[Build] Comrade Jack the Frozen Communist

When you spend long cold winters on Elpis you learn to use the cold to your advantage to protect Mother Pandora from the evil Bourgeoisie. This build takes advantage of critical hits while enemies are frozen because living in the harsh winter makes your nerves like ice and you never miss, but also there is no fear or just blowing up those soft warm weather weaklings while they are frozen in their tracks. In this build you get…

  • [color=#E18B6D]+44% freeze chance
  • +44% Cryo damage
  • -75% swap speed
  • up to +119% fire rate
  • up to 100% reload speed
  • +156% critical hit damage
    • 95% accuracy
  • up to 80% base damage without counting money is power
  • Ton of explosions, healing and shield support as well[/color]

While many cryo builds are based off of doing explosive damage, this has that but more focuses on critical hits on frozen enemies to make quick work of them.

Click here to see the Level 60 Build
Click here to see the Level 70 Build

Main Items

  • Rightsizing Fatale
    This is your sickle, a precise tool to cut down your foes with. The 75% crit bonus build in, add in the cryo bonus and all the crit from the build and you are looking at 431% critical hit damage with a very fast fire rate, deep magazine, and incredibly stable. It has a low freeze chance but the com’s 44% helps with that and the added cryo damage from the com coms after the crit damage making this hit really hard. I have mine with a Bandit grip to up the base damage, it doesn’t effect accuracy at all and it even extends the magazine a bit. You loose a bit on the reload but that doesn’t matter much.

  • Juicy Ravager
    This is your Hammer. Even with a blunt worker tool like this it’s partly about crits. This build with 9/5 Company Man makes it so you can even land quite a few pellets on crit with these hammers. Add in the 406% crit damage you are getting from this build, with the 40% grenade damage, and the added cryo explosive boost of 300% and this outdoes the flakker on this build.

  • Hyperion Splitters x2
    I have 2 of these one in shock and one in fire for those times I want to match elements. The accuracy with this build on these is very tight and 3 beams with 70% crit each and add in the crit bonus from the build and often the enemy is frozen, these make quick work of anything that doesn’t like to be frozen or saves you some ammo when you are running low on your Fatale

  • Chronicler Of Elpis
    More chance to freeze, and more Cryo damage sounds great, but its the skills that really make this work so well. Company Man boosted gives huge boosts at 9/5. Lean on Me gives up to 63% fire rate boosts if you are at full health and with Jacks healing thats quite often. This is the only com that boost Optimism and 9/5 in that with a cryo build does serious damage. Winning and Persistence I have 1 point in each to fill them out at 5/5 since these coms have all the skills deep and hard to get to. But both those help your survival a great deal. This is a really well rounded com that hits on all fronts.

  • Prismatic Bulwark
    Again its this or an Amp shield and unless winning gets fixed the amp shields just don’t offer much survival and 1/2 of my guns are lasers so its not so bad. It does have a quick delay and a lot of enemies are shooting lasers at you as well which then this does help survival a great deal.

  • Support Relay
    This fits in perfect with all the high crit damage more base damage is needed and while full this gives over 25% base damage that is great for crits and splash damage. It is also Hyperion for another stack of Company Man. I have mine with a NE or Explosive slam damage since I already freeze things well enough, but an Arctic one is a good choice too.

  • Explosive Nasty Surprise
    Hyperion grenade with a lot of explosions is perfect for a build that boost grenade damage and has a lot of frozen enemies.

Backpack Items

  • Hyperion Splitters x2
    One is corrosive and one in cryo, back ups to match maps. You don’t use these as often but they are good to have

  • Critical Development
    If you don’t like the Ravager this in NE is a good swap for it, not the explosive boom but this many pellets on crit and now you have 8 stacks of company man to make it even tighter.

  • Nasty Surprise
    Having different elements of this for bosses is helpful, for the Sentinel and bosses like Boson or Deadlift shock is better, Iwajira fire is better, etc…


  • Piercing Rounds - 30% chance to ignore shields
    Since a lot of enemies in UVHM have shields and they resist cryo this is a pretty obvious choice for at least the Fatale
  • Boominator - Increases grenade damage by 5%
    For the Ravager this one works quite well, more damage to the splash that is re boosted by cryo.
  • Oxygenator - Damaging enemies increased oz
    This works well for any of the guns but mostly the Splitters or the Ravager. More O2 means more base damage so keeping it topped off means more damage than adding 10% crit from a luneshine like Punisher since you already have so much critical hit damage.

The Hero of the Story

  • Best Foot Forward 5/5
    This is pretty much a staple for Jack, keep your Jacks out means you heal faster, do more damage, take less agro, etc… Always max this out in every build.
  • Just Compensation 5/5
    With this and Jacks Cache you want to empty your Grenades at all times, Leadership will max your stacks so you always have one to toss and this way your Mags are all 60% bigger and your Ravager and Grenades hit that much harder. 40% is quite bit when you have multiplicative boosts after that.
  • Jack’s Cache 1/1
    This one point is what lets you run at 0 grenades to max out Just Compensation. With leadership when your Jacks die it counts as a kill and they die often so 4 stacks come quite quick and you can throw grenades quite often.
  • Lean on me 9/5
    63% fire rate based on how high your health is, well Teamwork and the agro draw from your Jacks mean that most often you get the full 63% and thats a massive bonus to have so often. Your Fatale has no troubles when its going that fast, even your Ravager can shoot quick with this boosts. The bonus corrosive shot is ok, does come in handy from time to time but its more about the fire rate.
  • Persistence 5/5
    This only has 1 point in it but +4 from the com. When your Jacks are down this heals you really well and keeps you pretty safe until your cooldown is over. The extra shield capacity also with the capacity from your com also helps protect you. I would of liked to put a few more in here but these coms stretch you already to get to all the points they add to.

The Greater Good

  • Collaborate 5/5
    This build has so much critical hit, splash, grenade, cryo, damage that you need solid base damage to support all of those multiplicative buffs. This gets to 10 stacks quickly and 50% base damage with all of those is a very good thing to have.
  • Synergy 5/5
    More critical hit damage, more base damage pretty much explains it’s self.
  • Teamwork 5/5
    This is simply one of the best healing skills in the game and with the diminishing returns on the Digi Jacks lives due to Optimism this stacks even faster without you having to run around, but if you do you also have winning to move them faster. While your Jacks are out with this you are very very safe.
  • Winning 5/5
    This is another one with 1 point in it and +4 from the com. The movement speed is great but the shield restore is still bugged so its not worth more than 1 point at the moment. If it gets fixed 9/5 with this and an amp shield might change things, but for now it is what it is.
  • Accountability 1/1
    For one point this is a really nice skill. Most of the time I’m between 10-20 stacks so 10-20% fire rate and 20-40% reload speed and for one point that is a really nice DPS increase. But I do get up to 50 stacks and 50% fire rate and 100% reload speed for a single point is somewhat OP, and your guns fly with this fire rate added to Lean on me.
  • Optimism 9/5
    This is the only com that boosts this skill and its an Explosive Nova with rank damage that does really solid damage but at 9/5 with a cryo com it does huge damage. The range is also quite nice as well but the fact that when you have this each time your Jacks respawn they do it with less life means they die faster and you get your kill skills faster, your stacks faster, BFF and so many other skills work wonders with this.
  • Potential 1/1
    This is one of those outstanding game changers, the shock nova damage and radius are really solid and can kill trash mobs on its own. When it doesn’t kill stripping away shields so you can hit them with the element you want is huge, the added bonus of activating them while in ffyl makes it even harder to ignore. Unless you hate nova’s its hard not to get this. This build even more since shields resist cryo and explosives.
  • Leadership 1/1
    While this build only has 2 kill skills, it has 3 other massively important skills that are really helped out by this. I could of gotten only 1 of the 3 capstones with this build but what this does for the way Jack works this was a no brainer.

Free Enterprise

  • High Frequency Trading 5/5
    Whats not to love about 75% swap speed, even more in a cryo build where swapping to an explosive weapon helps quite a bit, not to mention Compound Interest. This also won over Incentives because I already have a ton of fire rate, swap speed helps DPS more at this point.
  • Compound Interest 5/5
    Did I mention yet this is a cryo build? Explosive skills are usually included, I really wish this com also boosted this skill in a really bad way.
  • Money is Power 1/1
    1 point and up to 250% base damage, although most of the time I’m more around 100-300 stacks but that is still 25%-75% base damage for a single point and again critical hits, splash damage, grenade damage, cryo damage, a lot of multiplicative buffs need a solid base to multiply.
  • Company Man 9/5
    With 7 items this gives you 126% critical hit bonus and 95% accuracy bonus. Those are massive numbers and adding to the cryo bonus and the fact all my guns have from 50%-75% crit built in, all the guns are doing 376% to 401% crit bonus between this and cryo, add 30% more from synergy. But also 3/4 of them are multi pellet guns that are accurate enough to land a lot of pellets on crit. No com in the vanilla game boosted this skill and I thought that was for a reason. I guess they were waiting to give us OP stuff in the DLC.

Alternate Items

  • +5 Believe and +5 to Absolute Advantage
    These are 2 skills I love that I couldn’t quite reach with this build but now this build is going to be even better. That is a ton of added DPS to a build that had a lot of DPS.


  • Less is more
    Keep your grenades at 0. Jacks Cache with Leadership will stack quick and get your stacks to 4, by doing this you really increase your DPS with that 60% mag size as well as the damage of the Ravager and each grenade.

  • The right tool for the job
    Use the right guns for the right enemies

  • Fatale will take down most trash mobs fast enough human type enemies drop fast enough with it but going after BA enemies can be a waste of ammo

  • Ravager is an ammo hog and should be saved for when its needed mostly BA enemies, freeze swap and finish quickly. Frozen enemies are easy to crit with this and not waste ammo/pellets

  • Hyperion Splitters should be used when matching elements are better, non human enemies that don’t have shields often are best used with the fire one, torks, eternals, etc… All go down quick. The shock one is sometimes best used to drop those larger shields.

There are many more examples but this gives a base idea.

  • Manage your Action skill
    You want to micromanage your Digi Jacks and send them away after you clear a mob. If you keep them out until your timer runs out you have to deal with a really long cooldown. Instead as soon as you finish a mob recall them to get the quick cooldown, move towards the next mob and bring them back out. This is really important in the Holodome, sometimes you want to recall them with enemies left to kill if they are easy to deal with.

  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
    This build has some really nice range weapons but don’t forget you have 9/5 Optimism with a Cryo build, that nova will do a lot of damage when it hits the enemies.


-coming soon


Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a gun that is NOT already very accurate and has a crit bonus ?
Feels like kind of a waste…
Hyperion weapons, I know, but you could probably live with at least one item that is not Hyperion.

With a tighter spread and a massive crit bonus like that, I bet the Frigida would perform real nice.
How about a Hyperion splitter cryo laser?
Also, the big fire rate boost you get from lean on me is a bit wasted on something as fast as the Fatale IMO.

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I have Hyperion splitters already listed, and the bull pup, and mining laser as possible guns

I’m not sure about the legendary com, but the blue one has Company Man as well, and it also has Absolute Advantage. And Best Foot Forward, but if it can only boost two skills at once, then it’s AA and Company Man all the way for me.

Still, it’s nice to see builds based on the new gear.

I think I’d rather skip Lean on Me and Persistence entirely to get AA and Sponsored by. For fire rate, you could spec into Incentives instead of Compound Interest. With 9/5 Company Man (and Precision Strike) I don’t think your build would suffer too much if you sacrifice two stacks so you can carry a Maliwan shock weapon and a Torgue weapon and apply electric or explosive splash to your Fatale and another Hyperion cryo weapon (or Fridgia). Plus, the way you would have the gear set up should allow you to switch to your Torgue gun one slot away to deal with frozen enemies. This build is definitely awesome though, I was thinking about doing something similar. Jack’s new COMS are amazing.

I need a decent COM for my Not-Jack. This sounds like good stuffs.

Did they change this classmod? Mine only boosts 3 skills.

Edit: nvm, the other skills came back after a restart.

The build is tested and up, ran the holodome multiple times, ran a bunch of bosses and story uvhm.

I have to try this out… Great work Derch!

Also credit to spunky for the name

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Glad you finished this; looks awesome!

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It’s a ton of fun, the fatale just melts things so fast I rarely need to use explosives at all.

What grip would you say is best on your Ravager though? Do you stick with Torgue or would you go Hyperion?

Torgue, hyp does nothing good for it

updated the mobbing section.

I guess the question now is…who wins a death battle between Comrade, Deputy, and Darth Jack?

I’ve been playing Comrade the most lately, Darth Tim might be the best but its almost broken what it can do and its not the most co-op friendly all the time depending on your nova shield. Also with that build you barely have to shoot, sometimes you want to shoot.

I have a lot of friends that play claptrap and this build is great for co-op but really great with claptrap. Since I’m freezing everything its easy for him just to go BOOM.

I love Deputy Jack but to me at least it works better solo than co-op.

I guess they all have their place for me it depends alot on my mood to which one I’m going to play, all 3 are kinda similar builds but variations of each other.

Comrade Jack is also awesome if you’re playing with a Wilhelm that has Overcharge. The Fatale and Splitter fire rates becomes absolutely godly for those few seconds.

Similar with claptrap when he gets gun wizard and even more stupid if you get high five. I got both of those with 50 stacks of accountability the other day, thats 50% from account, 63% from Lean on Me, 50% from high five guys, and whatever gun wizard gives you I’m guessing another 50%. Thats 213% fire rate bonus… yup things died fast.

As Winning has been fixed with the 01/13 Hotfix, how would you reconsider your skills tree ?? :grinning:

Here is how I would do it : http://thepresequel.com/Jack/50500100051000550505020101505015000000

It’s just over frustrating because there are so much good skills I would add, like Believe or Integrity… :sweat_smile: