[Build] Deputy Axton

Well, here we are. At long last. We may have finally unlocked they key to Deputy Axton. Since Deputy Sal’s birth in 2013, players of Borderlands 2 have long wondered how one would create a Deputy Build for each character?

@Chuck80, the father of the original “Deputy Sal” build, and @Derch have since taken the reins of making “Deputy” builds for other characters of the series, with Deputy Athena, Deputy Aurelia, and Deputy Kreig among them.

But what of Axton?..

Overpowered? Check.

Does it use involve shotguns and the Deputy’s Badge? Check.

Is it unfair and an exploitative use of the game’s mechanics? Arguably yes.

Since Sal has the ability to wield two guns at once and Axton does not, then we must find a way to match the incredible power that Sal can dish out in a single shot. I suspect that there may be some of us that find this solution “cheap” and on the same level as “sham-fleeting,” but I plead with those of you who feel this way to hear me out on this matter

10/5 in Expertise is what makes Axton stand out in this build.

What makes Expertise so useful? Swapping quickly from the Flakker to the Creamer before the “Flakk” pellets can connect with the target makes for very interesting results. Like Salvador’s off-hand critical bonus and healing transfer, swapping quickly between two guns is, in a small way, like dual wielding.

Required Gear:

Flakker. Casual prefix is optimal.

Creamer. Derp prefix is optimal. The weapon swap speed prefix would also be effective in this build.

Legendary Soldier class mod. This is the optimal choice to get Expertise boosted to 10/5.
Your preferred shield. I frequently rotate between Blockade, Antagonist, and Evolution.
Your preferred grenade mod. I prefer Magic Missiles for slagging.
Deputy’s Badge relic. The reload speed is very much appreciated here. You will be spending a decent amount of time reloading when running Deputy Axton. And also, you know… “Deputy.”


I can’t think of anyone better to make this :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the result.

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What about deputy Gaige?:thinking:

That would be a build for another time, and someone far more familiar with Gaige than I. But I like it.

Perhaps Coach Gun Gaige IS Deputy Gaige? :thinking:

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I’m curious.

I am sitting on the hugest pile of Jakobs shotguns you’ve ever seen.

Not terribly comfortable, mind you, but a tremendous pile of shotguns, to be sure…


Updated the OP with a skill tree and a video. Would love to hear some of your thoughts as I know this will generate a reaction.

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Aren’t Deputy Builds focused on Jakobs weaponry? I was hoping for some Coach gun action

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As long as they are shotgun-centric, I believe it qualifies. For Axton, Torgue is the clear synergy. I was looking for a Jakobs shotty to make this build click, but after nearly a year and a half of testing, nothing worked quite as well at OP 8, which is what I always prefer to play on.


My apologies to those wanting a Jakobs centered shotgun build. @Troubled is a huge Jakobs enthusiast who made a great “Leatherneck” build for Axton that uses Jakobs gear. It is probably spiritual embodiment of all Axton Jakobs enthusiasts out there.

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I originally meant Deputy builds to be shotguns… Any shotgun. :slight_smile:

Deputy Athena used Splitter at first and Scav shotguns after, Deputy Claptrap used Torgue shotguns… As long as they are shotguns, there shall be no judging.

All shotguns are beautiful in the eyes of the Deputy.


That would be the closest thing yes. Too bad Poisoned isn’t here to port it anymore.

I can’t really see a way to make a powerful shotgun build with Gaige that is different enough to deserve to be “the” Deputy build…

As far as the list goes, All characters have a Deputy build, except for Axton and Gaige.

I’m not sure of the status for Deputy Maya and Wilhem (I know Demonite made a Deputy Wilhem, but I never saw it posted here)

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Wilhelm plays very nicely with the Flayer, but his best set ups with it wind up being very cookie cutter for the class. Rather than being a distinct feeling thing, it feels like “hey, this is Wilhelm being Wilhelm, but with a Flayer!” So, yeah, he can be a (very effective) Deputy, but it kinda lacks… soul?

As for Maya, I think she’s in the same boat as Wilhelm or Axton. She has great support for shotguns, but she doesn’t have that secret sauce like Krieg, Zero, or Sal where the shotgun synergy is special.

Just my .02. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a knee jerk build using a Binder or Cat + ROM show up with an explanation about Reaper being special.


I feel the same way, so i’ve been toying around with the idea of a different Deputy build. It’s probably not unique either, but it’s not been played as much as most Wilhelm builds. No Jakobs shotties in my build either :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see that build.

He is the only Vault Hunter besides Krieg that I feel comfortable using the Rough Rider on. He may not be the strongest user of Jakobs firearms but I would pay money to see anyone else besides Krieg slap on a Rough Rider and try to take as much punishment as he can.

If he had a skill that gave 4-6% damage resistance per rank and had his melee bonuses replaced with critical damage boosts he would be a monster.


Hmm IMHO Twister Gaige is the Deputy Gaige. There is probably no other weapon with as much synergy with her, hence why it is widely considered her best mobbing option

  • Synergy with Anarchy due to ability to maintain spread at high stack and splash damage. Also small mag synergizes well with stacking.
  • Close Enough due to penetration and splash
  • Cooking up Trouble due to small mag
  • Wires Dont Talk
  • Nth Degree because of bullet penetration.
  • Shock and Agh due to small mag

Furthermore, wearing the Deputy’s Badge mitigates Gaige generally unremarkable reload speed. At maximum stacks, the Bone is not entirely necessary (though by and large still the best optiob) due to Gaige’s already insane damage.


That is a very good observation. Yeah, it’s probably the closest :slight_smile: