[Build] Deputy Nisha

In case you guys didn’t hear chuck is hosting a new reality tv show called Deputy Wars


I didn’t know about the show, but I guarantee I’ll tune in every night. No, seriously, Chuck, go start this show up, the world needs more deputies.

For quick fire eliminations @Sljm is going to challenge them to a math test. Shotguns and math a true recipe for great television.


Nah, I’ll just be in the back room, laughing.

Somebody’s gotta be the Aaron Spelling of Borderlands.

I can’t wait until they release the next character. I’m gonna post the most lazy deputy build ever 1 minute after the section is made. :imp:

It took me two weeks at the grinder but I finally got my hands on one:



I have the weirdest boner right now.

What am I talking about, it’s not weird.


…Perfection :blush:

Merry Xmas :slight_smile:


Its in 1080p, so you will have to forgive the loss in frames where the action gets a bit insane.
And if you need evidence of Law and Order’s usefulness, be sure to watch from 13:30 to 16:45.

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Nice gameplay demonstration. Good job.
But that Nukem’s reload time was abysmal. Looked at the card and it said 10.5 seconds! That’s ages!

“This video has been removed because it is too long” ?


Seriously, I’m seeing the same thing.

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It worked for a few hours! What gives?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I will do it again in 900p and see what they say about that :wink:

Hahaha yeah had all the parts to make it terrible on reload speed - Scav grip and exhaust.

Here we go again. This time in 900p and cut down to the interesting stuff :smile:


So Chucky will you update the build with colors and diffrent size for the title and stuff?

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Yes, I will.
But i’m waiting for the Old forum to close first, so that I have less things to check.
And they are supposed to add a button shortcut for colors, so i’m also waiting for that.

Also, i’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

[color=#32cd32]Im not very active on the old forum myself.

Anyway heres the code you use just in case.[/color]

Switch out ( with [

X=color code

Yeah, I know the format, but without a selection, i’m a bit lost… I don,t know color codes :frowning:
I know some basic words work (yellow, blue, red…) but it would be nice to have a list of all the words that work. (does “deepskyblue” still works for example ? I bet “darkorchid” doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue: )

  1. http://html-color-codes.info/

  2. If you want a specific color google it

  3. Google it…

#9932CC is Dark Orchid btw