[BUILD] Deputy Krieg, OP8 Psycho Build

Well, I got this idea a week ago, I tested it, and i’ve found out a pretty fun build imo. Krieg has the best mag-size increases in the whole game (thanks Blood Filled Guns), so if you increase Jakobs shotguns’ mag-sizes, what do you get ? AWESOME shotguns. I tested a lot of shotguns for this build, and all of them performed very well (except the Orphan Maker because of the self-damage that end up killing you if you spam too much with Blood Bath active).
The problem was : outside of gear, Pain is Power and Salt the Wound, how do I increase the damage of those guns ? The answer was the almighty Blood Bath skill, I use the Fastball, Raving Retribution or the Chain Lightning to proc it, and then I just spam my shotgun and get outstanding results.

Now, let’s see what kind of gear I use for this build :

- Orphan Maker : My favourite Shotgun in the game. It is very powerful, accurate and ammo efficient. But since nothing is without its drawbacks, it is a cursed item. This curse will damage you whenever you shoot the gun. So be very careful if you spam the gun, because it can waste you within seconds. Rustler’s prefix is the best since you double the damage.


- Twister : probably the best Jakobs Shotgun in the game. Supporting very high damage, grenade splash damage that can proc Blood Bath and Shock element that can light you on fire more often, and heal you through Elemental Empathy. This thing is lethal. Watch out with your ammo count though, since it consumes 4 ammo per shot.

- Coach Gun : a good alternative to the Orphan Maker. It does less damage, but doesn’t damage you. If you have the Citrine version, you can crit-base the build and do a decent amount of damage. It’s easy to farm, easy to use, and pretty powerful.

- Striker : this Shotgun is very good with Krieg, since it already has a decent magazine, and it consumes 1 ammo per shot. With Elemental Empathy and Blood-filled Guns, you can spam this all day. If you can stay on an enemy’s crit spot with Blood Bath active, you will melt through its health.

- Hydra : This is the highest Damage per shot Shotgun on the card, but its firing pattern is terrible at long range. But at close range, you can waste anything if you can click fast. Watch out since it does consume 3 ammo per shot, only use this for Badass enemies.


- Grog Nozzle : one of the best utility weapons in the game, nothing else to say. It heals you, slags for you and has the “Drunk” effect. The Drunk effect + the Orphan Maker will waste anything in one or two shots.

- Pimpernel : the almighty magic stick of the game, capable of being one of the best weapons for any task in the game. It is imo the best slag tool.

- Slow Hand : a pretty underrated slag tool : 3 pellets + a 70% slag chance + healing makes this an awesome tool for slagging. The only downsides are the fact that it uses your shotgun ammo and it can damage and/or slag you.

- Florentine : a good slag tool, shield disabler and Elemental Elation stacker. Always use it as it is an awesome tool for this build.

- Any decent Rocket Launcher : Norfleet, Badaboom, Creamer, Topneaa … while the Norfleet is better for FFYL only, ammo-efficient Rocket Launchers can be used as reliable ways to proc Blood Bath.


- The Rough Rider : because Krieg, because Jakobs, because Rough Rider. Nothing else to say : USE IT !!!

- Flame of the Firehawk : always a good option, but it can be tricky to use sometimes since if you go in FFYL mode, you are completely screwed. But it’s great for healing, dealing extra damage and the best thing : the Novas can trigger Blood Bath. You can use it if you like it, it is a good option here.


- Legendary Reaper : 10/5 on Blood Bath and Thrill of the Kill is always nice to have in such a build. The Kill Skill duration is also very nice, I just love it !

- Legendary Psycho : if you want to get a ridiculous mag-size and some extra health, you can use this Class Mod. I tried it and it works well.

- Toast : great COM for some extra mag-size and extra points (depends on the rarity) in Pain is Power, Elemental Elation and Fire Fiend. This COM increases mag-size by a large mile, and it gives you some extra damage thanks to Pain is Power. Thanks @Chuck80 for suggesting it !

- Barbarian : huge mag-size and 11/5 on Salt the Wound, giving Krieg even more Shotgun strength. It’s a very interesting way to use this build, definitely recommended. Different variants can make the build more unique (for example, making a Crit Based build). I would personally recommand the True Neutral Barbarian for the huge mag size boost, but if you want to go for crits, then the Neutral Evil Barbarian is a good option as well.



- Deputy’s Badge : of course, the Deputy’s Badge on the Deputy Build. It’s a nice boost to your main weapons, and it works very well.

- Blood of the Ancients : if you like having a huge ammo pool and some extra health, use this Relic, it’s pretty nice for spamming like crazy.

- Bone of the Ancients : you can use it if you are using the Twister Shotgun and/or the Chain Lightning, otherwise skip it.

- Fastball : it’s the best option for triggering Blood Bath in this build. Just slag a trash mod and kill it with the Fastball, then enjoy your +500% Gun Damage :smiley: !

- Chain Lightning : it can trigger Blood Bath, strip shields and it’s better for healing with the Grog Nozzle + Elemental Empathy. It works well with the Shock Bone of the Ancients, use it if you like it.

Here is the spec that i’m using for this build (you can change it, depends on how you want to use the build) :

This build is very modular, there are a lot of ways to use it. I’m using is as a spammer build with the Orphan Maker, the Grog Nozzle + Chain Lightning to stack Bloodlust, Elemental Elation, healing and lighting myself on fire. Badaboom in the loadout to proc Blood Bath if needed.

You can make a crit-based build like @DemoniteBL did, using the Coach Gun and the Striker with the Chaotic Evil Barbarian COM. Aiming for crits with Krieg is very fun, and surprisingly powerful. Krieg has Fire Fiend as well, making Shotguns even better at critting, here is his video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDGWj1ziF3s&t

You can make a basic “Reaper” Krieg and rely on Blood Bath like @Derch did, using the Twister and the Flame of the Firehawk and just spam until you run out of ammo. This way to use the build is very powerful and fun. In terms of COMs, you can use the Legendary Reaper or the Power Toast, they both work. Here is his video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW41wUheQLE&t

Well, I hope you’ll have fun using this build, feel free to tell me what you think of it, and if you have ways to improve it, share please :smiley: !

My gameplay of the build : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he6203IQbKo&feature=youtu.be


@Chuck80 … wasn’t this similar to what we were cooking?


I’m too fast for you mate

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Yes, it look a lot like it :slight_smile:

I’m not convinced the Deputy’s badge is a great fit here though, might get better results out of a Jakobs allegiance or a blood of the ancient with shotgun ammo.

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I’ve put it here because it’s the Deputy Build, but I had better results with a Blood of the Ancients. Krieg’s reload speed is quick enough.

Also @Enderborn1 , since sharing ideas is a thing, when testing with @xmngr, we got better results out of a Toast COM than a legendary psycho, because it includes a flat mag size increase and it has PiP for damage and FF for shotgun accuracy. You might want to include it in your possible loadout.

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Oooooh I LIKE IT !!! I’m adding this to the build right now, thank you a lot !
EDIT : I also found out that the Barbarian Class Mods with 10/5 on Salt the Wound and some nice mag-size boosts works really well, you should test them.

I’m not sure if I would go hellborn with those last points rather than bloodlust for Nervous Blood + Bloodsplosion but I guess the extra survivability from Elemental Empthy + Raving Retribution also helps with DPS by not having to grog-swap so often.

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It’s really tricky to stay alive without the Elemental Retribution combo (at least for my personal experience), I tried many things and this worked well. Also, you can remove Pain is Power and spec into Elemental Elation to get some more mag-size.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Psycho without Elemental Empathy, constant rubi-swap at Digi-Peak was one of the reasons why I changed bloodlust for hellborn in my builds.

Also, have you tested Flame Flare aswell? In my opinion, since you won’t be inflicting DoTs as often as you would using elemental weapons you could reallocate some points from Boiling Blood to 5/5 in Elemental Empathy and 3/5 in Flame Flare for the chance to re-ignite targets and increase in self-ignition duration, my reasoning being:

  1. More DoTs from re-ignition — easier time keeping bloodlust stacks high, more often Raving Retribution activation and more healing from Elemental Empathy;
  2. Longer ignition duration on self — even more Raving Retribution;
  3. More Raving Retribution — more DoTs (go to step 1);
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That is a nice idea. I avoid using Flame Flare because before this skill was broken, I guess it’s a bad habit. Your suggestion is very interesting, more Raving Retribution = more possible Blood Bath proc, more healing and more damage. I guess it’s a great option.
I don’t spec in it because i’m often shooting the Grog to slag or to proc Blood Bath with the Fastball, but I might try it now !
(please note that i’m not a huge Hellborn fan, I’m more of a Bloodlust/Mania expert than something else xD)

@Chuck80 I just tested all the different mag-size increasing Class Mods, just to see which one gives the highest mag-size, here are the results (please note that I used a Jakobs Coach Gun to test them, and I had x100 Bloodlust stacks and x20 Elemental Elation stacks) :

Base shotgun, no upgrade :

True Neutral Barbarian (+85% Magazine Size) :

Razed Toast (+53% Magazine Size, +5 Elemental Elation) :

Legendary Psycho (+37% Magazine Size, +5 Blood-Filled Guns) :

As you can see, I get the highest mag-size with the Legendary Psycho. The three Class Mods have their uses, but I prefer the Legendary Psycho because of the extra health provided with 10/5 on Feed the Meat + Rough Rider + Blood of the Ancients.

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Yeah, I was expecting that result, but even if the mag size increase is slightly smaller, it’s a more well-rounded COM IMO. The accuracy bonus from FF and the extra damage from PiP are definitely worth it.

I partly agree: I would go all the way dwn the Bloodlust tree…but I would not take the points from Hellborn but from Mania: Yes it is a shotgun build, but Salt The wound doesn’t seem that vital to me (especially if you go Toast, where you already have a huge damage increase from PiP to compensate), so that’s what I would cut


@Chuck80 that’s what I think too, i’m not saying it is bad. Actually it is a great COM for both extending the survivability and giving some extra damage potential, but I just prefer spamming the sh*t out of a Jakobs Shotgun with more mag-size and having a deeper health bar (almost 4M with 10/5 on Feed the Meat, the Rough Rider and the Blood of the Ancients).

Also, I don’t think Bloodsplosion and Nervous Blood are worth it in this build, since the overkill damage isn’t high enough to make Bloodsplosion work and Jakobs Shotguns already reload quick enough imo. Of course, if you want to get those skills, go ahead mate.

Yeah, it only adds up to 1% per stacks and you can only get 20 stacks that don’t last very long. It’s great for melee builds because it’s 1.5% per stack.

@Enderborn1 I’d definitely think about Bloodsplosion and Strip the Flesh since non-elemental kills will result in an explosive nova and StF will increase the damage from that; it’s a great room clearer. :dukenukem:


You can make it work well with a True Neutral Barbarian, you get +200% Shotgun Damage if you have x20 stacks (which I have constantly). Also, it adds +5% for each stack if you have 5/5 on it, not 1% ^^
And about Bloodsplosion : the overkill damage is way too low to turn it into a room cleaner in this build. I had pretty underwhelming results when I tested it. And Nervous Blood isn’t really needed since Jakobs Shotguns are already fairly quick to reload.

Right. It’s 1% per level. :dukefp: I’d still look at Strip the Flesh unless you’re using a TN Barbarian COM. A Flesh Crunch works really well with it.

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Using a Flesh Crunch and Strip the Flesh is not that useful on this build. You end up sacrificing a whole lot of nice boosts only to make Bloodsplosion kinda work.

My OP8 Krieg runs shotguns only- I might try this with him…

You should, running Jakobs shotguns is very fun and quite effective on Krieg :smiley: