[Build] Deputy Sal

(Sheriff) #1

Hello everyone!

I would like to take a few lines to thank those who’s input has helped shape this build into what it is today.
So many thanks to:

@itothemagine, @Sljm @akdere1, @Ganza, @Afro_Samurai, @BookEmDano, @Kurtdawg13, @Jefe, @Piemanlee, @kbk160008, Imit8m3, Poisoned, Jimmy_cornflower, Grimw, Theweird, SirPatman, Relix28, Umcio, Dotanuki, and many others. Thank you all! :blush: (Damn forum only lets me tag 10 people)

This build is designed to let you do massive money shots in quick successions.

It is light on ammo, has good survivability and deals with mobs and bosses with equal ease.

It’s slightly harder to play than DPUH/Grog: you have to pace yourself to correct recoil, aim for crit points and since it uses Jakobs weapons, you have to pull the trigger on each shot instead of just holding it.

The payoff though, is totally worth it.

Here’s how it works:

  • Jakobs shotguns are crazy powerful but they don’t benefit as much from Money Shot due to their small mag size.

  • The game actually only looks at the main hand gun’s magazine size to calculate the Money Shot bonus for BOTH GUNS.

  • We’ll be using a gun with a big enough mag in our main hand to get the full bonus. :grin:

  • So we’ll get THE FULL MONEY SHOT BONUS EVERY TWO SHOTS on our off-hand shotgun.

Here’s a few examples of the build at work:

Level 72 runs by @itothemagine

OP8 runs by @Ganza


** At Level 50**

All level 72 versions will be variations of this core set of skills. I will give a few versions below, but as long as you have these skills down, you should be all set.

Brawn version

Since pulling off the trick this build relies on requires so few skill points, we are free to invest in whatever we want with the last 15 or so we have.
I personally think a solid investment in the Brawn tree adds a lot of effectiveness, survivability and mobility.

Gunlust version

This trades the increased speed and survival of Brawn for the additional punch from No Kill Like Overkill. Requires either a Moxxie weapon main-hand … or absolute mastery of the game, as you will be a very fragile glass cannon. Best suited for Raids for this reason.

There are of course other variants of the build out there and I won’t list them all for brevity’s sake.


Some skill choices may appear strange (especially in the Gunlust version), so let me break it down a bit:

  • Lay Waste: No fire rate bonus for Jakobs guns, and most of the things you crit would have died anyway.

  • Keep it Piping Hot: Doesn’t provide its gun bonus to the off-hand.

  • Inconceivable: While it usually is one of Sal’s best skills, we avoid it this time because we want money shot to be predictable and quick. Delaying it only hampers the build.
    NEVER put points into Inconceivable!

  • Keep Firing: Can’t hold the trigger on Jakobs weapons, so it’s useless.

  • I’m Ready Already Due to the unique nature of spawns in Digistruct Peak, there are more downtimes between batches of enemies, and that means less chances to activate Get Some! This is one of the rare occasions where this skill is useful to a build with Get some. If you feel you can move some points around to get it, it could be useful.


Main hand:

The Grog Nozzle slags, heals and has a hidden 200% multiplicative critical bonus. It’s the best all-around choice.

The Lady fist with its 800% crit bonus, is VERY potent.

If you can’t get a Grog and still want moxxi healing, a slag Rubi or Kitten would work just fine as well. If you use the Gunlust version, a Moxxie weapon is almost a necessity.

Ultimately, any gun with a mag size of 12+ can be used. Bonus points if it slags, heals and/or boost criticals.

Off hand:

A Jakobs shotgun with a big enough mag size to be shot twice.

This is crucial as Money shot does not work with guns that fire only once.

The absolute best guns for this build are the Rustler’s Orphan Maker (ROM) and the Twister.

Outside of these two, Coach guns are great as they strike the best balance of pellet count and accuracy.

Bushwacks, Quads, as well as the Hydra and Triquetra should do relatively well too, but their low accuracy and/or unique spread pattern mean you will have to get much closer to your target to be effective.

Conversely, the Striker does less damage than the other guns, but allows you to take the fight to range. Here’s a video by @Afro_Samurai showing the kind of ranges possible with it.

A few notes on shotguns:

  • A Level 72 ROM does more damage than an OP8 Orphan Maker without that prefix. On the Orphan Maker, it’s Rustler’s or bust.

  • If you have a shotgun with too small a mag size, a Jakobs allegiance relic with mag size increase can fix that.

  • On coach guns and ROM, you need either a Jakobs or Bandit grip to get 2 shots between reloads.

  • Look for blue Coach Guns instead of purple. A purple coach guns with Jakobs grip has too big of a mag size for our purposes.

  • On the Striker, Scatterguns and Longriders, the Tediore grip is the best. The Jakobs and Bandit grips are to be avoided because they increase the mag size too much.

  • With any gun but the Orphan Maker, you should look for the Doc’s prefix as it increases crits and tightens the spread. The Texas or Well-kept prefix are good substitutes.

  • The Rustler’s prefix lower accuracy too much and is to be avoided on most guns.

  • For the Min/max-ers out there, the best stock is the Hyperion one, followed by the Tediore.

Class mod:

To maximize damage: Monk or Raider. If your main hand’s mag size is below 12, get a Neutral prefix. Otherwise a Chaotic Evil version is probably the best choice overall. Note: Evil is the only prefix that affects off-hand on the Monk COM

To maximize survival: The Beast COM is almost tailor-made for this build. (Thanks to @kbk160008 for pointing it out.)

Against raid bosses, you may want to switch to a Berserker or Legendary Gunzerker COM at some points to not be stuck out of gunzerking for too long.

Otherwise, the Legendary Berserker is a solid all-around choice.


The Deputy’s badge. gave this build its name and is my recommendation here.

A Jakobs allegiance relic with mag size increase could be used if your shotgun has inadequate mag size.

If you are using the Twister, the best relic is probably a shock Bones of the ancients.

Vitality, Cooldown or Aggression relics (or the E-tech versions of those) could also prove useful .

Most other relics are simply not useful to this build.


As usual with Salvador, the Evolution and Neogenator are awesome picks.

The Rough Rider is not as good a choice for this build as it usually is, since you can’t benefit from either Inconceivable or OoBG, but It’s still a top pick.

AoE and Transfusions grenades can help to stay alive while you’re on cooldown.
A Stormfront is a GREAT pick here if you’re using a Moxxie gun for healing. as it lasts very long.

For other ideas for shields, grenades and remaining gun slots, I suggest you take a look at Sljm’s Top gear for Salvador

So that’s it! Please provide any feedback you have and thank you for reading :blush:

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(0range Agent) #2

Thanks for putting it here @Chuck80 here’s how I far I got until now…
I’ve ran down the beach more than 50 times now but no Rustler OM yet, I did get a 4 mag sidewinder though and with 4 points in FttB I got my CC mag size to 12. I’ve played with a the skillpoints a bit and will do some live testing later.
Any feedback at this point is welcome, if you have a ROM to go that would be awesome.

(Carlton Slayer) #3

Nice build and gear set up- have you tried to take it to OP8 yet? I’ve got Sal doing an OP8 play thru now and a little variety in his setup might make things a bit fresher for me…

Item Finds of the Day BL2
(Sheriff) #4

LOL! yes

This build is over a year old, I just took longer than I should have porting it from the old forum, where it had over 80 000 views and 600 replies :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I took it to OP8, and so did hundreds of people. I beat the OP7 Peak to unlock OP8…using only OP2 gear… and i’m not even a good player.

Some used it to solo raid bosses in under 3 minutes…
It’s been tested in just about every conceivable situation in the game and the form you see now is the result of a MASSIVE collective playtesting to distill it down to it’s best possible incarnation. I seriously doubt there is anything left to improve on it.

Don’t worry: it’s CRAZY powerful :blush:

(Sheriff) #5

You are using the CC with the ROM ?
Why not use the Grog you have instead ?
It would slag, heal you with all damage you do and add a 200% crit bonus on top.

You don’t need the CC’s damage output at all :stuck_out_tongue:
Just the slag it provides makes it more damaging than the CC, let alone the crit boost.
Divergent likeness isn’t changing the score either.

Good call in putting a single point in Inconceivable so that FTTB doesn’t move your mag size to 5.
Move those points from I’m ready already to All in the reflex: when you reload every 2 shots, reload speed is important, and I’m ready already is redundant with Get some.

so far so good :slight_smile:

(0range Agent) #6

Thanks for the feedback :smile:

I’m running the CC to compensate for not having the Rustler with it’s extra pellet goodness.
The Grog/DPUH is my current backup to stay alive while learning to use the shotgun moneyshot effectively.
Did not pick up the value of fast reloading with small mag size, I’ll switch the points.
With time I’ll test it today on the Handsome Sorcerer, my favorite DPS guinea pig :stuck_out_tongue:

(Carlton Slayer) #7

I’ve got characters that still have some of the Capt Blade missions open at OP8- guess I’ll see what kind of Orphan Maker I can get )I’ve got a couple of Doc’s Bushwackers and Longriders) and I need a better CE Monk mod (just have a green that’s +5 MS). BTW, what’s ROM stand for?

(0range Agent) #8

What I did to farm for a ROM, the Orphan Maker with the Rustlers prefix is this.
Did a game reset on a level 72 character, start, run back to Claptraps place (say hi to Knuckle Dragger), fast travel to Oasis, go through the motions, get the bottle and open the chest but do not accept if it’s not a Rustler. Close the application from the desktop, don’t save or anything. This way you start in Oasis with a straight run to the bottle and back to the chest without all the fuss. Takes me 3 minutes every try, hope this helps.

(Jimmy_cornflower) #9

ROM stands for Rustlers Orphan Maker.

If you’re bored a bit with Sal, I highly recommend trying this build and setup. The Deputy build has ruined any other setup with Sal, for me at least. Super powerful, fun and even a bit of skill added to the spray and spam Moneyshot playstyle I was used to.

(Sheriff) #10

I need to reiterate this for new players: The Orphan maker WITHOUT the Rustler’s prefix is lackluster
The Rustler’s prefix really sets it apart from all other guns. So if you’re farming for it, don’t settle for anything less…

…but it’s by no means the only good option!

Farming for a ROM is tedious, I know, so I would only do it at max level.

Look at the OP, there is a video of Ganza clearing Pete’s bar at OP8 with a blue Scattergun! and he’s still 2-shoting everything.

Any Jakobs shotgun with the right mag size can do.
don’t spoil the fun of this build by farming for hours on end for a ROM until you’re bored. Just pick anything and go! :smile:

If you’re farming for a ROM and you’re about to just accept anything, stop farming, leave that opened for when you’re ready to take on the peak (because honestly, that’s the only thing that requires a ROM) (and remember: mag size of 3)

So long story short: Farm for a RUSTLER’S Orphan Maker… and nothing else.
or use another gun entirely.

Use that! it’s a pretty good pick, and the Doc’s prefix is the best.
It’s much better than an Orphan Maker without the Rustler’s prefix.

That’s totally fine too, you’re not missing much by using that over what I recommend: one point in Money shot and a few in a very average skill…
Just go with that and play :blush:

(Spark Seeker) #12

Chuck, the level 50 version of the build allows me to Gunzerker all the time while in combat or do I have to look out for my cooldown?

(Carlton Slayer) #13

If Rustler is the best prefix, then what’s second? I’ve passed on a couple of Doc’s and Texas ones so far as well as a Gently Cared For one IIRC…

(Sheriff) #14

No version of this build will allow you to infini-Zerk, unless you are facing a lot of mobs for Get some to activate often. That’s the sole purview of builds that use Berserker COMs. But at level 50, it already has as much gunzerk as it’s gonna get, so it’s not bad. Yes, you will have to watch it a bit.
When on cooldown (especially on the peak) I like to keep my grog nozzle out and throw stormfronts to stay topped off. You can try using a Berserker COM or Legendary Gunzerker COM instead of the Monk if you see that you don’t need the extra oompf to kill regular enemies though.

Here’s the thing.

The Rustler’s prefix adds 2 pellets.
So on…say, a Coach gun, the pellet count goes from 13 to 15. A moderate improvement
But on the orphan Maker, the count goes from 2 …to 4.
it DOUBLES the damage.
THAT’S what makes it great.

Without those extra pellets, the damage from an orphan maker is about on par with …a scattergun.
With slightly better accuracy, but much less forgiving since if you miss even with a single pellet, you just cut your damage in half. Even a green Coach gun hurts more at this point.

So, for the Orphan Maker:

Farm for a 3-mag Rustler’s
… or don’t even bother and use something else entirely

There is no second best prefix for that gun.
If it couldn’t come with the Rustler’s prefix, I wouldn’t even mention it in the OP at all.

With that Doc’s Bushwack of yours, I wouldn’t bother farming for a ROM unless you want to tackle the Peak. :smile:

(Carlton Slayer) #15

Thanks- I’ve got his mission open with Zero and Maya (and maybe Krieg and Gaige as well) so still plenty of opportunity for a ROM… :relaxed: Edit: got the ROM on my 4th try with Zero yesterday- now to see if/where I stashed that Deputy’s Badge. I do have a slag Lady Fist and the Grog Nozzle so I think I’ll try the NKLO build first to see how it goes…

(0range Agent) #16

Mate, I am as much jelly as I am happy for you, now go get sum! :smile:

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #17

One of the strongest builds Salvador can use this build just utterly destroys anything outside of raid bosses and even then it can flatten raid bosses quickly. I love using it when I just want to cheese the game and make things explode just by looking at them. I sometimes consider running Digistruct Peak with this build.


(Sheriff) #18

A big step for you, that I know. I’m honored to be the one to almost make you run the peak :smile:

Looking back, I’m happy I did the peak and challenged myself, I’m proud to have unlocked OP8.
But if I were to play BL2 again, I would stay away from OP levels entirely and refarm myself some new level 72 gear and just play the game that way, trying weird new things and overlooked gear. A bit like what @Spunky117 is doing these days :blush:

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #19

The thought of having to farm everything I have spent a long time getting is enough for me to not want to do Digistruct Peak. That is probably what is causing me to hesitate all the time when I think of running it. All those hours getting the gear I have now and having to do that again…yeah that kills any urge to go climbing the mountain.

That and only a handful of games have made me want to take on the highest difficulty without wanting to just pick up the game system and just pile driver it onto the floor in frustration. The overpower levels are not in that category.

(Sheriff) #20

If that can be the thing that spurs you:

OP2 is where i originally decided to stop…didn’t like where this was going, so I farmed OP2 gear and decided that I would stay there for good.

I used OP2 gear up until OP7

  • I never changed my stormfront (OP2 all the way)
  • I tried changing my ROM at OP7, ended up accepting an OP7 Orphan maker…then realized my OP2 ROM still did more damage…bummer so I kept the OP2 one
  • I used a level 72 Grog Nozzle all the way
  • I used a level 61! Deputy’s badge all the way (the bonus don’t change much anyway)
  • I used a level 72 Monk COM all the way (no real differences anyway, I could have used a level 50 one, I would just have had a smaller crit boost)
  • at OP7, I Pimp/RL’ed Hyperius a couple of times until he dropped a new EVO for me, which I used to beat OP8

So it’s not COMPLETELY true that I used OP2 gear to unlock OP8…I changed my shield. But on the flip side, I used underleveled COMs, Grog and Relic…so it evens out. :innocent:

Starting from OP0, I would get the good gear, then probably re-farm a ROM somewhere around OP5, along with a Shield (the shield took me less than 30 minutes to get)…and that’s it!

…Once done, you can always go back to playing at OP0 :slight_smile:

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #21

I have thought about doing that with Maya to get a higher stat Unforgiven so I can pop enemies in OP0 easier but have not been super motivated to do so.

Since I started playing BL2 again on and off I may just go into the OP levels and do that. That and I have a new gaming tower coming in so I will be able to play with others without my computer doing the Seizure Procedure.