[Build] Deputy Sal

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And I’ve seen others do it too

I think @Kurtdawg13 did it a while ago

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Yes this was a while ago.

BAR is on.

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This thread may also be of interest. :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to trying this build. :smiley: I started a fresh Salvador a little while ago to be my dedicated Deputy (because I also enjoy the leveling-up process).

Once he comes of age, he’ll have all his gear waiting for him that’s been collected on various characters over the years (evil monk, Evolution, Deputy’s Badge, etc), except for the ROM I farmed up last night on a Maya because I just wanted to knock that out. :wink: (Bandit grip, which luckily didn’t take too long to farm, around 15 tries. I kinda was hoping for Jakobs but bandit’s good enough for now. I have plenty of other characters who haven’t done that mission in UVHM if I want another.)

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It needs to have a magazine size of 3, without a Jakobs grip it won’t will it?

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Bandit grips increase mag size to get it to 3. Otherwise for non-Jakobs it’s 2.

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Bandit grip works too.

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Ah, that makes sense. Just wondered really. Although I wouldn’t settle for less than matching grip :slight_smile:

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The alternative is to get one with a Tediore grip ( for reload speed ) and use a Jakobs allegiance relic with mag size increase ( and recoil reduction ).

That’s my setup - but it’s intentionally so to fit in with my build.

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How funny that you’re actually doing that. It has crossed my mind to do this just because I’m still dboard farming my perfect ROM. :sweat_smile:


You may reconsider your position after endless hours of farming, @fredbedmo. :slight_smile: It’s enough of a pain just getting a Rustler’s to show up, so I’ll take it even with the Bandit grip. As the saying goes, “Perfect is the enemy of good enough.”


Thanks for this. My friend dropped me a rubies and dpuh and it felt broken. I tried this build with brawn tree at lvl 61 with a assault Rifle com that boosts money shot and the game feels more skill based. I’m using a maliwan slag pistol and a white organ gun and it’s loads of fun.

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Hmm- guess I can pull that 2 rd mag ROM off the mule that has it and try this out- if I still have a Jakobs allegiance relic with mag size increase around…

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Question to you experts of this build, as you may know i’m currently running my first Sal through on PS4, he’s just hit level 35. I wanted to know at what level does it become reasonable to have a beginners deputy build? I’m assuming close to 50, but wanted some confirmation. I’m finding this playthrough with him more interesting because i’m not cheesing with a Rubi and Harold, in fact this Sal hasn’t even owned a Harold so far.

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I’d say UVHM

Before that, the damage output is completely overkill and the pacing is pretty bad.
In short: Deputy Sal may be great in UVHM, but it’s … lackluster in TVHM.

If this is your first time playing Sal, I say take this opportunity to learn to play him. Try different things, mess around with gear you never thought to use, and stay clear of the cookie-cutter builds. :slight_smile:

That kind of play will teach you about Sal in a way that playing a single build never could and you’ll be a better player overall for it. :slight_smile:


I found Deputy Sal to work well from the mid-40s somewhere. I’d say the key criteria are Get Some and Down Not Out, so something like this as a bare minimum.

Gear is a concern in TVHM since items are at fixed levels. The Striker is at 43, so that matches well. It works until 48ish, and at that point you can have a UVHM character drop down and farm for another one. As we all know, underleveled drops are really common, so a level 48 Striker should be quick to acquire. :neutral_face: Then farm up a ROM at 50, and that will last you to 60-61 or so.

I didn’t go looking for a Monk COM until UVHM; whatever COM you have will be fine through TVHM.

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Agreed fully

In TVHM, high damage is much less of a concern, so any suitable Jakobs shotgun would do. Instead of farming the striker and ROM, I suggest you just use whatever at-level suitable gun you find. I’ve had a lot of success with Coach guns, Longriders, Bushwacks and such. Even better with a little spread as landing all pellets is much less important in this case since enemies seem to die from anything stronger than a heavy wind, but you will have better chance to hit. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the Hydra would wreck faces really well in TVHM as you might be able to kill 3-4 mobs in a single shot :smiley:

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Remind me, where do I get a Hydra?

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Hamerlock DLC, I believe Rouge drops it