[Build] Darth Timothy: A Hyperion Sith Lord

It’s really fun on the small phases of the final boss if you can survive at that range.

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Yeah Used it just for that before his colossal Phase.
For his Giant shock phase my dumb*** sold away my tediore smg to force Chuck at his face. But turned out it was nothing a Bandit RL couldn’t handle. x)

Edit: Also is there any reason you don’t pick up take your freedom?

I’m level 30 at the moment and just maxxed
Best Foot Forward, I understand Its hard to go wrong with either Just Compensation or Take their Freedom, and the Spadroon’s 230 round mag makes me think I should get take their freedom.

Or you just don’t need it @ cap?
woops nvm noticed it heals digi-jacks

Updated with my final 60 build and build image.

  • Took 5 poinst from FE and switched them to Hero Pose, spending more points just to get the extra boosts from the com was a waste.
  • Moved commitment to accountability, even with this build and killing jacks really fast I never see the stacks get above 3 with commitment.
  • Added the other nova shields to it
  • Updated the level 50 and 60 build links

Added Cryo nova shield, the game officially quits against this build now and does not know what to do vs it. I might have to retire it soon due to it being way to OP.

OK, came here 'cause ‘Hyperion’ was in the subject header/build title but – NO COMPANY MAN! Wanted to see how folks actually use the Hyperion weapons approach but nothing to see here :cry:

Guess I’ll have to keep looking to post my question – if Maliwan blasters are (seem) so much better than Hyperion ones, does the Hyperion bonus make up for using Hyperion ones on Jack?

Check out that one its my company man build with 9/5 and Quads

That one also uses it at 9/5 but in a different way

As to your question with Company Man I think Hyperion Splitters are the way to go, not blasters. The 3 beams are so tight they look like a single beam and you still have the base 50-70% crit bonus depending on parts but on 3 beams instead of one.

Great guide @Derch. I had to laugh quite a bit.
If I don’t want to use Inspire, where would you spend that point?

Any of the 3 single pointers left over work

  • On My Mark works since you should be recalling them quite often you get this a lot and this build already has a lot of grenade spam as well
  • Commitment, while I don’t love this skill compared to Accountability together its a lot of fire rate for 2 points spent and when you do need to shoot you shoot fast
  • Diversify, while most of the time you are running your jacks to explode, they are close and inbetween novas this will help your jacks do more.

Thanks so much for this. I’ve been using your Deputy Jack build (which I enjoyed) but saw this and decided to try it out. I don’t think I’ll be switching back … this is maybe the most fun I’ve had in this game. However, I think you may have broken it. :smile:

I started out using the Rapid Release, which was working fine but then I borrowed the Supernova off another character and things just got crazy. I’m jumping around trying to get in range to shoot something with my Spadroon but everything is dead by the time I get in range. My Jack is still in mid-TVHM, so I have quite a ways to go in terms of spec’ing him out, but already this is awesome.

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Yeah this build is near game breaking for mobbing for sure and pretty good on bosses as well.


Have you thinked about the Sunshine Shield or tried it already? What’ are your thoughts about it ?

Not really, is there are reason to use it above the supernova?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking :stuck_out_tongue:

I made the quest with the sunshine with my cl4p yesterday and thought hm maybe it is something for this build, because i thought eventually big bosses would be hit by multiple projectiles. (Instead of a nova the sunshine release multiple projectiles in form of a nova)

When not, i don’t see a benefit for the sunshine exept that it is much easier to get a the supernova

I added 10 extra skill points to the OP as where I’m most likely going to go with the new cap.

You talked about that this build was already relative overpowered. Do you think level 70 will just make it wreck everything?

pretty much yeah, I could waste some points and get money is power for the laughs, but I think just going more survival for cooldown would be the better move. That is the one weak spot in the build.


Added a video for my final level 70 build and I’ll be updating the thread shortly to go with it

Updated the skills write up, posted the level 70 build link and I’ll update the image shortly.

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Glad I looked at other builds before I did a write up for mine since it is almost identical to this one.

Edit: I use the Deadly Bloom, Systems Purge/Ack Ack, and a Cryo Meganade.

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My absolute favorite shield in TPS