[Build] deathless adc

Dome+Drone/Clone Build

Skills: to confident competence, to supersonic man, to good misfortune
Weaponry: anything with the anoint to deal additional 150% radiation damage while under 50% life
Gear: rad old god shield, (ice breaker, atom balm) deathless, its piss, seein dead




  • Old God:
    Preferably a radiation variant with any Zane specific anoint
    If ASE anointed you can switch the drone to clone, with aggro augment

  • Transformer:
    If you need the defense. Also fill the shield with the OPQSystem (that has a non elemental anoint, radiation anoint will ffyl you) or mayhem lasers, shock pools, storm fronts

Class Mod

  • Seein dead:
    As much blue skills as possible, adjust skill tree to not have more than 7 points in playin dirty.
    Secondary: all the damage you can get


  • It’s piss:
    25% weapon damage on throw anoint
    Search ASE anoint version of you have the ASE shield


  • xxx Deathless:
    +icebreaker, elemental projector, atom balm, snowdrift
    Secondary: all damage you can get


All generally recommended weapons with 150% radiation damage under 50% life - anoint

  • OPQSystem
    with any other anoint for transformer recharge
  • Redistributor
    with sentinel or radiation anoint for trash mobbing
  • Reflux
    for trash mobbing
  • Monarch
    for bossing and close combat
  • Yellowcake
    for badasses and big damage its damage gets increased by how many Mayhem Gadgets (laser fare, buddy, hearts) are in the targeted area

Guardian ranks:

At least the recharge on kill
if the faster recharge delay while low health works now, its recommended as well

Mayhem 10 Mods

  1. Speed Demon or Big Kick Energy
  2. Healy Avenger
  3. Pool Party or Laser Fare
  4. Buddy System

Not sure if the pics are old, but why not slide 1 point from cool hands to salvation to sustain some health? Just a suggestion :+1:

I don’t think I need any health regen in a deathless build with 1 HP.
But thanks anyway, because you reminded me that overview is an issue of this thread because I’m not using any formating tools. I should look into that at some point.

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lol i just saw that :rofl:

I hate formatting on this forum :slight_smile:

I’m gonna find out. I guess my biggest problem is, that I’m always on my phone. I don’t even know how the forum looks like in a browser. :sweat_smile: