[Build] Coldsplosion - Rapid Phase Transition!

What about Dahl railers ? Have you tried them ?

They’re my favorite kind of Railer that’s not Mining Laser. Good burst damage (kinda the point of burst-fire, yeah?).

They kinda miss out on Quick Shot, though.

I think Slappers with Double Penetrating prefix and OFEOY can rival Torguemada in terms of DPS and Accuracy. Taking trickshot out of the equation, slappers can have better range even if slightly. They also have luneshine advantage over Torguemada.

I seriously doubt it.

If you don’t hit with the Flaks, maybe.

It’s certainly a lot closer in terms of damage and ammo efficiency than T4s-R.

Correct me if I am wrong,but I am pretty sure that DP actually loses out in DPS to something like fire rate.

Edit: Probably only on Maggie and Fragnum because they don’t get full 2x.

Generally speaking, the double accessory will get the best DPS, but will waste ammo like crazy and have decreased stats across the board. Usually they are not worth it.

Slapper is fine as Double, because its Fire Rate is low enough the ammo consumption doesn’t hurt as much.

Like I mentioned earlier, OFEoY DP Slapper has similar ammo consumption per ammo pool as Torguemada, and if you don’t account for the Flaks, similar DPS. The flaks is really where Torguemada takes it to the next level.

If I were using only the slapper, then I would prefer damage accessory, But I am using it in tandem with fridgia. I am using DP Slapper as finisher, after I freeze targets with my fridgia, In that case only few shots from the Double Penetrating Slapper are sufficient to kill the toughest mob. it is also important to finish them within one freeze duration, therefore I prefer the the best dps explosive pistol and try to crit with all the bullets. Ammo consumption can be handled by using cryo buff as much as possible

Preliminary level 70 spec:

Filled in Tombstone and Crack Shot, and added Gunslinger. :wink:

G…g…gunslinger ???
…WHY? :S

For your Nukem ?
That’s the only way I could think of this skill as useful: on a RL.

Shoot, shoot, shoot, activate showdown, shoot, shoot, shoot, showdown ends, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.

Because everybody and their mom uses Ruthless.

But it looks like you already figured out the trick I wanted to do. :frowning:

Thinking in terms of flow, Gunslinger tickles me because it gives instant reloads, which trigger half of my useful skills. Since I don’t have Ruthless, I get 2 free reloads with 6 seconds of shooting in between, which is roughly the duration of said skills…

Yeah, I already thought of doing a “shamdaboom” build that never reloads, with gunslinger, crack shot and tombstone. Maybe a cryophobia thrown in… Never got around to it though, since Athena can do that so much better.

Don’t forget that to activate those skills, gunslinger has to fill your gun completely…

Not Quick Shot

As for Crack Shot and Hell’s, well, I did say preliminary.

Ah! Interesting exception. Didn’t know that. :slight_smile:

Mainly, I wanted to avoid Ruthless, because then this build may as well be “Toybox with Fridgia.”

As expected, 10 more skill points is killing build diversity.

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Yeah, pretty sure a lot of builds will look the same from here on.

Maybe an interesting place to look would be to try and get one point into no pain no gain to get the COM bonus. You’re not that far away from it. And while its not worth investing in, it’s still a neat flat bonus. Just a thought…

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It was in an earlier version of the build when Chronicler came out, as a FFYL damage boost (which is pretty much all it’d be good for).

I’ll keep it in mind depending on how my testing with Gunslinger goes, but even though I’m pretty sure it doesn’t trigger Hell’s (which is SO DUMB), and it would only give Crack Shot if it goes to full, it’s still up to 10 additional shots without reloading just from hitting Showdown. That’s kind of a big deal with Torguemada. During Showdown, it’s pretty likely I’d empty Torguemada at least once naturally given Hell’s and all the Fire Rate, meaning all the skills should still refresh naturally. And then I’ll get 50% of my magazine back when it’s over.

The issue I’d have with going back down L&O is that I’d literally be wasting points into Jurisdiction. I already know I want to fill in Tombstone now that I’ll have the points to do so, which leaves at most 6 points to play with. I put one into Crack Shot.

To spend 5 points getting a mediocre Gun Damage boost I’ll rarely activate and a lukewarm gain in health recovery (since I already have BFG and Order itself) that is only active for 6 seconds (due to lack of Ruthless)… That’s why I dropped those skills in the first place. They’re even somewhat counter-intuitive. Why on earth is there a skill based on how LOW your health is in a tree that REFILLS your health? It’s Just Got Real all over again.

On the other hand, Gunslinger (and Bottled Courage) sort of feels like it does more because I don’t have Ruthless. Does that make sense?

Basically, I know I don’t care to get Ruthless. Therefore, where is the least useless place for me to put 5 points?

  • Jurisdiction > No Pain, No Gain?
  • Counter-intuitive to each-other, both a drop in the bucket with other boosts considered
  • High Noon > 1 Point Elsewhere?
  • Same issue as Jurisdiction: No Ruthless
  • Snap Shot?
  • Doesn’t really do much
  • Unchained?
  • Takes too long to ramp, and Quick Shot + Faster n’ You are huge already
  • Mag 6 or Hot Lead?
  • No non-Elemental weapons

Gunslinger might not be more or less useless than these, but it does give me access to a new mechanism I didn’t have before: instant partial reloads.

That is exacly the problem.
I would like my torguemada reloads as soon as possible as I hit the showdown. Because reload speed in showdown has +125% buff, which makes it very quick. And this quick reload gives enormous buffs from QS, CS and HELLS. Having these buffs as soon as possible is very important in those precious 6 secs. And these 10 shots are simply a huge delay in getting these buffs

In the case of a RL, I would rather have an instant reload…twice, than a boost to reload speed which would still require me to spend 4-5 seconds… those bonuses be damned. Also, timed well, It also means you get 3 crack shots within about 7-8 seconds.

In the case of a RL, I can’t remember myself entering showdown holding a RL.