[Build] Clyde-O-Scope All Purpose Gaige

Basically, I set out to make a build that didn’t require being reset for specific tasks and instead only required the swapping of a com to change the focus of the build.

The idea was to:

Include full function of all three trees
Death Trap useful in all situations (even if its just shields during Boss fights)
Death Trap Deadly For mobbing

Ultimately this is the build that I created, and have stuck with for about a year now.


Rated to lvl 72 UVHM

The Gear I Actually have on me

Other gear may work, but this is what I use:

Assault rifles:
Rabid Hail (shock) - Because Hail, if you don’t like hail then…
Wild Ogre - The pinnacle of torque face wrecking, Gaige makes ample use of this weapons DPS
Wild Seeker- Sometimes they like to run, This gun makes it so they cant Hide.
(Trying to get a Bekah)

Grog Nozzle - Dat Heal
DPUH - yeah
Dynamic Fibber - Gaige needs her fibber, Get dynamic to abuse Bee shield though.
Thundarball fists - Synergizes with LBT and Bee
Dva Stalker (fire) - Eats as much ammo as it does flesh, good High stack synergy
Binary Infection - Not so good with Anarchy, Crushing with EE and CE against loaders, fire and forget.
Twin Dahlmenator - Amazing on Gaige do to its seeking effect, out performs hornet, except at point blank
Dva Stinger - Basically an anarchist that has bouncing bullets.

Practicable Interfaces (any) - Same reason as Stalker.
Practicable Conference call (any) - Better ammo efficiency than interface, but at the cost of Damage
Practicable HeartBreaker - VERY ammo efficient, good with anarchy, and EE. Basically a healing flamethrower
Practicable Butcher - machine gun that uses shotgun ammo.
Casual Swordsplosion - It shoots swords that explode into other swords that also explode.
Twister - Crushingly powerful with this build, getting both anarchy power and LBT bonuses, A must have.
Rustler’s orphan maker - Powerful shotgun, powerful Stack builder, UF keeps the blowback at bay
Rustler’s Tidal Wave - Very fun alternative to ROM, very versatile at the cost of DPS

Impetuous Florentine - Good all around Caster, what it lacks in punch it makes up for in versatility
Flying Sandhawk - Decently accurate at 250 stacks, has good punch, and chains well with The Bee.
Tattler - Sometimes you just need to fill a room with bullets.
Orc - Bullets always split when ricochet, has random effect to shoot faster and +1 projectile.

Sniper rifles:
Pimpernel (shock) - lol, anarchy, Bee, and LBT compatible for that extra satisfying super crit.
Lyuda - same reason as tattler.
Cobra - Leave it to Gaige to take a gun everybody hates, and make potent.

Workers Topneaa (shock) - TopSham, so wow, infinite ammo without cheating, solid damage.
Norfleet (any) - When you need that extra on type damage to knock out a tough baddie.

Bone of the ancients (shock) - Boosts shock damage, summons more deathtrap
Shadow of the ancients - Allows double tap shots on slower firing weapons, like the seeker, for crushing DPS
Sheriff’s badge - Makes pistols more deadly
Deputy’s Badge - Makes shotguns more deadly, Increases Reload speed with orphan maker for stack gain.
Skin of the ancients - Get one with good resistances in fire, corrosive and non-elemental, with a solid shield bonus.

Legendary anarchist - Work horse of the build, provides solid boosts during low stack play, increases stack gain
Legendary Mechromancer - High stack play, increases the amount of death trap you inflict.
Legendary Catalyst - Some Girls just want to watch the world burn.

Chain Lightning - LBT powerful, Legendary Catalyst makes it brokenly overpowered
Magic missile x4 - all purpose slag

Blockade - A godsend at low stacks, large capacity with built in DR, chains very well with BSS
Hide of terramorphous - Powerhouse Roid Shield, combined with MiS makes Deathtrap unstoppable.
Sham - TopSham/Shamfleet
Bee - makes Farming easier

Things you should know before you do it wrong

IF you need stacks, use legendary Anarchist, if your stacks are full, use Legendary Mechromancer.
Use Orphan maker with Blockade and Deputy’s badge to stack build, and not die.
Use sham with Topneaa for infinite rocket ammo
Use Hide of Terramorphous with SiC and MiS to give Death Trap instant mob killing super damage.
Use Legendary Cat with Chain lightning and Grog Nozzle/Infection for stupid large DoT
Use The Bee with Hail/pimp/infection/ogre/sandhawk/fibber/DPUH to farm things quickly.


Five Gorrillas?
With SiC and MiS, it is utterly unneeded.

Fancy mathematics:
Its terrible

The Nth Degree:
Because God doesn’t make the world the way it is, We do.

Made of sterner stuff:
Took unstoppable force instead. Its worth it.

More Anarchy stacks?
Above 250 a lot of guns can be seizure inducing to try to use.

I really hope I did this right, Feed back is welcome, this is a forum after all.

I’d take the point from Typecast Iconoclast and move it to Explosive Clap but other than that seems solid- and since not everyone has a Hide of Terra your second choice for a roid shield would be a good mention…

because of the nature of how SiC and MiS work, explosive clap does not get the Hyper Boost to damage, making it a wasted attack by comparison (doing some 1/40th the damage), so I end up feeling like 1 point into type cast gives a healthy boost to stack gain when combined with Legendary Anarchists +5

As for Honerable mention Roid shields, in order of preference:

Punchee if you can, Love Thumper if you must, Though any roid shield will trigger the Skill synergy

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