[Build] Deputy Sal

(Helloooooo Travellers!) #305

Since this topic started gaining some traction again recently, I’ve been meaning to ask, has there been any testing on Keep Firing on these boards? I’m wondering if the bonuses are hand independent. I was wondering if holding the trigger on your Grog would increase the reload speed for your offhand.

(Sheriff) #306

It’s independent for each hand: holding down the trigger on the grog will speed up the Reload for the grog only.

(Helloooooo Travellers!) #307

Thanks Chuck, I kind of figured as much since it’s not in your build but I had hope :slight_smile:

(Sheriff) #308

Edited the OP to reflect recent discovery (Thanks @Jefe and @Kurtdawg13 )

ARRRGH!!! and it broke all my formatting!!!

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Since you’re in there fixing your broken formatting :grimacing: , you could update your link to Sljm’s crit thread from the dead old forum link to the web archive one :


(Sheriff) #310

Thanks, fixed

I had actually already ported the crit guide, so I linked to the new one instead :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say, i’ve been running the main story since I reset with this build using a Kitten in the main hand, at OP8. I’m converted :slight_smile: I just ran through A Dam Fine Rescue and, despite taking a knee a few times, it is all just getting used to it. I’ll upload footage shortly of my run. Don’t laugh, i’m still new to this build :slight_smile:

(Sheriff) #312

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Deputy takes a while to get used to, I don’t think anyone would laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #313

@DeputyChuck I made a couple of changes, well one really. I moved the points out of Divergent Likeness and Auto-Loader, and put them into Sexy T-Rex, as per your advice. Does that sound like a better move?

Edited to update the picture to reflect advice from @Kurtdawg13 - I really wanted to keep Double Your Fun, but everything else seemed more important and/or required to get down the respective tree.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #314

I think it borderlines Perfect, imo. :acmaffirmative:

I would seriously think about taking a point from somewhere and adding it to CAMB. not only is it free health at the push of a button, but you get the hilarious animation to go with it. So satisfying to use in combat once you get used to it. I like your build tho. It is very similar to mine. I took a point from double your fun and put it in the Brawn cap stone.

Here is a vid of me using this build on OP8 Jack. Pay attention to the level gear I used. :wink: this is a testament to how powerful this build is. I had forgotten to equip my Chaotic Evil Monk com, otherwise this fight would have been over quicker, imo. you’ll notice my spec, is almost identical to yours, other than CAMB. :wink:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #315

I just did what you said and sacrificed DyF for CAMB. The descriptions mentions “massive damage reduction” for a few seconds, is there a number to that?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #316

Great question. Answer, SCIENCE! Explanation: REASONS! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: I have been trying to search for an asnwer for you. I am coming up with nada so far. :wink:

(Carlton Slayer) #317

The term may be somewhat relative- what’s ‘massive’ at OP0 might be a goose bump at OP8 :cowboy_hat_face:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #318

Out of interest, @Kurtdawg13, what do you have in slot 3 and 4?

Edit: Practical use number 1 for CAMB. Being molested in a corner by a rabid stalker. I approve of this skill!

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #319

It can really be a life saver. :wink: I just started using it at the master himself, @DeputyChuck 's advice.

Depends on the task at hand. Right now, I am using a Pimp/ahab combo to farm RAIDS for new level 72 gear. But, I change it constantly just to have fun. Sometime I don’t have anything in slot 4. That way I can cycle my main hand weapons easily by just pressing ‘Y’. so grog for healing then ladyfist for extra crit damage. Sometimes I’ll put slot 3 and 4 as another moxxi weapon in the mainhand and a Twister in the offhand. That is visually exciting and really fun to do in Pete’s Bar. :blush:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #320

I can imagine, now I just need to remember to use it, I find myself forgetting I have FFoH, until the fight has finished. I will remember CAMB more purely because it’s a panic button :slight_smile:


To me, Deputy Sal’s #3 slot is reserved for a Lady Fist.

I have a FFYL RL in #4, for the theoretical scenario where Sal is down but gunzerking isn’t up. I can’t recall ever using it. Leaving it empty is nuts on PC so I don’t do that, but I gather something about console weapon-swap controls makes it non-crazy there judging from what Kurtdawg13 said…

(Sheriff) #322

CAMB is 250% for 8 seconds

Also, move a few points from Asbestos to Ain’t got time to bleed and you’re golden

I’m seriously thinking of removing the Bus version from the OP and just putting the Brawn version first instead

(Helloooooo Travellers!) #323

I’d honestly rather see the brawn build put into its own post with a brawn focused writeup. The NKLO/Bus versions using the grog are different enough and powerful enough in their own right to not be removed. (Slightly biased since I took your bus version from 72 to op8 without gear changes) :smile:

(Sheriff) #324

There isn’t enough difference between the Brawn and bus version to matter.

Not altering the gear thought, just the skill trees