[Build] Deputy Sal

(Sheriff) #285

Sure, plenty

Any build that feature the Legendary Hoarder works without $S, as well as those using the War Dog COM

Kittenzerker is a prime example, So is Derch’s Butcher build…but you can use just about anything, as long as it uses only one ammo per shot.

This should be enough to get you started:

Or pistol builds that feature large mag guns like anarchists, coupled with a sheriff’s badge and a Renegade or Leg. Gunzerker COM

(Agus) #286

Sorry for my ignorance but… what is that of “as long as it uses only one ammo per shot”?

(Sheriff) #287

The main skill that makes a Hoarder-type build work is 5 shots or 6.

It works by reducing ammo consumption by 1 and adding a bullet to your magazine, so on guns that only use 1 ammo per shot, you get a bullet back instead of spending one, and at 50% chance to proc, you have an infinite mag in theory (since half your shots will consume ammo and half will give you ammo back, the laws of average will mean that you shouldn’t have to reload at all)

However, with guns that use more than one ammo per shot (like shotguns with multiple barrels, ARs with the Torgue barrel, E-Tech guns and some others) those maths break down. At 2 ammo per shot, you will have a free shot half the time, so you doubled your mag size…that’s good, but infinite is still a bigger number than anything times 2.

It still works, but it really shines with 1 ammo per shot and really makes the build stand out.

(King Ged) #288

So, Chuck, I got a new comp recently (happy dance :acmcheese:), which has got me revisiting every class/build/equipment combo I’ve ever liked, plus some that I didn’t before (just to see if the vastly improved FPS made me like it any better).

Anyway, I’ve been focused lately on Jacobs’ing with Gaige, Zero, Maya, and of course The Deputy.

So a little while ago I wondered, what exactly was the full setup you, the Original Deputy, used?

From skimming this thread, I think I found most of it.

Launcher (which?)/Slag Pimp
Evo/True Neut Monk

Brawn skill build

This correct?

If so, kinda surprised me. I’ve settled on a similar setup. Gear slightly different, but grog/rom with brawn skill build. Just gotta have The Bus, the Dickpunch, and flying the double bryd with CamB is just sweet.

If that’s not what you run, I’d like to know what is.

(Sheriff) #289

When I run a deputy build, I usually use a personal slight tweak of the Brawn version. I don’t even remember what is different.

(Unless otherwise mentioned, gear is OP8)
I use a ROM with Jakobs grip, level 72 binary Grog nozzle with Maliwan grip, Deep a Duuurp with a mag size of 6 and a level 72 Banbury slag Pimpernel with Maliwan grip.

An OP2 blue true neutral Monk (+6 $S, +5 T-Rex), Level 48 Deputy’s badge, Evo shield (As close to all-Maliwan as I have found) and Longbow Stormfront with a fuse of 0.8.

Some of the gear isn’t EXACTLY what I would have in an ideal scenario, but it’s 99% there.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #290

Had difficulty initially with the deputy sal using the nklo and the fable tortoise trick due to survivability and longer cooldown of gunzerk. So i switched to the brawn version with Im ready Already spec at 5/5 http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#050500501000505510515055005005040

And I think i found the perfect build for my playstyle. I rock the same gear sans level as Chuck80 above except that i prefer the quad and singularity for the grenade switching from quasar and slag singularity.

Kudos to chuck80 for inventing this build.

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #291

@Chuck80 I figure you would get a kick out of this.

(Sheriff) #292

Very nice :slight_smile:

Man, I believe your hand cramp thing, that’s a LOOOOONG fight :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #293

Yeah, I had to put on one of my workout wrist braces in order to help ward it off. My left hand would go so numb it started to throb painfully. Near the end of the last–successful–attempt the fingers on my right hand were starting to get the prickly sensation of going numb.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #294

If i’m not meant to post this long after the last comment, I apologise. I’m trying out the Bus version and loving it, I just wanted to know if there’s a way to tweak the setup at all to get more cooldown? I used to use the Legendary Gunzerker so now i’m using the CEM, I can really see the difference in cooldown. I’m using the setup that Chuck advised, Neogenator, Storm Front, CEM, Deputy’s Badge. ROM, Grog.

If I need to make a new post for this, let me know and I will.

(Is this thing on?) #295

You’re in the right place. Hopefully @DeputyChuck will drop by (although there’s a few others who could answer your question as well!)

(Sheriff) #296

You could move some points around in the Rampage tree to pick I’m ready already but you will get really little out of this.

Because it’s less about cooldown as it is about gunzerk duration. The Leg. Gunzerker boosts YKY and Last longer, both of which allow Get some to trigger more often before the gunzerk is over, filling more and more of your cooldown bar before you actually get to the real cooldown.

You can always play with the Leg. Gunzerker, but your damage output will suffer greatly for it.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to try and take the time to learn:

1: Learn to milk every second you can out of get some.

Get some can trigger every 3 seconds and lasts for 3 seconds. And when it’s activated, shooting doesn’t change anything. So this is something you can play around: Leave a foe alive for just one more second so you can trigger get some again, try to always be shooting when get some is out even if you won’t kill immediately. (a lot of people, including myself, tend to forget they have a grog nozzle and will only use it when they are about to kill something to slag them right before they shoot their shotgun), Use your grog to slag everything you see: Slag lasts 8 whole seconds, the gun has a big mag and reloads really fast and whenever you tag something, it might activate get some.
You could always trade the grog for a slag Kitten. You would lose some healing and big crits potential, but at least you can just keep the trigger down and hose everything you see and activate get some more reliably. (anyway if you’re using the Bus version, you can probably live with a bit less healing)
And also, the kitten can actually kill by itself, so that’s not all loss there.
Also, remember that get some also works when you are out of gunzerk ON TOP of natural cooldown. So being out of gunzerk in the middle of a fight is not a reason to stop shooting: keep hitting something at least once every 3 seconds will double your cooldown rate.

And 2: learn to pace your progress.

There are usually natural lulls in each maps, learn to pace yourself around them. If your gunzerk is nearly over, take a 20-something second breather before moving on to the next area. And if there is only one enemy left in a wave and you are out of gunzerk, it could be a good time to switch to some other gun and kill it with just that instead of starting a new gunzerk right away and wasting 1/4 of it just getting to the next area. Learn to predict when you’ll run out of gunzerk to either put out the big guy right before it ends, or maybe to focus on a few small fryes that will extend it just enough for you to reach your intended target.
You should be fast enough to avoid suicide units by just moving around, but shoot them anyway: it heals you, it activates get some, and it triggers kill skills (like YKY) when you kill them before they blow up.

I know it’s hard to move out of using the Leg. Gunzerker, but learning to play without relying on it will open up a world of possibilities with Salvador for you. Because it only makes it EASIER to play Sal, it doesn’t make you better :slight_smile:

I haven’t touched the Leg. Gunzerer in over a year: I simply don’t need it anymore. I manage my gunzerk myself instead of relying on my COM to do it for me and that has freed up my COM slot for more power or more survivability instead.
I play with the monk, the Renegade, the Leg. Titan, the War Dog and my favorite: the Leg. Hoarder :slight_smile:

(It also makes playing Salvador much less the “brain-dead” exercise in killing-what-you-point-at experience that Salvador’s detractors complain about)

PS: Your Grog with a mag size of 11 is just fine really :stuck_out_tongue:
The mag size that matters is once you are playing, not in the menu: 5/5 FttB will push it above 12.
If your grog has 11 mag size IN PLAY after FttB applies (which means a mag size of like… 8 on the card) then it’s probably not legit. (or maybe Tediore grip would do that ? I doubt it… anyway 11 out of 12 is still that proportion less in damage… not a big deal)

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #297

It’s this that I want to do. I’m not a detractor, but I do see it as boring after a while nonetheless. I wanted to try this because it looks so freaking cool as a build and idea, and i’ve watched the videos in the original post. I decided I HAVE to try it!

Thanks for all the advice, i’ll get back to practising!

As for the Grog, it was 11 in game, and it’s the mission item, so can’t be non-legit. I know it randomises each time though so it won’t be the same now anyway :slight_smile:

(Sheriff) #298

Ok, so probably the Tediore Grip in that case
Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:
Or you can always save and quit to get another grip. Basically any other grip will be big enough to get the full bonus


To expand on Chuck’s excellent advice - a lot of things can trigger Get Some that are not enemies. Shoot barrels, poop piles, shock cacti, pretty much anything that has some reaction to taking damage (and some that don’t - in Control Core Angel, the shields guarding the eridium injectors count for Get Some). Since I’ve gotten into the habit of shooting these things when I need more Get Some I haven’t had much trouble with cooldown.

A slag Rubi is a nice middle step between the Grog and the slag Kitten Chuck suggested. It still has unusually good healing, and can kill on its own. I’m on the fence about whether to even get a Grog once Sal hits 72; he might just have Krieg get him an upgraded Rubi instead.

(Sheriff) #300

I didn’t know that, nice :slight_smile:

I like the rubi too, but I would still advise you get a Grog for your Sal even if you don’t plan on using it much, as it allows you to try out many other various things in a “controlled environment” so to speak.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #301

Ok here are my skills and gear as of now. I went ahead and farmed for a reasonable Slag Kitten to test with, it’s not perfect but at least has the Vladof grip.

To stop myself getting tempted to switch to other weapons I left the Grog on the 3rd slot and the 4th empty, so the only switching I will do is if the Kitten isn’t healing me enough.

(Sheriff) #302

Not bad, though I would make a few changes:

Bus is enough for speed, and if you prefer using the Kitten, you have much to gain from putting a few points in brawn skills that do regen.

You can move some points from Incite and Div likeness to Ain’t got time to bleed and T-rex (and even pick up CAMB while you’re at it) That would help shore up the differences in healing between the kitten and Grog.

And never play with an empty slot:
if you start a gunzerk with the guns in the wrong spot, you will not be able to witch them around without physically moving them in the menu. Just carry something for utility (Like a sniper for distant targets for example, or a RL for FFYL out of gunzerk ) or a second copy of one of the guns you already have.

Kitten needs the vladof grip, so good pick. the rest of the parts are not as important. But if you feel like “farming” a perfect one in the future: Vladof grip, vladof sight, Dahl stock and severe prefix :slight_smile:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #303

Thanks again for the tips. I’ll definitely try out those Brawn options, to be honest it’s a tree i’ve not often used apart from the first tier.

(Sheriff) #304

You’re welcome
This build is one of the best to try out Brawn since it requires so few skill points to make it work in the first place.
Happy experimenting :slight_smile: