[Build] Darth Timothy: A Hyperion Sith Lord


Click here to see the build for level 50
Click here to see the build for level 60
Click here to see the build for level 70

Primary Set Up

  • Spadroon
    What Sith Build is complete without a Lightsaber? With this build you have so much healing and crowd contorl, well of course you do you are a Sith Lord after all, that you don’t need to worry about being in range to use this. Most enemies will die purely from your Force Blasts and Lighting attacks that the Spadroon will mow down the rest of your pathetic weak foes.
  • Miss Moxi’s Vibra-Pulse
    For those odd times that you need to heal or are inbetween your Digi Jacks, I mean DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE JACKS and you need a bit of lighting to chain between more pathetic weaklings.
  • Win-Win T4s-R x 2
    All lasers was causing ammo issues in the Holodome and I needed to replace some guns, these fit in perfect. I carry 2 of them a Fire and a Corrosive to match elements when need be or just when I need to save some ammo. They still shoot lasers and fit with the theme and have great stopping power.
  • Celestial Doppelganger
    This does a few things that make this all work. Boosting to 10 Best Foot Forward and Teamwork do most of the lifting, and the com boost keeps the Spadroon on target. The rest of the buffs are just gravy.
  • 3DD1.E
    This is going to boost your Saber, shoot lighting at your foes like a good sith does and help recharge your shield for more DARK FORCE BLASTS!!!
  • Stormfront
    Sith lords love to shoot lighting and run around it in laying waste to measly pathetic weaklings that dare oppose me. This works better than the Quasar which I also tried because you can run around in it as your throw it without dying, unlike the Quasar.


Multiple nova shields all work with this build for different reasons

  • Supernova 86,108 damage and 3,006 radius
    This is always fire and has the largest nova range, second highest damage, medium delay. Because of the other nova’s coming from the Jacks fire is often a good choice since shields should mostly be stripped. This is bad for bosses with big shields and Kraggons for the most part. The fun part is how large the nova is that in a mob so many enemies are hit, even flying enemies go down quick.
  • Black Hole 90,005 damage and 1,332 radius
    This is always shock and has the largest nova damage, small range, medium delay. The singularity pull can be fun because between those and all the nova’s going off enemies have a hard time shooting or attacking you. The downside is that it can be hard for you to hit enemies as well since they are getting pulled and pushed all over the place.
  • Deadly Bloom 73,197 damage and 1668 radius
    This has 2 nova’s once on shield strip, once on death and is always explosive. Less damage than the Supernova and Blackhole but not by much, the delay is slow at 3.78 and can cause issues when your Digi’s are down. This is my least favorite choice of all 4 I’m listing because of the delay.
  • Cryo Nova Shield
    This is one of the best options all the cryo makes it even faster to take out enemies it has the second best radius and really good damage, but mostly it makes optimism hit 3x harder making it more like 15/5 in that skill. But also for your crits and since the T4s-R’s have a type B crit its really nice.
  • Inflammable Rapid Release 16,564 damage and 1,088 radius
    This is always in shock and has by far the lowest nova damage, and a small radius. AND its one of my favorites because of it comes back as fast as it goes down and protects you from both fire and shock means it has the most survival and with so many nova’s going off you don’t always need the extra damage.

Alternate Items

  • Thorny Ol’ Rosie
    The only time you might need this is for the Raid and only for the second form.
  • IVF
    Sith have no need to shoot bullets when we can use the DARK SIDE to throw the entire gun at you and explode all the bullets at once.


  • Safeguard: Restores 3% shield on kill
    Since this build focuses a lot on Nova’s getting shield back is very helpful and nice.

Free Enterprise

  • Incentives 6/5
    This isn’t really needed but it is boosted by the com and it helps get the Spadroon up to full damage faster.

The Greater Good

  • Integrity 5/5
    Since a lot of this build is once again DARK SITH FORCE NOVAS enemies often are left with little health and this skill simply puts them out of their misery sooner rather than later.
  • Collaborate 10/5
    A nice DPS boost, and since your DARK SITH FORCE JACKS are out for so long with Best Foot Forward you are often at full stacks and 100% base damage is nothing to ignore.
  • Synergy 5/5
    While you might think you would be hitting crits all the time with the Spadroon you do quite often with the Celestial Doppelganger. The 30% base damage is nice but when you do hit crits all the base damage buffs in this build make it totally devastating.
  • Teamwork 10/5
    This is really easy to max out with this build and playstyle and at 10 stacks and 10/5 you get 50% healing per second allowing you to run around with little to no worry, key to light saber duals, or should I say massacres?
  • Winning Accountability** 1/1]4/5[/color]
    The Dark Side always wins so why would you not have winning, loosing is for those slow footed Jedi’s. The Movement speed allows you to close the gap and stop those scared pathetic weaklings from escaping your grasps, while the shield regen allows you to laugh off their sad attempts to strike you down.
  • Accountability 1/1
    Since you are an all powerful Sith lord most people fear trying to attack you and attack those around you instead, which in turn only makes you stronger.
  • Optimism 5/5
    This build was based around Light sabers and NOVAs to represent the DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE so maxing this out at 5/5 is a major part of this build, constantly killing and weakening enemies with FORCE BLASTS, also all the stun effects from them also help you avoid taking damage as well as closing the gap.
  • Believe 5/5
    One must submit and trust or Believe in the power of the DARK SIDE to truly become powerful, the light side will never grant you such gifts as Gun damage, reload speed, fire rate and accuracy from a single skill.
  • Potential 1/1
    Pretty much same as above but this time it also allows you to summon your DARK SITH FORCE JACKS from ffyl.
  • Delegation 5/5
    You are running around really close to enemies so you are taking hits, this helps you survive but also helps rip your DARK SITH FORCE JACKS’ nova shields off.
  • Leadership 1/1
    This build only has one kill skill so this might seem like a waste but what this does for Best Foot Forward lets you keep your FORCE MINIONS out almost all the time.

The Hero of this Story

  • Best Foot Forward 10/5
    This is one of the skills that make this build work, combined with Leadership you get almost infinite action skill duration and that means Teamwork is often up and maxed on stats as well as Collaborate. As long as the DARK FORCE SITH JACKS are out you are almost unkillable.
  • Just Compensation 10/5
    With this build grenade spam is as common as shooting lighting at plebs, which should be common if you are a true Sith lord. So boosting damage is nice but also laughing as your Spadroon reloads from grenade spam and gets over 400 in the mag as you run low on grenades.
  • You Have My Shield 1/1
    The final nova skill, key to laying waste to everything with merely the power of your mind.
  • Inspire 1/1
    I would easily say this is the most important skill of the build, how can you rule the entire Universe without some inspiration? This is why those Rebel scum never win, they are not Inspired enough for true victory.
  • Hero Pose 5/5
    One of the few weaknesses here in this build is when your Jacks are down you can be vulnerable when teamwork wears off, most of the time your Digi’s stay around long enough but when they don’t this helps all aspects of your shields to stop those pesky incoming attacks.
  • On My Mark 1/1
    Since electrocuting Jedi’s is my favorite pass time why not throw more free stormfronts
  • Persistence 5/5
    Just to laugh more at those sad feeble attacks on you, what ever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, ha nothing can kill me and I am already stronger than you.

Level 70 extra skills

  • +5 Lean on me and Persistance, the build doesn’t really need more DPS but the fire rate will be welcome as well as the extra survival when your Jacks are on cooldown.


  • Use the Force Timothy
    Double jump, and butt slam into the enemies, they should bring down your shield so now you have 2 nova’s, slam and shield. Now your Jacks come in with 2 more nova’s from Potential, then move away and 2 more Nova’s pop up from their shields and Optimism. That is at least 8 nova’s in the time span of a few seconds.
  • I see you have constructed a new Lightsaber
    With the healing from Teamwork, damage reduction from delegation and all the knock back effects from Nova Spam getting in close and tearing down the enemies is an ease with this gun. It does not require much DPS to make the Spadroon work but this build has plenty.
  • Now you Realize the true Power of the DARK SIDE
    All the healing lets you throw stromfronts and fight within the storm with your Spadroon.
  • You may go now
    You want to micromanage your Digi Jacks and send them away after you clear a mob. If you keep them out until your timer runs out you have to deal with a really long cooldown. Instead as soon as you finish a mob recall them to get the quick cooldown, move towards the next mob and bring them back out. This is really important in the Holodome, sometimes you want to recall them with enemies left to kill if they are easy to deal with.


  • Keep your enemies closer
    I really mean stay close and hit them with a ton of nova’s and the Spadroon, Delegation will both keep you healthy but also cause more Dark Force Blasts to occur and weaken your foe, 10/5 teamwork will heal you in ways the light side did not know was possible.
  • Manage your Action skill timer
    On the Sentinel and Zapredon fights make sure to recall your Digi jacks between phases to ensure you can keep them up when you need the power of the Dark side to quell the rebellious fools. On the other fights your Force Jacks should be able to stay for the entire fight.
  • Know the weakness of your enemies
    Match the nova shield to the boss, black hole for enemies with big shields, Supernova for flesh bosses, deadly bloom if you plan on using cryo or have friends that have cryo builds, etc…
  • Show the true Power of the Dark Side
    Jacks Cache gives you a ton of free grenades with leadership so don’t be afraid to throw a lot of grenades and throw them early and often. By not throwing a grenade with 4 stacks you are just loosing DPS.

Thanks to ToboeAka for the video, Your training is now complete

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How long time did you spend on the intro…?

Anyway seems like a fun build.

Also inb4 video down for copyrighted music. :stuck_out_tongue:

About 2 mins on that, there was an app on a star wars sight where you just had to put in some text and click done.

Yeah its a really fun way to play, just plain stupid nova spamming fun. I’m someone afraid this build is going to spoil me from liking other ways of playing.

[quote=“Derch, post:3, topic:925, full:true”]I’m someone afraid this build is going to spoil me from liking other ways of playing.

Good good let the bad spelling flow through you.


I’m not even going to correct it, your post was that good.


Been working on a similar build myself - now I don’t have to think as much!

To the dark side!

With UVHM I’m going to try the supernova and the black hole and see what works best with it

Updated some gear, I currently have 2 jack save files because I play both builds enough I got sick of respecing and swapping all my gear. This one is not yet to level 60 but is getting close and working really well. I don’t see any changes coming for the build. When I get to 60 I’ll finalize this more and put up the build image.

I’m sticking with the same nova shield because im killing plenty fast and the survival from it is key, if winning gets fixed I’ll most likely change it to a more powerful nova shield.

Also updated with color, there are also going to be a few updates to the level 60 build (right now im at level 59 with this jack). Adding more nova shields to the list, as well as taking 5 points out of the FE tree. I’m only going to leave one in Incentives and either moving them to Lean on Me for fire rate or Winning for movement speed (if winning wasn’t bugged I would take that for sure). I’m also going to swap commitment for accountability, I just never really get more than 3 stacks of commitment so that means 6% fire rate and 12% reload, and I often run around with 10-15 stacks of account which is 10-15% fire rate and 20-30% reload speed.

I’m going to wait until I get to 60 and play around a bit to make the changes for sure but this is where im leaning now.

Just got the Spadroon @ 22 last night.
This thing is so amazing it Definitely became my favorite weapon.
Still Instakills @ level 30
Thanks for the heads up! @Derch

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It’s really fun on the small phases of the final boss if you can survive at that range.

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Yeah Used it just for that before his colossal Phase.
For his Giant shock phase my dumb*** sold away my tediore smg to force Chuck at his face. But turned out it was nothing a Bandit RL couldn’t handle. x)

Edit: Also is there any reason you don’t pick up take your freedom?

I’m level 30 at the moment and just maxxed
Best Foot Forward, I understand Its hard to go wrong with either Just Compensation or Take their Freedom, and the Spadroon’s 230 round mag makes me think I should get take their freedom.

Or you just don’t need it @ cap?
woops nvm noticed it heals digi-jacks

Updated with my final 60 build and build image.

  • Took 5 poinst from FE and switched them to Hero Pose, spending more points just to get the extra boosts from the com was a waste.
  • Moved commitment to accountability, even with this build and killing jacks really fast I never see the stacks get above 3 with commitment.
  • Added the other nova shields to it
  • Updated the level 50 and 60 build links

Added Cryo nova shield, the game officially quits against this build now and does not know what to do vs it. I might have to retire it soon due to it being way to OP.

OK, came here 'cause ‘Hyperion’ was in the subject header/build title but – NO COMPANY MAN! Wanted to see how folks actually use the Hyperion weapons approach but nothing to see here :cry:

Guess I’ll have to keep looking to post my question – if Maliwan blasters are (seem) so much better than Hyperion ones, does the Hyperion bonus make up for using Hyperion ones on Jack?

Check out that one its my company man build with 9/5 and Quads

That one also uses it at 9/5 but in a different way

As to your question with Company Man I think Hyperion Splitters are the way to go, not blasters. The 3 beams are so tight they look like a single beam and you still have the base 50-70% crit bonus depending on parts but on 3 beams instead of one.

Great guide @Derch. I had to laugh quite a bit.
If I don’t want to use Inspire, where would you spend that point?

Any of the 3 single pointers left over work

  • On My Mark works since you should be recalling them quite often you get this a lot and this build already has a lot of grenade spam as well
  • Commitment, while I don’t love this skill compared to Accountability together its a lot of fire rate for 2 points spent and when you do need to shoot you shoot fast
  • Diversify, while most of the time you are running your jacks to explode, they are close and inbetween novas this will help your jacks do more.

Thanks so much for this. I’ve been using your Deputy Jack build (which I enjoyed) but saw this and decided to try it out. I don’t think I’ll be switching back … this is maybe the most fun I’ve had in this game. However, I think you may have broken it. :smile:

I started out using the Rapid Release, which was working fine but then I borrowed the Supernova off another character and things just got crazy. I’m jumping around trying to get in range to shoot something with my Spadroon but everything is dead by the time I get in range. My Jack is still in mid-TVHM, so I have quite a ways to go in terms of spec’ing him out, but already this is awesome.

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Yeah this build is near game breaking for mobbing for sure and pretty good on bosses as well.