[Build] Deputy Jack: They call me Trinity

So no color and to quote just highlight the text you want to quote

Where do you get those “the build” “the gear” and stuff images . They’re awesome, I need me some for Nisha. With a western feel :slight_smile:

Hey Derch! Do you have any type of a leveling guide for this build? Would tree would you recommend starting down first? Thanks in advance.

No and because even if I made one I wouldn’t go by it myself and thats why I’ll never make one. When I’m leveling up I use what I find. If I want to do this build when I get to level 50 or 60 great, I’ll start going down a path towards it. But lets say I find a great Ravager and Best Man com, then I should respec and use that to level up. I use what I find when I level and I spec to that.

So lets say you find the perfect gear for this while you level and you don’t mind spending a lot of time vendor farming, well I don’t know if there is a best way to level to it since that isn’t what I did, so try a spec and see if it works for you.

Sorry buts thats the best I can do.

I bet your going to love the new Doppelganger class mod

Yes but not for this build AA is too important to it. I am how ever working on this with the new com [Build] Comrade Jack the Frozen Communist

Hehe, nope not the new legendary COM, the new Basic COM.

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Oh wow t a purple would be perfect, blue still great. I didn’t see that before.

First of all, that new com zomg AA with a raw damage boost, AND BFF, AND company man, AND slam damage (ok one too far). I haven’t had much luck farming this myself (keep seeming to only get the green one). How would your preferred split go (if purples even exist)? Also I’ve been playing around with redundant T4S-Rs (just cuz they’re new and pew pew and such, managed to get a corrosive and shock with the wrong grips), and they seem to be outperforming the blasters by far even with the laser boosts (Like for general mid-long range combat where crits aren’t hit 100% of the time, you know the unrefined pleb stuff). I mean I know you don’t like wasting the free damage boost, but it seems like the mid-long range slot is better filled by the non-laser hyperion arsenal. Thoughts?

I did get a purple com with +5 CM, +4AA, and +3 BFF. I think the best would be a purple +5 AA and +4 to the other 2.

On the T4S-R I got a really good fire one and right now it is out performing the blasters. So your spot on with those. With the accuracy and AA the double prefix should be best.

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Mind if i ask how you managed the purple com? I was trying to soft reset (probably wrong term) on the Round 4 mission reward, but it kept spittiing out green coms, unless it’s really rare.

It was a reward for the badass round. I also found a blue one on the ground, enemy must of dropped it.

Quite a few changes to this build

The new com let me keep the same crit bonus but add accuracy, base damage, but most importantly buffed BFF to keep the jacks out a lot longer therefor more survival, more dps. This com is amazing.

Interesting, I decided to take the infinite grenade route taking 5 in take their freedom and cache after completing bff (now considering taking the execution skill over the regen one now that I have take their freedom). Also I know you really like a full Hyperion spec for full support of the one man quad show,but I REALLY like a cryo Skorry Droog for at least an honorable mention. First of all the vladof sponsor is better for the T4SRs than the jakobs (which is what I assume u use when switching to them) secondly the Droog has a super high base DMG so it loves the jakobs boost. Third, its a sniper so all these crit shenanigans are fantastic coupled with a very high cryo chance. Fourthly, and most importantly, its a sustainable bullethose with all the firerate boosts and AA supporting it. If you read through the text wall I thank you, do consider it.

I’m really annoyed right now, I lost all my BL:TPS saves. That new com looks like all sorts of amazing for this build, and that’s crazy how accurate the quad gun gets now, even Chuck would have to like it.


I see what you are saying and it’s all correct a droog would be great, but I’m not going to give up my 7 stacks of company man. Also while the droog would be good this build doesn’t really need any help right now. I’m not going to add it to my build but I could see others using it if they like.

That really blows, always back up your saves. What platform are you on?

I’m on pc, I was reinstalling the game, and I thought I had backed up my saves but I did it with the BL2 save folder by mistake.

If you find one, do give it a try. I basically subbed a cryo droog with penetrator for my rustlers in my holodome runs, allowed my powerhouse weapon to stay far away from those eridian scallywags while still being able to hit the flying ones. I’m just saying it’s a viable option alternative, but I’m gonna end it there. On to more pressing matters…

What would you say is the “perfect” T4S-R for this build? Normally I’d say hyperion grip because you get the matching bonuses,Increasing reload speed mag size, while still getting the hyperion boost. But considering the nature of the build, getting obscene accuracy and getting long chains of not needing to reload, would that still be true, especially considering that you’re reducing damage to get these potentially unneeded bonuses (Accuracy, Reload, Mag Size). I’ve been milling over this because I found a Hyperion-gripped T4SR (my current T4SR’s had vladof and torgue grips). OR I’m over-thinking all of this and it’s basically irrelevant.

Hahaha! If you can get a Quad to decent accuracy, I would definitely love it :smile:

Sucks for your save files though :frowning: