[Build] Celestial Destroyer

Celestial Enforcer

Lv 50 Build:http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/550410000004141141500150500000000/celenforcer,lv50 Lv 60 Build:http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/550410105014141151500150501010000/celenforcer,lv50

Cyber Commando
4/5 Laser Focus: Personally I love lasers and the mag boost and damage boost seems reasonable
6/5 Man and Machine: Increases shield capacity and Maximum Health for you and Wolf but gives minimal stat increases
6/5 Targeting Scope: Not really useful as you have to kill something before getting the small buffs
4/5 First to Fight: A good skill for crits that start a fight or for some extra damage as the skill activates every 5 seconds
4/5 Emergency Response: Good with nova shields and works good with divert power and energize
5/5 Divert Power: Wilhelm’s grit and after reading what it does my new favorite skill (makes him invincible for a couple of seconds)
1/1 Power Fist: As I might spec into cold war for the extra freeze chance its good for some extra damage against frozen enemies and Causes knockback (not sure about knockback can someone verify this for me?)
1/1 Shock Absorbers: I’ve played to many strafing games to overlook this skill and it doesn’t get accuracy penalties and gives a nice damage buff
1/1 Vengeance cannon: Mainly for the extra damage against enemies in atmosphere and its a shoulder mounted laser cannon
Hunter Killer
10/5 Afterburner: Allows Wolf to zoom around the battlefield hitting enemies and I like reloading fast and my bullets actually hitting enemies
10/5 Fire Support: Gives Extra Damage to Wolf and all gun types whats not to like about it?
4/5 Suppression: Good kill skill and synergies well with emergency response
1/1 Laser Guided: It’s Death Mark just does a little less extra damage

10/5 Auxiliary Tanks: It’s another great skill I couldn’t help speccing into as it allows you to keep Wolf and Saint out as long as possible
10/5 Energize: 80% of shields instantly restored and Health Regen increased? What’s not to like about this skill?

The Gear
Rail Guns- Any rail gun will do as they have good accuracy and are easy to get crit shots easily but the ones I suggest are:
Exalibastard- cryo-locked hyperion laser mainly for freezing and crit shots and for when in vacuum
ZX-1- Same as the exalibastard but Dahl and fire-locked also doesn’t have the melee accesory good for flesh enemies in atmosphere

Thorny Ol,Rosie- pre and post nerf this weapon was still awesome and extremely good for mobbing Comes in all elements but cryo and shock are the best

Splitters- There good in general and come with good damage like any shotgun but really only for close range as the beams don’t seem to have a fixed pattern (except on certain ones) and the ones I suggest are:
Cat O Nine Tails-Good in my opinion if you can master the way it fires like the ricochet prefixes Fire-Locked so only good in atmosphere and on flesh enemies
Tediore splitters- Probably the best Splitters in the game comes in all elements but shock is probably the best

Min Min Lighter-Good for spamming during a fight or into a large group of enemies to get the others shooting at you or to do insane amounts of splash damage (had to include it the cult will get me if I don’t)

Other weapons can be used to your playstyle as this build is more designed around Damage output then lasers but I just had to include my what I would use with this build (I’ll also take suggestions if anyone has any)

Shield-Prismatic Bulwark: Laser damage buff and has a chance to absorb lasers

Oz Kit- 3DD1.E: Laser damage buff and has a chance to restore shields, Health, and care packages after killing a enemy

Class Mod- Celestial Enforcer: It was obvious it would be this class mod as the build is named after it. Max Stats is probably the best but any stats are good

Grenade- Cryo Longbow Tranfusion for some extra health and freezing or a Quasar longbow 0.0

I can verify power fist works very well on frozen targets and has really good knockback. Ive even knocked back ultimate badasses. The E-Gun shouldnt be overlooked, and I used a 50 purple splitter til I was around lv. 54. I myself wouldnt run a celestial com I run a Master Blaster more fire rate and damage. But thats my preferences, the celestial has perks but to me if your focus is lasers it doesnt compare to the master blaster. 6 in laser focus and welcome to the gunshow, or the other way around depending on what you find.

I myself would stay away from man and machine as wolf really doesnt need the extra health and with energize and auxillary tanks youll stay pretty healthy. Id suggest fortify or WTTGS. And just my opinion but the capstone for dreadnought is better than the one in hunter killer. Ammo regen, increased fire rate and movement speed. Very good skill. But theses are opinions based on how I like to play, to each their own.