[Build] Deputy Sal

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@DeputyChuck Hi, just wanted to ask, if I farm a ROM at 72, will it last for all the peak? I don’t want to waste time farming it if I will need to replace it before OP8.

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I think it can be done…

I ran the Peak with level 72 gear and went up to OP5 and beat it. But felt any higher would be very frustrating to accomplish. I’m not saying it can’t be done. It would take a lot of patience and strategy . Keep in mind all my gear was level 72 at OP5 difficulty in the Peak. If I had an on level shield, I might have had an easier time. it’s worth the time to farm a good ROM as it will last a while(several OP levels if not all).

Dual Saturn’s vs an OP0 ROM is not something I’d entertain. You’d be at that for quite a long time if only using the ROM through the Peak. So RNG would play a factor.

Sorry for butting in. I know you asked Chuck. This is just my two cents. :wink:

72 Rustlers Orphan Maker vs. OP8 Digistruct Peak
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Thanks for the reply, no need to apologise. Would it make more sense, then, to use this 71 Quad I got from a chest for the first couple of levels, and then maybe just use Triquetras or something just to get up to and past OP7 (so I can put my game on OP8 to farm on level gear)?

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Its worth trying.

Your Quad might give you ammo issues towards the end of the Peak runs. Good enough damage to get it done, but I’m not sure how the ammo would hold up. At the OP levels, there’s really no replacing the ROM for efficiency. I use my level 72 ROM at OP8 every once in a while cause its effective. it works. And a bit more of a challenge when I feel like I want to grind it out, so-to-speak. :wink:

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I’ll get myself a 72 grenade and shield then, and just go for it. I lose nothing except some needless cash if I fail after all :slight_smile:

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Nice! :acmaffirmative:

Here’s me with 72 ROM vs. OP8 Jack. The fight took longer than needed cause I had forgot to change my COM from Leg Berserker to Chaotic Evil Monk. so I did it with a slight handicap. :blush:

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What do you have, if anything, in the other two weapon slots?

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for that particular scenario of tackling OP8 with only 72 or lower gear I would swap to the lady fist for extra crit damage when needed. leaving the 4th slot empty so I can easily/quickly swap back and forth from Grog to Lady fist as needed. But, for the Peak, I cary a Derp Duuurp purple RL and a level 72 slag pimp for the Saturns and Dukino’s Mom.

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I was going to say maybe I should farm the Torgue machines for a Duuurp. Or at least a Nukem for the early levels, and get a slag Pimpernel. You’ve confirmed this plan :slight_smile:

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take what ever comes first. I recently FINALLY got an almost perfect purple Derp Duurp. I had been looking for one do to the dramatic difference in the pimpernel spread vs. other RL’s it has. Ahab, Nukem, Creamer all work well for what I’m using it for. The purple Duurp is more of an ideal item which took years to acquire. I had been using the Nukem for a long time until I came across an Ahab. Then the purple Duurp.

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I guess I can get away without anything in those other slots until OP5 then, for OMGWTH? Or OP6 for Dukino’s Mom?

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I use the RL/Pimp combo. I believe Dukino’s Mom appears at OP6, iirc.

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OP4=>OP5 turrets too. Good luck taking those out with a Quad.

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I’ll use the Quad for OP0-3 assuming it’s putting in the work. I can always go and get another Triquetra or a Striker at that point, maybe. Or some other weapon i’m forgetting that you guys can help me with :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit late on the reply here (thanks Kurt for covering me)

With a lvl72 ROM you should be able to go a pretty long way, but upgrading once (maybe OP6 ? ) would not hurt

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I was thinking the same. However, I didn’t want to get too specific as it is a bit bias from my own experience. @Kuolemanlaakso may be a better Sal player than myself. So who’s to say he can’t go all the way? :wink:

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Mwuhahahahaha. That’s a good one :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a very average gamer in general, I would guess from your community contributions that your skill level exceeds mine :slight_smile:

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What I lack in skill, I make up for in generosity(paying it forward). I try anways… :blush:

Since we’re knee deep in discussing getting through the OP levels with Dep. Sal. I think I’m going to give it a go. This time, I’ll run with an OP8 RR shield and or Evo/blackade and see if I can tackle OP8 Peak with 72 ROM. :wink: Seems like a good challenge.

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I’m desperately trying to get a ROM but I keep getting everything but Rustler’s, and the one Rustler’s I got was a Torgue grip…


For what it’s worth, my Sal has done fine with a level 72 ROM through OP7. The lack of OP8 is due to me drifting off to other games for a while (but not disappearing from the forums… :thinking:) not due to any weakness in the gun.

Not sure why you guys would want any swap gear for OMG - standard Deputy works fine there. But that’s very much a “You know what else works? Anything” boss so whatever you guys enjoy… :slight_smile: