[Build] Deputy Aurelia!

A build using the too scoops & a jakobs shotgun on Aurelia the baroness.

                                          THE BUILD

The reason why I put warning Shot in the build is because you can shoot your sniper before attacking with your shotgun

                                         THE GEAR:

Shotguns: a Too Scoops for the cryo-element on the gun, A Jakobs shotgun. (Flayer is good because Ammo Consumption)
SMG’s: Fire & Cryo elemental Torrents
RPG’s: Cryo-Phobia
Sniper Rifles: On level vladof snipers (Longnail is good)
Shields: Sham, Moxxi’s Slammer
Class Mods: Celestial Baroness
Oz Kits: Eddie or a Oz kit with Cryo Slam Element
Grenade Mods: Quasar (Transfusion useful)

Thats the Deputy Aurelia Build!

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Hope you don’t mind, but ive moved this into Aurelias section. Nice build by the way!

A few suggestions.

  1. If you’re going to use avalanche, you really don’t want to use a fire torrent.
    In fact, considering how far down you go the cryo tree, you really don’t want to use much else besides cryo, but especially not fire. You’ll lose avalanche stacks and kill your damage with the 2 scoops.

  2. If you’re not using the sniper rifle as a main, custom loads may be a wasted point, along with long range killer (since you seem to want to use shotguns).

  3. You may want to ditch Whiteout so you can get at least 1 point in QNQ. Its boosted by your COM, so you may as well.
    Seems pretty solid otherwise.

What’s up with these builds being called “Deputy -Insert character name”?
I don’t get it.

BL2 legacy thing. There was a relic called “Deputy’s badge” that boosted shotgun damage, so every (western = Jakobs) shotgun focused build now gets labeled “deputy” build for nostalgia sake.

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Chuck80 published a build on Borderlands 2 called the Deputy Sal build which uses the Deputy relic from BL2 alongside the Orphan Maker and Grog Nozzle. It is one of the, if not THE, most powerful Salvador builds to date in Borderlands 2.

The result is people make such builds concerning Jakobs in honor of the original Deputy build.

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Ah I see thanks

Well, it’s the most powerful one that doesn’t involve the Pimpernel glitch.

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Flakker glitch.