Build concept: Mjolnir!

Hey guys, what’s up?
I was just thinking about Gaige skillset due to the latest thread in this subsection and just realized that one of the best shield striping grenade is also one of the best EB spreading grenade. So, why not combine the best of two words and go melee with Gaige?

The spec Im thinking about is this one:

Basically, my usual build minus Shock and “AAAGGGHHH!” and plus With Claws.
If you are holding a Rubi/Grog, what you should, striping your shield for the melee hit is going to spread EB, dealing damage and life leeching you. The spec still allows you to use the regular EB and shock guns: Twister, Storm, TBall Fists and etc.
DT also has some power due to MiS and RR.

The only problem is Unstoppable Force: the movement speed should be amazing, so my doubt is if the shock DoT can negate the shield recharge and allow us to get the mov speed boost. There is always Myelin if the DoT becomes a little too much. Or even MoSS by giving up IO and MiS.

Any thoughts anyone?
Lets talk about this! :slight_smile:


Interesting aproach

This should indeed be dug further
Too bad that you can’t reach SIC to share that roid shield

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Yeah, I wish I could get it. But, at least, DT can get MiS and Upshot Robot.

Im leveling a Gaige (slowly due to work and stuff) so when I get her to LV 72 Im going to field test things like Unstoppable Force and Chain Lighting DoT to see if I can get the mov speed and keep the shield down.

Hey @Chuck80, I was thinking about the COM choice and maybe the Slayer of Terra could be the optimal choice here.

We get a little less DoT damage from EB - Legendary Catalyst card boosts it twice while the Slayer card only boosts the final burn damage - but we get a lot more anarchy stacks, meaning a lot more melee damage.

EE and IO are still boosted, so the difference lies in EB proc chance and WDT boost. Do you think it is worth it?

Outside of raids no.

200-250 stacks is more than enough to deal with everything else in the game and stacking 400+ is looooong.

I feel that 5/5 to 8/5 EB is enough to be very reliable, so I only drop a few points in there and it allows me to spend them elsewhere, so EB procs is not an issue.

The problem with the stacks cap is that the damage for melee is only 0.6 per stack. When using guns I rarely pass the 250 mark but this time is kinda different.

Still, 400 stacks is more than enough IMO, getting to 600 is overkill

Think of everything you are losing: the Catalyst base bonus, the points you can save on EB, the WDT bonus…

Maybe it’s still enough DoT to kill, but I don’t think that going from 400 to 600 stacks is worth it

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250 is also fine depending on how you play. Anything more and your accuracy really takes a nose-dive.

Nice build though but downside is you get fight for your life too many times at op levels no healing and shield capacity increase

Both With Claws and Discord will heal you.

The problem with only 250 stacks is that this is a melee build concept. With Claws only grants 0.6 melee damage per stack, this is why Im thinking about going with the Slayer.

Im going to be holding a Rubi/Grog almost all the time so the Chain Lightning, Electrical Burn procs and With Claws itself are enough healing imo.

Sorry, I totally spaced that. :dukecensor:

Either the Slayer or the Leg anarchist should work well. Slayer for more damage, and Leg anarchist to reach your max damage faster.

Leg Anarchist should mess up with shield striping and roid bonus due to Unstoppable Force and Myelin boost I guess.

Your shield won’t be up long when you’re in your enemies’ faces.

I’m curious as to why you went with MiS instead of SiC. Just about any roid shield you pick up should be given to DT as well. The only one I wouldn’t give him is the Love Thumper due to the novas.

The fact is that one of the best shield stripers, the Chain Lightning, is also one of the best things in the game to spread and kill with EB.
This is why I went with MiS, I want to mix melee and LBT.

Also, UF mess with the roid bonus. I want it for the movement speed, so Im going to test to see if the shock DoT from the Chain Lightning can negate the shield regen %.
But I think that UF boosted is going to be trouble.

Random suggestion, but how about trying a Cher a mie (is that hos it’s spelled?). Prefereably with a blade. Always comes elemental, and the transfusion trails can heal you along with the damage from the gun and EB. Prob not as much as Grog healing, but maybe worth a a go?