[Build] CQB Cowboy (Claptastic Voyage Update)

  • What’s CQB Cowboy?
    CQB Cowboy is a hybrid Jakobs/Melee build that is based on Jakobs shotguns, Start with a Bang/One Last Thing skills and Melee Subroutine

Level 70 Build
Level 60 Build


  • Cryo Weapon. Plenty of good choices: Fridgia is always great,Excalibastard is the high risk/high reward choice.However,Two Scoops is the most fitting weapon for this build: not only is it Jakobs,but it also has amazing synergy with SWAB.
    Two Scoops :snowflake:
    ~ Locked Parts

  • Jakobs Pistol In case you want to use something other than shotguns. Maggie and Luck Cannon are the top choices here.
    Luck Cannon :no_entry_sign:
    ~ Grip: Jakobs
    ~ Accessory: Double

  • Jakobs Shotgun. We are going to use this a lot, so ammo efficiency is key.Flayer combines great damage with good ammo efficency.If you don’t have it, you can use the Striker or a Purple Coach Gun.
    Flayer :no_entry_sign:
    ~ Grip: Jakobs
    ~ Accessory: Critical
    Glitched Coach Gun :no_entry_sign:
    ~ Grip: Jakobs
    ~ Accessory: Critical

  • Free Slot.In this slot I put Jakobs weapon at heart - Sledge’s Shotgun.I use it to take care of those damn shields.Other good choices for this slot are Badaboom or IVF if you need something to help you get out of FFYL.
    Sledge’s Shotgun :zap:
    ~ Grip: Bandit
    ~ Accessory: Locked


  • Roid Shield Used to get the most melee damage possible.Alavanche works the best, but you also can use Shooting Star. This build uses Two Scoops,so regardless of your Roid shield,you want it to have Cryo resistance.
    Warming Avalanche :snowflake:
    ~ Body: Maliwan
    ~ Battery: Maliwan
    ~ Capacitor: Maliwan (Cryo Resistance)

  • Grenade Either Tesla grenade to strip away enemy shields or Cryo Transfusion for some extra survivability.
    Longbow Storm Front :zap:
    ~ 0.0 Fuse
    ~ Longbow

  • Duality Oz Kit boosts both melee and critical damage in vacuum,which is perfect for this build. However, it’s bonus in atmosphere is not useful for this build at all, so for when you are atmosphere there are plenty of other options: Systems Purge, Juggernaut or Support Relay.
    Duality :snowflake: for Vacuum, Systems Purge :snowflake: for Atmosphere

  • Eridian Vanquisher This class mod offers a nice balance of offensive (Start with a Bang/Death Machine) and defensive (Killbot/All the Things are Awesome) boost. Max Health card bonus is also nice.
    Eridian Vanquisher
    Roboninja (+6 Float Like a Bee/+ 5 All the Things are Awesome)
    Glitch (+6 Float Like a Bee / +5 Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold)
    Chronicler of Elpis

1. When you have guns/health subroutine up, alternate between your guns and melee attacks. Don’t relly on melee too much. Use them when you freeze your enemies, have to reload or have your shield down.You can easily take down badasses by getting close to them,rapid firing your shotgun and then finishing them off with your fists instead of reloading.

2. When you get shield subroutine,use your weapons and try to deal as much damage as possible with SWAB. With a shield subroutine you are going to have your shield up 99% of the time, so don’t bother using melee.

3. Melee subroutine is where the good stuff happens.Try to freeze as many enemies as possible,get close to them and use your melee attacks.


Awesome build man!

Or girl.
And stuff.

Thank you for reminding me that this build exists, and that I need to properly update this build to Lv60

Sure thing, I’m actually using this build right now for level 52 Claptrap, I’ve started speccing into I Love You Guys :slight_smile:

Speaking of ILYG,I am thinking about alternative version of this build with Glitch COM and H5G: http://thepresequel.com/Claptrap/050000000000540510150011314101405451

The full versions of the build are reversed xD

Lv 60 is under the Lv 50 label and vice-versa.

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Question: would the 50% melee bonus from a bladed weapon be added to the 150% bonus from a melee subroutine? This does look like a fun build, but I can see how it might be difficult to play. Looks like fun though. :slight_smile:

I think so.

Claptrap probably uses this formula:

Final Damage = (Base + Roid) * (1 + Weapon Accessory) * (1 + Crit Bonus) * (1 + Cryo) * {1 + FLAB + Melee Subroutine + Com + BAR + Oz Kit + Moxxi Drink}

I like melee CT and I like this build, good job.

How would the Moonlight saga work with this build ween in vacuum the life steal and Killbot gives quiet a nice survivibility ween not having a shield up.

Very similar to the melee build I’m running, almost same gear, skills as seen here:

I’m trying to focus even more on the melee part by using a +6 stable roboninja. That way, I get 11 frag stacks per melee skill, and 55% health on kill, which in combination with killbot always fills my health to 100% on each kill.
5/5 in grenade vent and cryo exhaust to help get rid or preserve stacks without having to switch out the COM or the grenades.

Since this build works like total garbage against raid boss, that’s where the 5/5 in load’n’splode come into play. For boss fights, I swap almost all my gear, going with a sapper mod, an explosive or shotgun ozkit, a blackhole shield and an ivf to build l’n’s stacks fast, in order to flak the hell out of bosses, all while hoping for a shotgun or shield subroutine to kick in.

As for cryo guns, so far the bladed frigida performs most reliably, followed by the bladed mining laser, followed by laslos freezeasy and the excalibastard.

I kinda like the acrobat oz kit, too, were it not for the loss of frag stacks whenever I slam for extra runspeed

That’s a really good melee build.

I don’t use Roboninja in this build for one simple reason: There are already at least two builds that use that COM.

I also tried to avoid because any kind of major gear switching when fighting bosses,because I think that it kinda kills the build’s identity.

fair enough, but when it comes to dedicated melee builds, no matter on which class, fighting bosses will almost always require shifting gear around.
I’ve found that if I spam melee while the current subroutine is running out, there seems to be a higher chance to get a melee subroutine running, do you have any data on that?

Say, if you get the funzerker with a bladed gun, does the melee bonus also double up to 100%?

Probably,because both Nisha and Salvador do.

Updated to newest DLC!

Waaait a sec. Eridian vanquisher doesn’t boost float like a bee as claimed in OP! Rest is okay!

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Thank you.

Seems like my mind tried to make choosing between Roboninja and Eridian Vanquiser easier.