[Build] Comrade Jack the Frozen Communist

No winning is the least important of all 5 skills boosted by the com in this build. Also they only fixed the value if its boosted over 5, not the fact that you don’t get the shield boost from it if you already have your kill skills active. If they fixed that part I would be tossing on an amp shield and using it. This is a cryo build so enemies are often frozen and I have a shield with low delay already. Winning doesn’t do much more than movement speed and if I didn’t have a com that added 4 to it I wouldn’t even take it with this build at all.

Also optimism is only boosted by this com, a cryo build with a massive damage explosive nova that you can make go off all the time, that is a really nice part of the build, and accountability where you took a point as well adds a lot to your DPS for a single point. I’ve got it up to 50 stacks quite a bit in the last few days and thats 50% fire rate and 100% reload speed for a single point. Very valuable with these guns.

Yeah I’m so sad that this hotfix only fixed Winning this way and not the proc’s issue. :sweat:

I will test this build very soon because it looks great and I was looking for a funny cryo build for a long time… :wink:

I think I will try to use a Cryo Bullpup with it too :innocent:

The latest patch fixed up that Shield regen. It’s pretty insane now, especially at the end of the Action Skill duration when the Jacks are dying every 1/2 second. So long as Winning can cover the cost of an Amp shot you end up spamming them a lot (no where near Bee levels thank god, but enough to make a difference).

Yeah this build will get an update to include those for sure, but right now lady hammerlock is calling me. So I’ll get around to it sooner or later. I want to play with winning and see if 5/5 is enough with all the kills or do I need to up it a bit.

Playing with 5/5 was sufficient for me. With the DJ’s drawing aggro, the offensive kills and Leadership - I rarely had it proc and not top out my shields. I was using the first green rarity Amp I could find just to see what it was like, so maybe a purple Amp will have greater Amp cost - That would be the only reason I could see to increase skill points. Otherwise so long as a single proc of Winning can remax your shield, then you’re pretty much golden.

Derch, do you have a leveling guide for this build? I’m thinking about getting Jack and I love cryo, but I’m not sure what skills to take when and what gear I should be on the look out for until I can get legendaries. Thanks.

I didn’t level into this, I leveled into my deputy Jack and then just came to this with the holodome release.

So I guess I would keep your eyes out for Hyperion splitters, shotguns, anything cryo.

It’s hard to even think of leveling into this as well because the way the com’s skills are so deep.

Its actually easy to level into (i currently am). Start left tree then middle then right. Its been very fun. Ive been fortunate and found a celestial class mod and just found a Fatale today so the weapons help carry it along but this is actually going very smooth. Awesome build.

I gotta post this cuz i find it funny as all hell. I started this build 4 days ago. 2 days ago i found a celestial class mod in a vendor and its helped leveling alot. Today i found a Fatale in a vendor and zarpedon drops a prismatic bulwark (and the legendary laser). Im gonna keep doin holodome to get tge class mod you recommend. But i find it funny that so far the game is encouraging me to continue this build.

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I love it, glad you are enjoying. I might update this to an amp shields.

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Added the extra 10 skill points that I’ll most likely use with the level 70 cap increase.

Put up the level 70 video and updated build link, I’ll update the rest of the thread soonish. I’m really happy with how this turned out at level 70.

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