making it arguably better than a one-shotter due to the consistency with which you can get off amped shots. Those amped shots will boost your Mindsweeper capabilities and when you’re using the redistributor it will make shots chain more often, making it a great option all around.

With the addition of M2.0, the Double Downer comes much more recommended. With the changes to TCP, and the increased difficulty, you’re going to go down more frequently. You’ll get up even faster than before, but you’re going to more than likely need this shield.


The CMT is the standout grenade option here. The reason is that as a grenade it actually deals effective damage. With the rolls you’re looking for on COM and Artifact you’re going to find that your grenades actually have real DPS potential, and because they can proc Mindsweeper, you want a grenade that actually deals damage. If you don’t have one, a Recurring Hex can suffice as it will ramp up your CH anointments very quick, but the shear damage you’ll actually get out of a CMT make it the only real choice here. Ghast Call would get the #2 slot as an honourable mention if it could spawn with anointments, but the damage we get from the global thrown anoint is too much to pass up.

A new grenade i’ve been working with is Tina’s Hippity Hopper. This grenade is specifically for the Wotan fight. the usage is throw it under Wotan’s body so that the MIRVs blow out under his body. the damage it can do is insane. The only drawback is that it only functions when Wotan is on the ground. It can be gotten in all elements, so you could even pair a shock and corrosive one and swap between the two, but i’ve cleared double shields with just the corrosive one i have.


Realistically you can use whichever type of artifact you like, but here are the top choices;

  • Last Stand Victory Rush
  • Ice Breaker Victory Rush
  • Snowdrift Victory Rush
  • Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge

You can swap VR for Otto Idol if you prefer, but vampy should give you more than all the healing you need. The damage from Ice Breaker is unnecessary since it’s only effective while mobbing, but if you like it, go for it.

Must have roll;

Area-of-affect Damage – this is important because the artifact version of this also increases your AoE radius. Increasing the range of your micronades is important to make sure that they actually tag enemies as they try to escape.

Ideal Roll:

  • Grenade Damage
  • AoE Damage
  • Mag size


The name of the game is now Torgue Cross Promotion. 54-60% splash damage without relying on class mod or artifact rolls is no joke. 1 redistribution is fine, but regening ammo isn’t really important, and we have a lot of healing from vampyr already.

Ideal Rolls:

  • Grenade Damage
  • Splash Damage
  • Manufacturer Weapon Crit
  • Weapon Damage
  • +1 Redistribution +4 TCP / +5 TCP

As you can see, the artifact and COM have some pretty hefty recommendations on their rolls. The reason for this is that stacking these rolls together has such a profound effect on your output from your splash weapons, your CMT, and your micro grenades. There really is a massive difference in performance between a setup without these stats and one with, and that’s why they’re so highly recommended.



Mindsweeper only benefits strongly from two anointments; Consecutive hits and splash anoints. The consecutive hits anointment is the preferable of the two for mobbing, as it doesn’t require getting in and out of iron bear. That said, if you don’t mind the playstyle the 160 splash anoint is the higher damage of the two since it Mindsweeper and Short Fuse will double dip on that anoint, giving you higher overall damage and ridiculous burst. Additionally, because this build deletes mobs in groups at a rapid pace, IB is up constantly.

The Pearl alters this slightly. It has some negative returns when conjoined with the consecutive hits anointment. they’re still strong together, but if you’re using the pearl, you should absolutely go for the 160 splash anointment whenever possible. it performs much better with the pearl than the consecutive hits anointment does. However, one of the strengths of this build is not being pigeon-holed into splash weapons, so a lot of the weapons you go for probably don’t have the splash anoints available to them.


There’s really only one choice here: Gunner CDR kill skill anointment. This is probably Moze’s best shield anoint period. Having IB up always will make things much more fluid and you’ll never be far from your next anointment proc, or your next escape rope. Additionally, the other possible anointments don’t really help this build, so there’s no real reason to really look at them. On the other hand, because they don’t really help it at all, you really don’t need to worry about which anointment your shield has until you have the CDR anointment.


Again, only one real choice; Global damage when thrown. This is extra important for this build compared to other builds for one big reason: Mindsweeper double dips on it. It benefits from it because it boosts weapon damage, and then it also benefits from it because it boosts grenade damage, further boosting MS procs. With ideal COM and Artifact rolls plus this anoint, we have 85% multiplicative grenade damage at all times.

That’s it! I don’t do videos really, as I don’t have software to cut and export, but happy blowing ■■■■ up!


Good to know the Hellfire buff was enough. Have you tried the Hornet?

Anyway, the build is amazing. Good job!!

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i haven’t, mostly because i prefer cryo to corrosive, but i will definitely test it out.

i think the reason it hasn’t been checked much is the same as the hellfire: it can’t roll the splash anoint, and Dahl’s go through mags too quick to keep from reloading without massive mag buffs. since this build doesn’t care about either, i’ll definitely test it when i get a consecutive hits one.

Added 2 new items:

Hellshock and Tiny Tina’s Hippity Hopper.

updated the skills for lvl 57

added a couple guns to potential weapons

added The Pearl to artifacts.

Hey man, love the build and it’s really doing work but could i ask for a few tips? In the takedown, i have trouble with the nullhounds because while I am critting then they just immediately jump to me and now i cant shoot them or throw nades to heal off because mindsweeper proc and then I just die. Is there any way to get around this or is it just git gud? Also regarding wotan, how do you get through his double shield phase? I seem to have trouble with breaking his 1st shield because once im inside and trying to get my hellshock shots off, I can’t heal off anything with my nades because there’s barely anyone inside the shield with me or if there are, they just leave the shield. Regardless, Great build man!

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If you are fine with small mag sizes and reloading, why not move the three points from Vladof Ingenuity to Selfless Vengeance?

It’s basically just get good. You have to be very aware that they are on the field and what they do. Definitely a focus target and just keep your distance if you start damaging them usually they turn around so try to see them coming and hit them early while backing up.

Double shield phase is hands down the hardest part of the Wotan fight for Moze. Your nades will try to target Wotan but hit his barrier and not heal you. A good strat is to use Iron Bear to get inside and time your exit of it for right when the open slot comes around so you can get in and out quick. I also usually try to get a nade or two on an enemy outside the barriers if possible before going in.


Is it useable or not ?

i tried it and the boost just lasts too short with moze’s slower reload times and relative magazine up time to be worth it. the 3 points in VI helps a lot when null hounds specifically show up too. If i was running in a group though, i’d absolutely spec into SV. i’d probably take points out of AI and put them into SV instead.

this is where the double downer shield really comes into play, and why i think radiation is the best element for this build. with the downer you can go down and its bonuses will apply to your grenades, micro-nades and your other compounding effects and most of the time you’ll be up instantaneously. the bridge is very much about positioning, and the one part of the take down before wotan where the snowdrift is really important for positioning, not just skipping trivial parts quickly.

use a snowdrift to essentially get to the end of the bridge. don’t take the bridge slowly; thats how you fail the second half of the TD because you go down with nothing around to get you up if you pace it slowly from the start. if you skip to the end of the bridge immediately, all the swarms of enemies concentrate in that one spot, and your cascading micro-nade and radiation deathsplosions will keep you going. you will go down plenty, but the double downer will keep you going.

as @kabflash said, this is the struggle bus portion of the fight for us. this is the main reason i adopted the hippity hopper. i basically switch to this nade when that phase starts, run through both shields and spam it right under him. the nade does so much damage it will phase him pretty much as quick as possible.

the other option is to carry a 160 splash shock lob in your inventory/loadout and switch to it for this phase. down the first shield, then hop in IB to proc the anoint, run in and take out the second shield. from there is the easiest part of the fight for mindsweeper because you finally have access to easy crit spots.

and i’m glad you’re enjoying the build as much as i am!

its definitely usable, i just don’t want to rely on a damage stacking exploit to get where i want to be. nothing is going to stop you from using it though. it will make the build much much stronger than it currently is, and its the reason why Moxsy’s moze build looks as powerful as it does. just keep in mind that the most recent patch makes it appear that they’re trying to fix it and they just missed the mark, which compared to a lot of other exploits shows an effort on GBX’s part to label that it is not working as intended and they want to fix it.

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Okay, thanks. I wouldn’t even know how to exploit the shield :sweat_smile:

It’s doesn’t happen on purpose. Any time a shield with a depletion bonus breaks in one hit it perpetually stacks the bonus. So with a small shield like BOS, that’s basically constantly.

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you just use it. the band of sitorak will continually stack its shield depletion bonus every time it depletes, and with its extremely fast recharge it happens constantly.

the way its intended to work is that each depletion just reapplies the effect and overrides the previous one, but they’re stacking together right now, instead. the ward has the same problem.

With the Pearl, 160 splash and Consecutive hits are now on much more equal footing for weapons that can spawn both. i’d even give some preference to 160 splash, since a splash and grenade bonus on artifact is given up in order to use the pearl. it provides a better overall damage formula, but its restricted to IB proccing. either are great, and the pearl is definitely not necessary with this build if using consecutive hits on your weapons.

EDIT: added this note to the main body.

Added in:

Good Juju

I will add in a laser-weapon section later.

cool build, just finished m4 TD with this.
Used a redistributor/ hyperfocus, recharge berner, Snowdrift otto (dont have a snowdrift vr).
I also added a point in specialist bear since i still like going in IB.

I liked the idea of “lifestealing” just by hitting crit spots proccing MS and not spamming grenade as much.

This is essentially my build , with a few exceptions:

  1. its bizarre to me you are ignoring Iron Bear by not putting all 5 points in Deadlines and a measly point in Specialist Bear . IB in my very similar build is a beast . I now run dual Hammerdown nukes and they clear our flesh and shielded mobs in seconds. Generally speaking I immediately disregard builds that use IB just to proc annointments, but your build doesnt seem to rely solely on that loop.

  2. your absolutely wrong about Shrediffier . It’s my main gun in my Mindsweeper build and it melts . You do need it with the bipod so you can pinpoint those crits, and ideally with CH annointment. I dont know why but people always sleep on the old Shrediffier. The extremely high fire rate procs Short Fuse almost non stop, maxes out CH, Pearl, and Combo (guardian perk) extremely fast , and with bipod you’ll be raining MS grenades .

It’s so extremely powerful believe me. People just seem to disregard it for some reason

Besides those two differences, our builds are the same

That’s a major downside, leaves you completely exposed.

But the base damage is so low that all of that still doesn’t make it come even remotely close to the other guns in this post. Have you used something like the Clairvoyance? You kill badasses in a couple shots.

The Shreddifier may work, but it’s bad compared to top tier weapons. The build is carrying that gun, there’s guns that will work so much better for Mind Sweeper.

You meant 3 points here, but nonetheless, Dead Lines would be a hard skill to take here. He probably has a Class Mod with points in FitSD already. So why have <5 total points in it? And Specialist Bear personally I’d take it, but he isn’t going for IB at all so why would he? People using the build can change the last few points up if they want. He’s likely doing so much damage on foot that IB isn’t worth a whole lot to him.


Only thing I can say I’d do different is get specialist bear and use ray gun auto bear since those crits can also trigger nades and the shock arm does ALOT of dmg can also help if running cryo but that’s just me and I could be wroong5

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I hate how bad shredifier is compared to like almost any other gun :frowning: tried so many different ways to make it maybe great but doesnt work think vladof un general needs a buff for most of their guns