[Build] Coldsplosion - Rapid Phase Transition!


Rapid phase transition or RPT is a phenomenon realized in liquefied natural gas (LNG) incidents in which LNG vaporizes violently upon coming in contact with water causing what is known as a physical explosion or cold explosion.


You like blowing sht up? Of course you do, that’s why you buy TORGUE! I heard some nerd talking about how Explosive wasn’t as good as Elemental since Splash damage “doesn’t crit,” so I politely BLEW HIM UP. THEN I BLEW HIS FRIENDS UP. CRITICAL HIT, SUCKER! Tombstone lets you crit with pretty much anything, which includes glorious EXPLOSIVE splash damage. **WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS GO BLOW SHT UP**.

… You’re still here?

You say you want to blow sh*t up EVEN HARDER?!

“No f*cking DUH,” I hear you thinking…

Well get this:

  • Frozen enemies take TRIPLE Explosive Damage
  • Frozen enemies take +200% more Type A Critical Damage (google it)
  • Explosive damage can benefit from BOTH OF THESE AT ONCE
  • Normally, the extra splash on Explosive weapons doesn’t Crit
  • But it can Tombstone Crit, and will benefit from your Critical Damage boosts.



##Final Loadout


  • Casual Torguemada
  • Has 100% splash on the pellets, then spawns 3 flaks per pellet each with 100% splash. WHEEE
    • Torgue Grip
  • Niveous Mining Laser (Cryo :snowflake:)
  • Huge freeze chance and pierces enemies, meaning you can get Trick Shot even after a direct hit. This may well be the perfect Cryo weapon for this build in terms of skill synergies. However, without Hell’s Comin’ With Me active, this weapon can feel really slow. Keep this in mind.
    • Hyperion Grip, Stock
  • Rabid Hail (Shock :zap:)
  • Hail is probably the best available Lifesteal weapon in TPS, and although it doesn’t play very well with Showdown due to its unusual firing pattern, Trick Shot helps somewhat. Outside of Showdown, it’s extremely potent if you can adjust to its quirks due to its innate Critical Damage Bonus, Splash Damage, splitting bullets, and the fact that it can trigger Trick Shot. Most of the time you won’t be needing this since Cryo+Explosive is nearly as potent as Shock against most shielded mobs, this weapon will serve you well against Shielded bosses provided you understand how to aim it.
    • Vladof Grip
  • fwap a Nukem
  • Uh… It… Nukes… em? Great FFYL tool.
    • Torgue Grip, Exhaust
    • Tediore Sight
    • Luneshine: 30% chance to ignore enemy Shields.


  • Asteroid Belt Shield
  • Instead of Boosters, this shield deploys Explosive homing meteors when hit. Ideally, you’d have one of each Immunity.
    • Priority: Grounded > Alkaline > Warming > Inflammable
  • Longbow Cryo Grenade
  • Basically guarantees enemies will freeze
  • Bomber Oz Kit (Explosive :boom:)
  • Free grenades, and more damage with them. Grenade Damage also boosts some kinds of splash damage, which fortunately includes all Torguemada’s splash damage.
  • Chronicler of Elpis Class Mod
  • This is a direct upgrade from Crapshooter. Both boost Tombstone and Trick Shot, but this one also gives Faster n’ You, which is better than some Critical Damage in my opinion. And we get High Noon and No Pain, No Gain practically for free! The stat boosts are icing on the cake (get it). This class mod gives a lot more DPS to Mining Laser in particular.
    • Cryo Damage, Freeze Chance, Shield Capacity
    • +4 No Pain, No Gain
    • +4 Faster n’ You
    • +4 High Noon
    • +4 Tombstone
    • +4 Trick Shot

##Skill Details

###The Riflewoman

  • 5/5 Bona Fide Grit
  • Health recovery and Critical Damage for a few seconds after a kill. The Critical Damage is especially helpful thanks to Tombstone, but the health recovery is a welcome secondary boost.
  • 5/5 Quick Shot
  • Gun Damage and Fire Rate when shooting from the hip for a few seconds after reloading. Which should be most of the time with this build anyway because aiming down scope doesn’t tighten Torguemada’s spread, and we have Crack Shot and Hell’s Comin’ With Me!
  • 1/1 Fistful of Bullets
  • +3 Magazine size on all guns. This might not seem like a lot, but for some things like Torguemada and Nukem, it’s more than you’d probably get from even a 5/5 skill that boosts Mag Size by percentage. Excellent 1-point skill.
  • 1/1 Impatience
  • Each kill gives you a stack of Impatience, and each stack gives +20% Reload Speed up to 21 stacks. Reloading consumes the stacks. Even just one or two stacks of this is on par with what you can get out of a lot of 5/5 skills, so it’s well worth the single point, like Fistful of Bullets.
  • 4/5 Crack Shot
  • Extra damage on the first shot of a magazine. This might seem insignificant, but if you manually reload often you can make good use of it (this will also help with Quick Shot and Hell’s Comin’ With Me!). Enemies killed with the first shot of your magazine will explode, dealing Explosive damage to nearby enemies. 4/5 is enough to get to the next tier, and it’s plenty of damage as well considering its conditional nature.
  • 5/5 Trick Shot
  • Chance for shots that hit walls or objects to ricochet towards a nearby enemy. This is the bread and butter of this setup, since it offsets two of the main weaknesses of Torguemada: mediocre accuracy and slow bullet speed. You can borrow a point from this skill if you want One For Each of Ya, but since I don’t use pistols I don’t bother with that skill.
  • 1/5 Tombstone
  • 1 point is enough to benefit from this thanks to our Class Mod bonus. Further investment gives a smaller payoff, so I prefer to put those points elsewhere to round out the build’s potential in other situations rather than focus on Tombstone Crits.
  • 1/1 The Unforgiven
  • During Showdown shots that hit enemies ricochet towards other enemies, dealing 10% damage per hit. When Showdown ends, enemies hit by your shots or the ricochet shots each trigger an Explosive Nova (which also damages that enemy). One of the most satisfying ways to use this skill is to shoot Fridgia or Niveous Mining Laser during Showdown to freeze the entire map with ricochets and automatically Explode them all when Showdown ends, doing tons of extra damage thanks to the Freeze bonus.
    ###Fan the Hammer
  • 5/5 Saddle Up
  • Gun Damage and Movement Speed for a few seconds after a kill. I don’t use Showdown all that often, so I chose this rather than Ruthless, but I can see a case for either one. This is merely a matter of preference, in my opinion. It’s also a pony.
  • 5/5 Bottled Courage
  • Restores a percentage of your Shield when you activate Showdown. This gives Showdown an interesting defensive aspect that appeals to me. I said I don’t often use Showdown, but the shield restoring effect gives me incentive to do so more often, and the Recharge Rate/Delay bonuses while Showdown is on cooldown are a nice secondary bonus. Magnificent Six does nothing for any of our guns, so the choice for the first 10 points in this tree is basically to pick two skills between Saddle Up, Ruthless, and Bottled Courage.
  • 1/1 Short Fused
  • Shots deal bonus Explosive Damage for a few seconds after a kill. The farther away you are from enemies, the less damage they take from this. Might not seem very substantial most of the time, but it has particular synergy with Fridgia which can freeze and deal Explosive at the same time with this skill. Worth a point just for that, in my opinion.
  • 5/5 Faster 'n You
  • Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Swap Speed for a few seconds after a kill. This skill is a whopper! It’s also boosted by our Class Mod, which turns it from a very solid skill to an amazing one. If you’ve gone this far into Fan the Hammer and you haven’t gotten this skill, I’d like to know what you’re smoking. It’s also a bunny.
  • 5/5 Hell’s Comin’ With Me!
  • Chance to fire twice for a few seconds after reloading. Since this has the same condition as Quick Shot, and they work pretty well together, this skill just feels right. The extra shot comes out at about 10 Fire Rate, which helps slower weapons feel a LOT faster. Theoretically, this multiplies your final Fire Rate, and in practice it gives you periodic bursts of extra shots. Excellent skill, well worth the points we spent in Faster 'n You to get this far.
  • 1/5 High Noon
  • Gun Damage bonus that increases the longer you’re in Showdown. This is worth a point since the Class Mod boosts it, but otherwise my intermittent use of Showdown means I don’t care to focus on this skill.
    ###Law & Order
  • 1/1 Order
  • When you take 15% of your max health in damage, you get an Order stack. 1.2% chance per stack when taking damage to heal by double the damage taken. This is Nisha’s most powerful source of survivability. Note that even damage to your shield counts for both conditions, so a high capacity shield won’t go to waste here. The rest of the points we’re spending in this tree are for getting other stack-building conditions, getting additional benefits from stacks, or increasing the max stack count, which starts at 10.
  • 4/4 Law
  • Shield Capacity and Melee Damage. Remember what I said about high capacity shields? This skill is a perfect fit, even though it’s actually required to progress further in the tree. We don’t really use the Melee Damage, but that’s okay because the Shield Capacity is helpful on its own.
  • 1/1 Rough Rider
  • Increases Slam Damage, and Slams give 2 Order stacks for each enemy damaged, and +5 max Order stacks. The Law & Order skill tree is populated by a number of useful 1-point-wonders, and this is among them. I like to use Explosive Oz Kits because they have higher Slam Damage naturally, which goes hand-in-hand with this skill and the ease with which our Cryo Grenades can freeze enemies.
  • 4/5 Wanted
  • When an enemy would make you gain an Order stack, it (also) gets a Wanted stack, up to 5. Damaging the enemy consumes the stacks and deals bonus damage based on the number of stacks. Enemies still get Wanted stacks even if your Order is full. I thought this was more useful than The Third Degree since this isn’t a Melee build. The damage isn’t very high, and it’s Non-Elemental, so it’s not really a huge thing, but it’s not nothing either.
  • 1/1 Discipline
  • Melee Damage, Gun Damage, and Shield Recharge Delay per Order stack if you have 10 or more, and +5 max Order stacks. When reaching 10 Order stacks, your shields are restored to full. Useful, well worth a point.
  • 1/1 Blood of the Guilty
  • When you or an ally kills an enemy, you gain an Order stack and restore 5% of your health, and +5 max Order stacks. This completes our trifecta of 1-point-wonders and brings our max Order stacks to 25, and the effect is a good one, allowing us to gain stacks more quickly and to get periodic heals from kills. In conjunction with Bona Fide Grit and Order itself, we have a pretty solid amount of survivability.
  • 4/5 Jurisdiction
  • During Showdown, regenerate health and gain movement speed. Since we don’t use Showdown constantly, this isn’t particularly great, but it does allow us to unlock more useful bonuses. And it’s not nothing.
  • 1/5 No Pain, No Gain
  • One point is plenty here, since it’s boosted by our Class Mod. Furthermore, I’m not a huge fan of skills that are based on how low your health is when they’re in a tree designed to keep your health high, but if nothing else this gives a good boost during FFYL and right after a Second Wind, for one point.
  • 4/5 Rarin’ to Go
  • This is why we got Jurisdiction. Even just 4 points into this can make a big difference at full Order stacks. Spending the final point into Thunder Crackdown actually gives us more overall than spending it here due to Discipline also giving Gun Damage based on stacks, and the increased potential of Order itself thanks to the max stack increase.
  • 1/1 Thunder Crackdown
  • While this isn’t a Melee-oriented build, this skill increases our maximum Order stacks, making this a point well-spent. And the Melee Override can be a cool thing to do once in a while when you’re at full stacks, especially on a frozen enemy.

Level 60 spec
Level 50 spec

##Alternate Gear

  • Mining Laser ( Fire :fire:, Shock :zap:, Corrosive )
  • Since it has such great synergy with this spec, it’s well worth considering Mining Laser in other elements in addition to Cryo.
    • Hyperion Grip, Stock
  • Miss Moxxi’s Vibra-Pulse
  • Alternative to Hail. Beam Lasers have good synergy with Showdown because the auto-aim ignores their absurd Recoil, allowing you to make full use of that Continuous Firing Bonus. The downside is that they don’t trigger Trick Shot or Unforgiven. Vibra-Pulse has its own built-in chain lightning effect, and during Showdown can put out a good amount of hurt, but since this build isn’t designed around Showdown, it doesn’t live up to its potential. Still, if you can’t get Hail to work for you, try this.
    • Fixed Parts
  • Stopping Fridgia
  • This is probably the most efficient freezing weapon overall, but it lacks natural DPS, which can be a problem. Compared to Mining Laser in this particular spec, this weapon doesn’t quite hold its own. Still, it’s an excellent weapon and worth having if you don’t enjoy Mining Laser’s reliance on Hell’s Comin’ With Me and Trick Shot to do work.
  • Casual Flakker
  • Each shot spawns a big cube of EXPLOSIONS. Harder to use than Torguemada, but extremely powerful against very large enemies. Grenade Damage and Trick Shot do not affect it, though, which is why I prefer Torguemada in this build despite Flakker being my favorite of the two generally.
    • Torgue Grip
    • Luneshine: 30% chance to ignore enemy Shields.

##Videos (Level 60)

An earlier version of the spec vs Darksiders

The finalized spec vs Iwajira using Bonus Package

##Guest Videos

JonnyDeeWSC vs Iwajira in ONE Flakker shot (modified spec)


I have to give the Chronicler a try now. Thanks!!

Btw, a deep a nukem with bandit exhaust and grip gives you 4 shots (7 mag) with fist full of bullets… At the cost of a 10.5 reload speed. But its by far my favorite version. I will make ample use of it here. :smiley:

It should have 4 mag (7 with FFoB) with simply a Torgue grip.

I like the swap handle (fwap a), because… Excalibastard. I suppose if you really want to, you could FlakSwap with it, too. But meh. Flakker doesn’t need it. Even less in TPS.

This makes me want to play nisha, well done

Anybody know if Tombstone Crits on Melee benefit from Critical Damage boosts?

I’m aware that normal Melee Crits only get x2 damage.

Great to see you porting this :smile:

a few things

1: what is the name/code for that “red” you used for tombstone/trick shot? Needz it! (and that green too plz)
2: Frigida is better with Scav grip IMO, care to elaborate ? I know you have a good reason :smile:
3: Chronicler of Elpis is such a natural fit for this build :smile:
5: Alternate gear for the Frigida: Cryo T4S-R and Tediore Splitter would fit pretty well too
6: Bomber Oz kit ? Increased Explosive damage beats 60% crit bonus when you already have over 200%
7: Well done, loved the build before, love it still :slight_smile:

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  1. indianred
  2. iirc Dahl grip increases burst count. But I also like the extremely fast reloads
  3. Yup. I checked it earlier today, and when I saw the skills it boosted I almost peed. Instead, I thought it was a good time to update this build with it in mind.
  5. Haven’t fooled around with the Taser much, I’ll give it a shot. Ditto for the Laser Shotgun (I think someone has a build for those…)
  6. Well, it’s Grenade Damage, which doesn’t always work, such as for Flakker or Nukem. I liked the accuracy for Torguemada when I was playing around on Athena to think about this gear, but Bomber would certainly be a better fit in more than a few scenarios, especially if I’m running Cryo nades instead of Bonus Package (which I may split off into a Boss loadout, actually. It’s not easy to hit with against mobs). And then there’s Trick Shot, which actually makes the accuracy more or less a non-concern. And 3/4 of its damage benefit from Grenade Damage.
  7. Glad you like it, and thanks for the input. I’m especially considering changing to Cryo nades primarily (due to flow issues with Tombstone and Excalibastard for mobbing), and giving Taser and Splitters a look. And Mining Laser might get an honorable mention.

1: Thanks :smile:
2: ADS with frigida serves no purpose: it has no recoil at all, and you’re missing out on quick shot’s bonus. Still, the reload is a good point, but between FNU, Impatience and the 125% from showdown, I would rather have more damage personally.
6: 2 words: Cryo Mirvs :grin:
7: Another one to look at if freezing is your game: The Boganella. With it’s 15 pellet, is almost insta-freeze too, and if it doesn’t, you have a BIG mag to try again and at least you made a few holes in your target in the process.

Had a thought, that with Excalibastard and Bladed Fridgia, this could be an interesting Melee hybrid spec, as well.

2 Trick Shot and 4 Tombstone gives 48% on both, which is probably enough to notice them.

Looks an awful lot like Deputy Nisha and Blue Steel Athena had a (really really good looking) baby.

I don’t think T4S-R is for me… But Boganella, Mining Laser, and Tediore Splitters are all looking great. I think Fridgia is still my favorite, but those certainly pack a wallop. With this build, Mining Laser freezes on par with Excalibastard, with more damage output. Apart from tricking the game into freezing on Tombstone Crits with Bonus Package, Mining Laser wins, I think.

I really like the versatile look of this build, I think I will not get bored playing this after long hours
Shotguns+granedes+rocket launcher+freezing+(maybe) melee. Seems like an all in one package.

Btw, I think Mining laser is one of the best freeze+dps weapons . Its penetrating property is insane. Showdown+Penetration+Trickshot combo make great synergy with this gun, The beams hit can penetrate and reflect back to a nearby target.

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It’s certainly shaping up to be that way, like its Athena equivalent, Blue Steel.

I’m going to be doing a lot of testing and retooling of this over the weekend, but it’s very likely I’ll have a number of possible guns for each purpose listed. Fridgia and Mining Laser are quite interchangeable depending on preference, but I don’t think there’s much reason to use both.

Actually, the 4 weapon slots can be broken down thus:

  • Explosive Gun
  • Torguemada, Flakker, Slapper, Spitter
  • Cryo Gun
  • Fridgia, Mining Laser, Boganella, Excalibastard, Too Scoops, Splitter/Railgun Lasers
  • FFYL tool
  • Nukem, Badaboom, Berrigan
  • Shock Gun
  • Bullpup, Vibra-Pulse, Splitter Lasers

Suggestion for melee Hybrid:

Wanted is almost useless, those points are better spent on additional speed to close the gap.

Crack shot is much less interesting now with all those big mag guns. Unchained is an awesome addition in boss fights

But that 10.5 sec reload speed :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like to know this. My testing on this matter has been a colossal failure.

I chose Wanted over Jurisdiction and Crack Shot over Unchained for playstyle reasons.

I think Jurisdiction doesn’t have much of a chance to shine with just 3 points and over only 6 seconds since I have Saddle Up instead of Ruthless (1.2 / 1.32 = 9% faster movement). Wanted is similarly meh, but it does do (some) damage. 3 points of Jurisdiction recovers a whopping 14.4% of my health over 6 seconds, IF I use showdown, which I actually rarely do. Order and Bona Fide Grit keep me pretty well healed already. This build doesn’t really “need” Showdown, it’s just nice when a badass shows up or the enemy group looks large and/or spread out.

I reload prematurely often, which gives me Quick Shot and Crack Shot most of the time (it’s also why I’m reluctant to use Tediore weapons generally). It’s rare I shoot continuously for more than a few seconds, even against badasses, where I’ll chuck grenades first to freeze and then Crack Shot with Torguemada. Any nearby (frozen?) mooks that die in the first shot will explode and deal triple damage to the frozen badass. For my playstyle, I prefer the burst damage over the sustained here, especially since I already have 70% FR in kill skills and 25% more from Showdown if needed. That’s plenty for the weapons I’m using, so I want more oomph per bullet. Also. Crack Shot on Nukem.

Crack Shot. On Nukem.


Unchained might be good against the Sentinel or Felicity, but everything else dies before it really makes a dent in the 70% Fire Rate I already have from Quick Shot and Faster n’ You.

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Enough time to grab a snack!

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I guess this also matters :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re damn right it does.

Updated the OP with alternate gear section, and did a little formatting to the intro. I’m looking for thoughts and ideas regarding this section.

Nisha is really, really, really good with a lot of guns. So, it makes sense that there would be a lot of options where others might be a little more restricted.

Also, the title is a link to… a surprise. :wink:

Alternate build title:
##Nuclear Winter

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