[Build] Deputy Athena: a Tribute to Chuck80

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  • Refracted Splitter x 2 (fire and shock)
    While these are not quite shotguns they are close enough and work perfectly with the build. Not only do they stack fast with the x6 pellets and decent speed but the throw’s Tesla effect stacks further. 10-20 stacks can be added from a single shot making them quite deadly when you add in Tear and OS on top of all that elemental damage.

  • Casual Flakker
    What shotgun build would be complete without this, stack up some Maelstrom or freeze an enemy and its game over for anything giving you trouble.

  • Too Scoops
    Cryo shotgun that can also buff your Aspis, yup. This works wonderful as a utility gun in this set up one of the best freeze chance guns in the game combined with maelstrom stacks damage it fits like a glove, as well as helps your flakker get the job done combined with crazy Maelstrom stacks from your stormfront as well.

  • Celestial Gladiator
    While I played around with many different Com’s to make this build the best it could be in UVHM this one came out on top. 10/5 Hold the Line is great as well as getting 6/5 in Conduit for a single point. Gun Kata and CoP are both welcome as well since we are bloodrushing a lot, helps put thing in OS range really quick. Other coms felt close but this won out at the end of the day.

  • Panacea Adaptive Shield
    This is simply the best shield to just absorb damage that I could find in the game, good capacity, high elemental resistance, the added health works with Athena as well. Just great all around protection.

  • 3.DD1.E
    Since splitters are now our base weapon the added damage from this wins out for Oz kits, but also the lighting attacks are great for stacks and all the other things it does is nice as well for general survival.

  • Stormfront/Quasar
    Both of these are really hard to beat, Storm for bosses, Quasar for mobbing is how I run it. Both great for stacking but the Quasar’s crowd control wins out a bit for mobbing.


  • Boominator: Increases grenade damage by %5
    This will boost your Aspis throws, as well as your grenades so its not bad at all


  • Ephodos 5/5
    Both buffs here are great, movement speed and a solid base damage buff. It is key in this build to close the gap and this helps you to always be in position.
  • Vanguard 10/5
    Having full health when your Aspis goes down is really important to your survival so this skill comes in very handy.
  • Hold the Line 10/5
    The longer your Aspis is up the better, more damage buffs, more protection, more close combat and that is what this is all about.
  • Prismatic Aegis 1/1
    This doesn’t always sound great but in practice its amazing, you can absorb barrels, your own grenades, and just seems to really put out a lot more damage when you throw the Aspis.
  • Clear! 1/1
    Res 2.0 is great but its better than that. You can res your whole team with one toss if you have wrath and also the 40% buff to fight for your life is Multiplicative and effects all your damage not just gun damage. It effects your melee, grenades, and guns and since Aspis is a grenade and you throw it when you go down good chance you are getting back up.
  • Prepare for Glory 5/5
    The agro pull is key for co-op but the stacking is really nice as well. The damage from this isn’t amazing usually 30% with 3 stacks seems average but with 3 multiplicative buffs you want all the base damage you can get.
  • Wrath of the Goddess 1/1
    This skill is so much fun, 5 richochets each doing less damage but you can get your Aspis so strong that is easily takes down 3-4 enemies and leaves the other 2 pretty weak and easy to finish, as well as a short stun and knockback effect. Each time it hits its also a grenade so it has an AOE, so you can hit more than 5 if they are close and you can even res an ally and kill an enemy in a single hit if they close enough.


  • Gun Kata 9/5
    This isn’t the star of the build but its nice. Another 27% passive base damage buff and its always on. I know this is a shotgun build but we are bloodrushing so the melee boost is welcome and can help get an enemy into OS range as well as save ammo. Between PtG and Ephodos its not uncommon to have 77% base damage boost which is really nice considering we have 2 multiplicative skills to come, and for multi skills to be great you need base damage buffs to boost.
  • Clarity of Purpose 6/5
    I only take this because it is boosted by the Com, but adding another 30% melee damage isn’t a bad thing for 1 point and the extra health works well since I’m stacking health anyways.
  • Mercurial 5/5
    This wasn’t in my original planed build but the blood stacking skills were pointless since I was killing every bleeding target so fast. So more movement speed, great, and the flaw with Athena is when the Aspis is up you are nearly unkillable when it is down you have little survival so this helps with that because of the damage reduction, which will stack with our shield and Oz kit.
  • Omega-Senshu 5/5
    This skill is one of the all stars. Sure many trash mobs are one shot if your hit a crit but even if you miss a crit you put them in range of this, badass enemies and bosses this is really helpful. But what many forget is this works on ALL OF YOUR DAMAGE, so grenades, Aspis, melee, DOTS, and gun damage. If it comes from you this buffs it. Also the Aspis thrown and hitting 5+ enemies with reduced damage on each ricochet will leave many enemies in the range of this, but also it makes your Quasar a killer in a big way.
  • Rend 1/1
    Alone this isn’t much, the DOT is ok but it’s what it does for Blood Rush and Tear and we will get to those right now.
  • Tear 5/5
    This is another multiplicative skill and its also 35% at 5/5 but instead of the bottom half its when they are bleeding. When you put a bleed DOT on an enemy they don’t last long no matter how big they think they are. With 2 movement buffs and a dash its not hard to make them bleed.
    Blood Rush 1/1
    This lets you close the gap insanely fast and keep doing it, it also knocks the enemy back into perfect “crit with my Coach Gun range”, and if you put a bleed on an enemy it resets so you can dash, cut kill, repeat. Do this and you clear mobs out in no time and its really fun, also you can put a bleed on a boss and a 35% multi bonus on a boss is a very nice thing to have.

Ceraunic Storm

  • Maelstrom 1/1
    Why this if I’m using a NE coach gun? It boosts Aspis and my Quasar and my quasar builds stacks as well as the Aspis does when it absorbs fire and shock which is quite often. Also to get this for 1 point in tier one, who wouldn’t.
  • Storm Weaving 4/4
    Both the fire rate and elemental effect chance help build stacks with some guns, and also help freeze with the Too Scoops but this really comes in handy with the Flakker as well. Sure with the Coach gun it doesn’t do much or anything but its still worth it with that gun just to get to the skills below.
  • Gathering Tempest 9/5
    This is great for both shotguns and splitters, the flakker is really slow and the Too Scoops is now not a single shot, but also the Splitters go upto 18 shots instead of 10 shots and if you need to spam them for reloads it really helps even more.
  • Conduit 6/5
    Between your Aspis throws, smite, shock splitter, and grenades this is active quite a bit and keeps your shield up well at 6/5.
  • Smite 1/1
    With the Aspis generating so many stacks with WotG combined with ZR and PA this skill works even with NE guns like the Coach gun, any enemy hit by this on top of a big shotgun does not stand a chance.
  • Zeus’ Rage 1/1
    It’s hard not to want this skill when you have WotG and Maelstrom, kills enemies better on a throw and generates alot of Maelstrom stacks. Helps with Conduit, Smite, and the whole thing just works smoother with this in place.


  • What you want to do is pretty strait foward, when you come up upon a crowd pick the most threatening target first and Blood Rush in for Tear and then finish him off with a shotgun to the face. Then you want to lift your Aspis, you do it after your first kill because the duration is short and you don’t want to waste it. Now they are all angry and attacking you so you will be getting PfG stacks and your DPS should be high.
  • My next focus is usually enemies that take flight because they are much harder to keep in my front arc, they fly slow so a Blood Rush isn’t an issue most of the time and then as I fall back down pop them with a shot or two and your good.
  • Now the rest of them fall easy to a chain of Blood Rush and Shot to the face. If enemies do get in your back arc a Quasar can fix that, or just find the side of you with the fewest enemies and make quick work of that. A nice thing about Blood Rush is that enemies have a hard time hitting you when you are moving fast.
  • Now most things should be dead and your Aspis throw should clear up the rest. If you only have a few enemies left when your Aspis is down just go ahead and Rush in for the kills, if the mob left is more threatening toss your Quasars and not much survives them. Rinse and Repeat.


  • Most bosses go pretty easy, Storm Front for stacks, Too Scoops for cryo, and then Blood Rush in to Flakker away. If they boss is immune to cryo just toss more Storm Fronts. Most bosses have vendors before them, only the raid can survive 8 Storm Fronts and a Flakker, most don’t need that much.
  • When tossing the Storm Fronts throw them at the feet of the boss (except on RK5 and the final form of the Sentinel) for the most stacks.
  • RK5 is the one boss that doesn’t like to play nice with this build so toss a few Stormfronts at his adds and use a bullpup to take him out of the sky

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This is going to go through quite a few changes from my planned level 60 build. While it was great fun in tvhm, I had all the damage I could have maxed out on NE guns and the UVHM badasses are not going down like the tvhm ones did. Chances are I’m going to have to drop the quad and go elemental shotguns. So I’m currently tweaking skill points and trying to find the best shotgun to match the build while maintaining some of the original feel for the build.

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One idea that looks more like Deputy Nisha and Deputy Jack than Deputy Sal would be maxing out Elemental barrage and going with a powerful quad barreled shotgun or a Sledge’s and just reach 700 stacks to get constant free ammo and pretty high fire rate. No way to correct accuracy though.

Adapt and overcome!

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Updated the gear and build, I have to update the pic, add color, and make sure the write ups all right with the changes.

  • Build only changed 1 point because I used a new com
  • Added splitters as the main weapons and the coach fell off to the side.
  • Changed Oz kit as well do to the changes in guns
  • Changed luneshines do to changes in guns as well (I will updated them a bit more)

Splitters feel like a natural fit for this build.
Glad to see they’re getting some love from you too :slight_smile:


I may have been avoiding them because I wanted shotguns to go with the com, but once I switched to them and swapped out my com it felt right. Plus they are just flat out wrecking things. I still have to do some 4 player holodome runs but in solo this is working great as it is.

I’m also using splitters on my cryo jack build based around his new com, hyperion splitters with 9/5 company man is something else. I should have that build set up pretty soon as well.

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Why did you change the Canonnes COM? It was kinda the identity of the build ):
Also, as Chuck said, you could make use of Elemental Barrage to get the most of Quad barreled shotties. Hyperion ones come to my mind because of the reverse recoil gimmick!
Let 1 point in PfG and swap the rest for Elemental Barrage and you are done haha

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Since splitters now were my primary weapon the card buffs went to waste, and all the skills from the celestial the build just worked better.

To get elemental barrage I would have to loose one of the 2 capstones and then im changing the com and them and its not longer the same build. I get what elemental barrage does but it would just alter the build to much. The build is the same wtih 10 more points this way, just different guns and com.

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How many stacks do you usually find yourself with?

If it’s more than 120, consider moving 1 point from Vanguard to Unrelenting.

If you go over 371, definitely move 1 point from Vanguard to Unrelenting.

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Usually between 100-200 I do go above sometimes but not a ton. With the com boosting it I could move it, I debating moving that one point before but 4/5 in Vanguard wasn’t enough. 9/5 is fine.

I’ve also been playing around with the balance of points split between GT and Conduit.

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Added a level 70 video, I’ll update the thread in the next few days as I get caught up.


An updating coming, its back to original form.