[Build Concept] Flame Flare

So, I’ve been doing some stuff with Gaige’s electrical burn recently, and I’ve been wondering if Flame Flare worked similarly; if the damage of the DoTs produced by Flame Flare procs is based on the damage of the DoT that proced it.

If so, I think this could end up being a pretty powerful, and somewhat unique, build, assuming it works.

Anyway, the concept of this build is to use Fire Fiend, BBB, and a very damaging fire DoT source (along with no other sources of fire damage) to kill enemies.

Skill spec is pretty simple, you only really need BBB and Flame Flare, but I think I’m going to go with something like this.

For gear I was thinking of using:

  • Fireball/Firestorm: the 2 highest damage Fire DoTs in the game, these would be the cornerstone of the build.
  • Legendary Torch: +burn damage and +5 BBB, along with a bunch of other hellborn Buffs, what’s not to love here?
  • Bone of Ancients (fire): multiplies fire DoTs, the best choice here by far.
  • Rough Rider: the only shields choices for this build were this and the FotF, and I think the FotF might overwrite FF DoTs.
  • a good slag weapon, I’m thiking a Pimp or Slagga probably
  • regarding other gear, pretty much anything that isn’t fire should work fine, I think some good shock shotties could work really well, particularly the Omen, Twister, or CC.
  • mabye a corosive kitten and/or infection/hornet to deal with armored enemies

Also, what are some bosses that are not DoT resistant?

Edit: realised I was an idiot and wrote fire Fiend instead of Flame Flare


I’ll have to give this a shot I think I have all the gear except the com.

I did something similar way back in the old forum when they first patched flame flare.
It is a lot of fun! I also used the Hellfire smg since it has its own stacking effect, and the firestorm grenade. If I recall correctly you could reach DoT’s of around 30kk pr proc, don’t quote me on that though, I had a screenshot of it on the old forum but I’m not sure if that still exists.

The BIG BIG downside of this build though is that you have no enemies worthy of killing that you can test the full potential off it on.
The only enemies in the game that are NOT fire- or DoT resistant that has high enough health to really stack some DoT’s on are Treants and the Duke of orc.

Question though, why no Raving retribution? For 1 point you will get;

  1. Free bloodlust stacks from DoT’s
  2. Free healing from DoT’s
  3. Free bloodbath procs if it kills
  4. Also free damage
    Surely that beats out 1 point in something like Fuel the fire?