[Build] Deputy Nisha

UVHM Overhaul

I’ve been looking at Nisha’s skills and although it’s plain to the eyes that she excels with non-elemental guns, I didn’t really know what to focus on.
Today it clicked, I will use what I know and love with her: Jakobs shotguns

This build is designed to take advantage of the many different damage bonus available and getting even more damage by using showdown to get natural crits (instead of relying on Tombstone) and procing hot lead. The playstyle is somewhere between a frantic shotgun totter and a sniper (I know that sounds impossible…keep reading)

Videos are old, Dating from the time where the level cap was 50 or 60.
(First one is my own potato cam, second one is Imagine’s work, third one is Afro’s)


There is one point left, this is intentional: Put that point into Fistful of bullets if your shotgun has a mag size of 3 or less, and in Jurisdiction if it has 4 or more.


Striker: The sniper shotty. Jakobs, Tediore, Torgue or Scav grip. Rustler’s or Doc’s prefix. (Texas if you get a scav grip)
Stock doesn’t matter much, but Hyperion is the best for those who care.
If you can’t get your mitts on a Striker, a purple/glitched Longrider/scattergun or a Blue coach gun are great alternatives. Why blue instead of purple ? Mag size. A purple coach gun with a Jakobs grip will get a mag size of 4, which when coupled with FFOB will give you 7, meaning that your first shot will not be able to stack mag6 and Crack shot …or have to stick to 2 shots per reload. and using a Tediore grip to fix that lowers the damage of a purple coach gun below that of a blue one with a Jakobs grip. Ence, a Blue coach gun with Jakobs grip is the best choice.

Boomacorn If foes are getting too close, it’s time to bring out the big guns.
This thing can’t crit…but it doesn’t need to :stuck_out_tongue: Make sure you aim slightly low so that your missed shots hit the ground and still affect your target with splash radius.

COM: (Loaded) Six-shooter (Blue, bonus to crack shot and Magnificent 6)
If you play this more from the hip, get a purple one or a Crapshooter instead. The gameplay is a bit different, but very efficient.

Shield: Anything you like, refer to the Nisha Top Gear for ideas
Oz kit: A precision strike is a great choice, especially if you are using a coach gun, as it can tighten the spread somewhat (and increase damage of course). Eddie is also still a great choice.

Grenades: I use a Vladof Cryo or a cryo transfusion depending on my mood.

Other guns: A Fridgia to swap to when you need extra oomph against stubborn foes is very useful.
A RL might be handy for FFYL (though I don’t remember ever needing it)
Some other gun you like for if you ever run out of ammo, I carry splitters.

Leveling guide:

Level 4: Order. No other skill will give you as much for one point right off the gates. Start putting points into Bona fide grit.
level 15: Get Fistful of bullets, it’s what makes this build work. You’re now ready to kick a lot of ass. Move to L&O
level 26: Your survivability is assured, time to stack up the hurt. Go back down Riflwoman.
Level 37: tombstone and unforgiven for the win. time to move to Fan the Hammer to get Mag6.
Level 50: Once you have Mag6, move back to L&O to get the rest

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3 Deputies ported already this is good stuff

I’ll do mine in the morning, then learn Markdown

Let me know when you do I’m linking them all together on my threads, you see the links to each of them in the top right hand corner of all the threads. Another nice thing this place can do that the old place could not.

Just a small side note to add, if you are going to be raiding with this build, I would suggest using a purple Six Shooter for the Empryean phases, even if you are the one to play the build like a sniper. Going ADS while in showdown can be very…the term I’ll use is messy since there quite a few “average” enemies around and the floating pillars can get in the way of both them and that big face of his. Firing from the hip and aiming in the general direction of the Sentinel during this part is advised, so we may as well use a COM that will boost Quick Shot in addition to Crack Shot and Magnificent Six. Usually my deaths during that fight are caused by the auto aim when ADS against the Empryean phase. The sniping way of life works fine for the Sentinel, but as soon as he grows massive, just swap to a purple to boost Quick Shot.

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Pretty good piece of advice. I have recently switched pretty much permanently to a purple one :smile:
The extra damage isn’t gonna be overkill once UVHM is released

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So…does this mean a purple Loaded Six Shooter will be suggested over a blue varient, or will the blue varient stay for variety once UVHM hits. Personally, I think it should stay since despite the extra damage we may need (we might not need it actually if we’re going to Get 5/5 Rarin’ to Go), some people may still want to use their “sniper shotty” deputy build. Now that I think about it, the term “sniper shotty” should be used more often in this thread…

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I planed on leaving it there, for diversity.
I might also add a Trigger-happy lone star too when we get to 60
I’ll see if I can’t sneak a few “sniper shotty” in the OP :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s something I mentioned earlier, but here’s some more insight on it. Due to Rarin’ to Go having a potential 11/5 (that is, if you truly feel like sacrificing the Six Shooter this was originally based on), the potential of an average 152% reload speed increase (30 Order Stacks and at least 1 kill with Impatience) probably makes it perfectly fine to have a Doc’s Striker with a Scav stock in UVHM. The slower reload speed would be neglected very quickly on a kill, and one would be able to stack Magnificent Six and Crack Shot. There is a physical limit to how fast one can reload, so I’m pretty sure that if you wanted to try it, Scav stock would be viable in UVHM if using the Trigger Happy Lone Star.

EDIT: This has nothing to do with the current topic, but Chuck, you may we’ll be my favorite person here. You’ve given the community not only awesome builds in the form of the Deputy builds, you’ve inspired others to do the same. Essentially, lots of people want to be the deputy, but you’re the most… deputyest deputy here? Yeah, we’ll roll with it.
TLDR Version: Chuck is awesome, a role model to others, and the most deputyest deputy of them all.

I will have to give it a try, especially at UVHM

Looks good and clean with the new forum, I like it!

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Out of curiosity, why bump 3rd degree to 5 on the level 60 cap instead of adding the point to Jurisdiction, Crack Shot, or Trick Shot?

Lone Star Master Race.

Also you cant make unserius hashtags anymore… :frowning:

You have no idea just how much I agree with you there, though it may be beaten by the six shooter COM in the end for this build at least. Lone Star master race indeed.

Jurisdiction is the only possible choice in those you named as I need the points to get to TC. And I would rather have a serious melee option instead of a bit more health regen.

My girlfriend wanted to use a shotgun nisha, and I pulled out this build for her. The survivability is awesome, and the shotgun is mad effective. I just saw pellets flying an mobs dyin. She enjoyed it. The only problem is that everything dies too fast to take advantage of most of the damage.


Hopefully that will not be an issue once UVHM kicks in, but I guess that’s also a compliment too. It’ll be interesting to see how Rarin’ to Go then completely ignores the increased health of normal enemies and Badasses with 11/5 or even just 5/5 Rarin’ to Go. The Sentinel is going to have a really rough time with Nisha pretty soon.


Yeah, its a compliment to the build, but its also a serious issue. I’m really excited for UVHM, and I really hope that enemies get some good beef added to them. When I was using green weapons at lower levels this wasn’t a problem, but as soon as I flop on some good gear everything melts.

One thing I did was ignore tombstone. The DPS of that striker is so high that there was just no need for it. My lady is used to gaige’s close enough anyway, so I replaced it with full trickshot. Its always fun to see aircraft get downed by shotgun pellets flying off the wall. :smile:

I was using sjim’s blue steel build with it. Such a fun combination. My co-op character is only level 42, but when we get to 50 I’m gonna love seeing a Nisha and Athena dual Melee Hybrid experience. Thats what I’m talkin bout right there.

Welp, since nobody else really has mentioned anything about it, I guess I will be the first to discuss how Deputy Nisha fares in UVHM. Mobbing in UVHM with this build is still pretty much the complete devastation of everything, though the occasional enemies will survive the onslaught. Badasses and bosses definitely pose much more of a threat than last time around, but so long as you trigger Blood of the Guity you should be fine for survivability. Deadlift actually gave me a bit of trouble this time around, which was a pleasant surprise. The Striker is still a completely viable weapon, and due to the results so far, I almost feel bad about adding Rarin’ to Go to this build. Almost. Like I said earlier, the Sentinel is going to have a really rough time with this level 60 build once the cap hits.


Hey, Thanks man! I appreciate it. Im just happy that people like my stuff, and comments like these make it all the more rewarding :slight_smile: