[Build] Deputy Sal

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This problem with this is the same issue with every Harold build, which is the anti-synergy with the gun you’re looking to compliment the Harold with. In this case, the anti-synergy is caused by Inconceivable, which is already explained above.

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I am endlessly amused at how often I:

1: experience something in actual play
2: am informed that it won’t work

In that order.

I’m telling you right now that, because of the difference in how I use the weapon set, with my health topped off, and a low delay shield when I go to ROMFist, deliberately aiming every ROM shot, I haven’t been inconvenienced by Inconceivable at all. Not once. The trick is in how you use them.

If I were to main the ROM, because of the rhythm of health fluctuation, and constant shield depletion, then yes, it would absolutely be detrimental. Chuck is 100% correct in how he presents that as a main set. No question.

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Thankyou chuck for this information, Ive always played harry right, grog left :frowning:

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And you should still.

There are a lot of things that don’t work for the Off-hand and you gain nothing by switching with a Harold build (especially since the Harold likely has the max bonus anyway)

This build is probably the only one where you should put your main DPS gun in your off-hand

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ah, thankyou I’m jumping ahead of my self, lol.

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Two things I wanted to say in here:

  1. @Derch recently put up a cool video calling out some deserving folks here, including Chuck. He included some Deputy Sal mobbing, which was fun to watch.

  2. Second, I wanted to extend a thank you to Chuck. As I’ve previously commented in this thread, I use a pretty cookie cutter Grog Harold type of skill build. While I haven’t changed that, I’ve found that adapting Chuck’s off hand ROM concept to what I like has added a whole new layer of fun to the class. Lining up those off hand shots is a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying the switch back and forth between Harold spraying and aimed ROM shots. I actually used it to get my first OP8 Terra solo.

Here are a couple of clips of alternating the sets, showing how what Chuck has done can be adapted.


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That’s some pretty good luck right there. Kudos! :acmaffirmative:

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Best build, bar none. Of course, this is just my opinion. But still…

The praise @Derch provided in his shout out to community bad asses was well deserved. Chuck has put a ton of time into his threads/builds. I appreciate all you do Chuck. Without the Deputy Build, I think i would have put Sal away. Now the rest are collecting dust, cause Deputy Sal is just too much fun. :smile:

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Thanks, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Doing all this would be so much less fun if it wasn’t for you guys :slight_smile:


First off, thanks Chuck: your build makes playing Sal fun for me, too.

I’ve got a question about skill choice. You say

but, as far as I understand the description of the skill, shouldn’t it be active while gunzerking is on cooldown? If that is correct, why worry about off-hand in that phase?

Another one: what’s the usefullness of Auto-Loader?

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Usually this skill is considered useful because it activates whenever Get Some does, so you get the bonue WHILE gunzerking. The build is kinda harmless while out of gunzerk, and even if you had this at 10/5, it would still be a better idea to just wait it out by throwing grenades to stay alive

Reloading whatever gun you might be carrying in the other 2 slots.
I usually pick it without really questioning that choice: it’s only a single point, and the build is complete at about level 60 …the rest of the points are placed in the “least useless” places from that point. If you’re carrying something that doesn’t benefit in your gun slots 3&4, you can totally skip this and put the point…somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would like to try this build. Question. Can i combine this with the dpuh grog build by sljm? If yes, what are the tweaks needed in the skill build. I want to use both without need of respec. Appreciate assistance on this.

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Yes and no

the biggest punch you get from a Sheriff build comes from chaining money shots, and that requires Inconceivable.

A Deputy setup requires that you DON’T spec into inconceivable because it delays your money shot and makes them unpredictable, a big no-no for this build.

But this is probably the only real compromise you would have to make.

So you need to decide if you want to mess with the Deputy’s reliability or make your sheriff less powerful against bosses.

My advice would be to skip Inconceivable, because if you’re trying a Deputy build for the first time, you should probably try to get a better sense of how it plays. It’s also the better deal as in: it messes with how the Deputy is played, but only makes the Sheriff less powerful (it still plays the same way)

Otherwise: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#505051551510555010515150100000000

This should carry you through both setup
Chaotic evil monk with +6 money shot (move the point from asbestos somewhere else if it’s not the second skill on your COM)

Swapping between a Sheriff’s and Deputy’s badge should be the only thing you have to do to go from one to the other.


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copy will try this out. thanks.

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You can also combine them to solid effect by using a traditional pistol build (with Inconceivable) and having main hand slag Lady Fist + off hand ROM as a swap set. The lady fist gives the ROM a nice lift. This style allows a L Gunzerker or CE Monk, as desired. I’ve linked video previously.

This shows why you may like it. Saturn is rough with a Deputy (he’s one of very few challenges). Works great this way:

The Longest Tourney : Round 2 summary and Round 3 details
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Great gameplay, this is definitely what i had in mind. Will try both builds with inconceivable and without inconceivable and see what works for me. Thanks.

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You’re welcome for my small part. I’d have never gotten an opportunity to have fun using that without Chuck’s work.

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How viable is this build WITHOUT using money shot skill? in op8 for example

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How viable is a racecar without an engine ?
What does an omelet taste like without eggs ?

The whole build is made AROUND money shot, it’s the single most important skill in the build :stuck_out_tongue:
The build actually doesn’t even make sense without it.

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Ohh, I get it
do you know of any op8 build that doesn’t include money shots?