[Build] Deputy Jack: They call me Trinity

This is a build to make the best use of Jakobs guns with big fat sloppy spreads tighten them up to get all those pellets to land in a smaller area as well as taking advantage of all of Jack’s crit skills combined with the Jakobs type B crit bonus. To give you a hit of how well this all comes together from this build you get…

  • +156% critical hit
  • +144.5% accuracy
  • +99% base damage without colaborate or money is power
  • up to +399% with them both maxed out
  • +80% chance for your shots to not consume ammo.

So now you have a Jakobs shotgun with a spread small enough to land all your pellets on crit, a crit bonus of 206% without including the 15% type B making it even bigger, and instead of 2 shots to reload you are seeing more like 8-12 shots before a reload. Basiclly you take all the downsides to these guns that the dev’s put there to balance it and you make them all better. What was once a great gun is now so good its almost unfair.

Click here to see the build for level 50
Click here to see the build for level 60
Click here to see the build for level 70

Primary Set Up

  • Glitched Doc’s Quad
    This is the main influence for the build and the building block of it. With all of Jack’s accuracy and crit buffs, combined with the non stop shooting ability of this with Absolute Advantage not much can survive for long vs a gun with this kind of stopping power combined with accuracy and fire rate. It’s almost not fair to the enemies. Below I have some pictures of what this build does to a Quad.

  • Doc’s Flayer
    This is a really close rival to the Quad, damage per pellet with so close its pretty much equal, but you have 3 less pellets. Why that might not matter is this is 2 rounds per shot and a 5 shot instead of a 3 shot. While mobbing or long arenas like the holodome the Quad can give you ammo issues if you are not careful about your kill skills. So this is so close and using half the ammo can matter. It is also much more accurate and has much less recoil so you can put more pellets on target.



keep in mind this is without a kill skill that adds 20% more accuracy

  • Redundant T4s-R x2
    You want 3 of these but I only have 2 equipped at once, Fire, Shock, and Corrosive. These guns have serious stopping power and I usually don’t like the redundant but in this build the skills make up for the short comings of the x2. These are for when you want to match elements or need a bit more control to hit far away enemies. They fire fast, have really solid base damage and take care of business.
  • Cryo Mining Laser
    This is both good for sniping but also nice for Compound interest swapping with the cryo buffs. If you need to put a cryo dot on something what better than a gun with 3 x 40% chance that also does solid damage and has as near to 100% accuracy as it comes.
  • Indistinguishable Projection Com
    When this com came out I almost didn’t beleive it. It boost Company Man, Absolute Advantage, and Best Foot Forward. There are not any skills I would rather have on it. Add to that a really solid gun damage boost on the com, and the slam damage isn’t really build to the theme of this build its a welcome buff.
  • Rerouter
    This was a great addition to this build and since Winning was fixed its even better. The health was needed and and extra damage is always welcome. Adding in the fact its hyperion and I was really happy to see it. Since I was limited to Hyperion shields having a great amp shield was a really welcome addition.
  • 3DD1.E
    I picked this over the Precision oz kits because when it came down to it I didn’t need the damage or accuracy as much as the survival of the 3DD1.E. When your Digi Jacks are out you are hard to kill but when they go away and your Teamwork stacks go away there isn’t much survival left. Also works nice with money is power.
  • Quasar
    7th Hyperion item, deadly, crowd control for survival and faster killing what isn’t there to love. It’s perfect nuff said.

Backpack Items

These are some items that help to have on bosses because of the swapping of Sponsored By… You can equip these guns, swap to your main shotgun and then put these back to your backpack for a Hyperion gun to maintain the 7 stacks of Company Man

  • Corrosive/Shock/Fire Maliwan gun
    Doesn’t matter what gun just the element so you can add the matching element to the proper boss. You don’t need to do this but it can speed up farming.
  • Any Torgue gun
    Cryo + explosives are huge, again not needed but it can work well adding a lot of damage.

Alternate Items

These are not quite as effective as the main gear but they are fun and work well with the theme.

  • Maggie
    Like the shotguns all the skills and com will really tighten up the spread of this and make it so much more deadly and the +25% type B instead of the 15% shotguns have is very powerful.
  • Skullmasher
    Once again spread is made smaller and therefore much more deadly. It does not have a type B bonus because its a sniper but the 160% type A isn’t jealous.
  • Flakker
    What shotgun build would be complete without it as an option. While the crit buffs go to waste the accuracy does help tighten up the flakker and this build also has some nice fire rate buffs and lots of base damage buffs as well to play nice with the Flakker.
  • Precision Oz kit
    This was my first pic of an Oz kit because when in air all that extra accuracy and critical hit damage seemed perfect and it was Hyperion but it turned out to be overkill and survival won the day. That said its still worth using and quite fun.


  • Punisher: 10% critical bonus
    This build is all about landing a lot of pellets on crits and the main gun has a type B crit making each crit bonus more than they are.
  • Safeguard: Restores 3% shield on kill
    This build has a ton of DPS so balancing it with survival is always a good idea and as fast as you kill this is very helpful.

Free Enterprise

  • High Frequency Trading 5/5
    This tier one was a toss up, since I am mainly using a Jakobs shotgun I have little need for fire rate but when I want to swap I want to do it fast so I went with this.
  • Incentives 5/5
    I swapped Compound Interest for this, I didn’t really need CI and when I swap to the mining laser to freeze fire rate can help as well as with my splitters.
  • Money is Power 1/1
    This is all gravy the build does not need this so any damage from this is looked as something delicious on top. With all the crit buffs in this build base damage is a very nice thing even 25% from 100 stacks makes a big difference. This isn’t meant to be farmed but just let it add up.
  • Company Man 9/5
    This is one of the corner stones of the build. With 7 Hyperion items you gain 126% critical hit damage and +94.5% accuracy at all times. These are both massive buffs and you see the results in the above pictures making the shotguns much more effective.
  • Absolute Advantage 10/5
    Another cornerstone of the build giving 80% chance to not consume ammo on each shot and since both shotguns are normally 2 shots this can make the DPS skyrocket. I’ve shot them over 16 times without a reload but more common is 8 shots. Jakobs shotguns were balanced around being inaccurate and having a low mag so you had to often reload. This skill breaks that balance in a big way.
  • Supply and Demand 5/5
    This build seemed to have enough tank for the most part but at level 70 a few fights showed that I needed a bit more health and since this was a skill I was thinking about taking anyways it fit great at 70 and really helped make a difference.
  • Sponsored By… 1/1
    While not quite the cornerstone of the build its a nice highlight to it. Mainly used to make the Jakobs shotguns spread even smaller but also helps out quite a bit sharing some of that Jakobs high damage with your quicker lower damage Hyperion guns. You can pop in and out some elemental guns as well if you want to match the element to a boss, like corrosive to RK5 for example.

Greater Good

  • Integrity 5/5
    Adds 40% multiplicative damage when enemies are below 40% wasn’t needed much in TVHM but in UVHM badass enemies are no joke and this comes in handy quite a bit. Also you get a bonus multiplier when enemies below 40% have not yet been hit by you, your Jacks and thier nova’s can often do this and well as it comes in handy playing co-op. Either way with all the crits and base damage this is huge on BA enemies and Bosses.
  • Collaborate 5/5
    With a lot of crit bonus you want a lot of base damage bonuses and that is what this does. 5% pre stack and its pretty often you have the max 10 stacks. 50% base damage is a pretty big deal with high critical hit damage.
  • Synergy 5/5
    +30% critical hit and +30% weapon damage means massive DPS, a kill skill sure but kills are easy and we also have Leadership to make them even easier. Base damage + Crit is always a win but since this whole build is set up around it, its more of a win.
  • Diversify 1/1
    This is a Deputy build so why not give everyone shotguns.
  • Teamwork 5/5
    This is our main healing skill, lets your Digi Jacks die and get a lot of health back, also keep moving to keep procing BFF and keep your action skill longer and you more healthy.
  • Winning 5/5
    Since this was patched and we received new amp shields it seems like a no brainer. The speed boost is nice as well helping you move faster and kill your jacks. Not only the amp bonus but just the survival is nice as well and this build needed some survival.
  • Accountability 5/5
    I skipped this before but I went back and it does help more than just throwing more points in optimism and it does help my lasers quite a bit as well as the reload being welcome on my shotguns.
  • Optimism 1/5
    I lowered this to one point because that is all I needed and spread the other 2 to give my Digi’s shotguns because why not and the other to Accountability to help my lasers.
  • Believe 5/5
    25% More base damage 20%, more reload speed and accuracy 20% and fire rate which is nice when I use my Hyperion guns. This is just great DPS all around and it even makes the quad a bit tighter.
  • Potential 1/1
    This was a suprise how well it did. The shock nova is quite large and powerful killing trash mobs on its own, it has a knock-back effect which is amazing for crowd control, and being able to summon your Digi’s in FFYL is really nice as well. One of the reasons I wasn’t able to max out Believe. Also because many times when you jump to stomp the Digi’s go with you, stomp damage + 2 shock nova’s do quite a bit of damage.
  • Leadership 1/1
    This is the final cornerstone of the build. Many of the DPS skills and 2 of the cornerstone skills of this build are kill skills. This lets you get your kill skills without a kill which can come in very handy on lots of boss fights and even while mobbing. The added effect of them Digi’s dying to give you a second wind is a nice bonus but never underestimate the power of kill skills being active.

The Hero of this Story

  • Best Foot Forward 9/5
    Since much of your survival is based on your Digi’s being out this is of course nice and since leadership counts you moving and killing your Digi Jacks as kills you can keep them out for a really long time, as well as stack your DPS skills like collaborate.


  • Kangaroo Jack
    This style is a lot of jumping to force your jacks to re-spawn, use the nova’s and knockbacks to get it started then pick off what is left on the enemies health bar. Stomps work great with this because instead of the 2 nova’s now the enemies get hit by 3 nova’s and if you space it right hitting 3-4 enemies makes quick work of them. It’s pretty fast paced and reckless if that is your style, Teamwork keeps you healthy when your Digi’s are up, and not much is left by the time they go away thanks to Best Foot Forward.
  • Shotgun Surgeon
    This style is more cautions put out your Digi’s and use them as an agro shield and let the enemies kill them as they shoot away and you shotgun snipe from behind them. Use your Quasars to control the field and pull enemies to you. This doesn’t mean you can’t jump and use nova’s but you do it less, you move to get a better angle on your enemies not to disrupt everything.
  • A Quad is a Quad
    Watch your kill skills, if they are down try to use your other weapons and stay off the Quad as much as possible its easy to eat through your ammo pool with these guns. This is most important in the holodome. Also to help your kill skills go faster as soon as you activate your Jacks move and get a quick respawn to get AA up as soon as possible. Next is knowing when to aim and hit crits and when to spray. It’s temping to just go crazy and spray away but even with AA ammo can become an issue, many times a single well placed shot will do more damage. So know when to go ham and when to take care and place a careful shot.
  • Hit the Road Jack
    You want to micromanage your Digi Jacks and send them away after you clear a mob. If you keep them out until your timer runs out you have to deal with a really long cooldown. Instead as soon as you finish a mob recall them to get the quick cooldown, move towards the next mob and bring them back out. This is really important in the Holodome, sometimes you want to recall them with enemies left to kill if they are easy to deal with.


  • Element Matching
    I’m not sure if this is considered an exploit or not and even if its needed or not but here it goes. If you equip a Maliwan gun that matches the element to the boss you are fighting, corrosive on RK5, then swap to your Quad so it now has corrosive damage added to it, then go to your menu and swap the Maliwan back to a Hyperion. Now you have the added Maliwan buff and 7 stacks of Company Man, since many of the bosses are quite large this isn’t an issue loosing the 30% accuracy. You don’t need to do this but its an option.
  • Put your Digi’s out before the fight
    Not too long before but before you rush into the boss activate your action skill and as you move to the boss you will start with your kill skills and the vast majority of your DPS comes from those. Best Foot Forward will keep them out long enough for you to finish most of them off pretty quickly.

Thanks ToboeAka for the video

Thanks Joltzdude139 for making the video

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So, we can’t color stuff in threads?
Also, how do we quote stuff?

So no color and to quote just highlight the text you want to quote

Where do you get those “the build” “the gear” and stuff images . They’re awesome, I need me some for Nisha. With a western feel :slight_smile:

Hey Derch! Do you have any type of a leveling guide for this build? Would tree would you recommend starting down first? Thanks in advance.

No and because even if I made one I wouldn’t go by it myself and thats why I’ll never make one. When I’m leveling up I use what I find. If I want to do this build when I get to level 50 or 60 great, I’ll start going down a path towards it. But lets say I find a great Ravager and Best Man com, then I should respec and use that to level up. I use what I find when I level and I spec to that.

So lets say you find the perfect gear for this while you level and you don’t mind spending a lot of time vendor farming, well I don’t know if there is a best way to level to it since that isn’t what I did, so try a spec and see if it works for you.

Sorry buts thats the best I can do.

I bet your going to love the new Doppelganger class mod

Yes but not for this build AA is too important to it. I am how ever working on this with the new com [Build] Comrade Jack the Frozen Communist

Hehe, nope not the new legendary COM, the new Basic COM.

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Oh wow t a purple would be perfect, blue still great. I didn’t see that before.

First of all, that new com zomg AA with a raw damage boost, AND BFF, AND company man, AND slam damage (ok one too far). I haven’t had much luck farming this myself (keep seeming to only get the green one). How would your preferred split go (if purples even exist)? Also I’ve been playing around with redundant T4S-Rs (just cuz they’re new and pew pew and such, managed to get a corrosive and shock with the wrong grips), and they seem to be outperforming the blasters by far even with the laser boosts (Like for general mid-long range combat where crits aren’t hit 100% of the time, you know the unrefined pleb stuff). I mean I know you don’t like wasting the free damage boost, but it seems like the mid-long range slot is better filled by the non-laser hyperion arsenal. Thoughts?

I did get a purple com with +5 CM, +4AA, and +3 BFF. I think the best would be a purple +5 AA and +4 to the other 2.

On the T4S-R I got a really good fire one and right now it is out performing the blasters. So your spot on with those. With the accuracy and AA the double prefix should be best.

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Mind if i ask how you managed the purple com? I was trying to soft reset (probably wrong term) on the Round 4 mission reward, but it kept spittiing out green coms, unless it’s really rare.

It was a reward for the badass round. I also found a blue one on the ground, enemy must of dropped it.

Quite a few changes to this build

The new com let me keep the same crit bonus but add accuracy, base damage, but most importantly buffed BFF to keep the jacks out a lot longer therefor more survival, more dps. This com is amazing.

Interesting, I decided to take the infinite grenade route taking 5 in take their freedom and cache after completing bff (now considering taking the execution skill over the regen one now that I have take their freedom). Also I know you really like a full Hyperion spec for full support of the one man quad show,but I REALLY like a cryo Skorry Droog for at least an honorable mention. First of all the vladof sponsor is better for the T4SRs than the jakobs (which is what I assume u use when switching to them) secondly the Droog has a super high base DMG so it loves the jakobs boost. Third, its a sniper so all these crit shenanigans are fantastic coupled with a very high cryo chance. Fourthly, and most importantly, its a sustainable bullethose with all the firerate boosts and AA supporting it. If you read through the text wall I thank you, do consider it.

I’m really annoyed right now, I lost all my BL:TPS saves. That new com looks like all sorts of amazing for this build, and that’s crazy how accurate the quad gun gets now, even Chuck would have to like it.


I see what you are saying and it’s all correct a droog would be great, but I’m not going to give up my 7 stacks of company man. Also while the droog would be good this build doesn’t really need any help right now. I’m not going to add it to my build but I could see others using it if they like.

That really blows, always back up your saves. What platform are you on?

I’m on pc, I was reinstalling the game, and I thought I had backed up my saves but I did it with the BL2 save folder by mistake.