[Build] Deputy Sal

Once I first ran the Peak with Sal I developed a pattern of what to do and when for everyone- get a new shield (usually Antagonist) at OP5 and OP7, a new DPUH and Bee at the same OP levels (because I rarely use RL), and make farming runs to see what I could get (which include the loot train). I got lucky and got elemental Butchers for Gaige and Krieg, a shock Rapid Shreddifier for Axton, plasma caster SMG’s, Hellfires and Good/Bad Touches for Maya, elemental White Deaths for Zero and numerous BotA that boosted elemental damage as well as cool down rates. Heck, my level 28 Sheriffs Badge was better than most higher levels ones I found until just recently, and I used a level 71 L. Cat that had a 134% damage boost until I reached OP8 with Maya. Why do the OP levels? As someone far more famous than myself was said to exclaim. “Because it’s there1”

I’ve just resumed playing Sal with the Deputy Sal build and am at the point in the main story where you recruit Brick, and all I can say is-WOW :open_mouth: Things die pretty quickly there (and Krieg and Gaige still have the mission open for the Orpahn Maker, so I might be able to get 2 more if lucky…). I do have some questions though:
1- could a Jakobs Allegiance relic be used in place of a Deputy’s Badge? I have one that’s +69% mag size and +89% Accuracy Recovery.
2- class mods: a green CE Monk that’s +5 MS, a blue NG Monk that’s +6 MS, +5 Sexy T-Rexy w/+33% reload speed and +45% mag size and a blue Auspicious Raider that’s +6MS and +5 Incite- which would work best with the Allegiance relic or Deputy’s Badge?

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1: No. Sadly, Allegiance relics don’t provide their bonus to the off-hand. So keep your Deputy’s badge :slight_smile:

2: I would have to test the specific: The extra point from the blue monk COM might provide more damage, but the green one boosts your crit damage, which might balance it out. Bear in mind that of all the non-skill bonus monk COMs can give, the ONLY bonus that applies to your off hand is the evil one (the crit bonus) All the other bonus will only affect your main hand, so they’re pretty much all irrelevant.

Without too much testing, I would tell you to pick the blue monk one, to switch to the Bus version and to move a few points to pick Sexy T-rex so as to benefit from your COM boost.

Something like that:

but all in all, they should all perform about the same…


Man just love this build, it has been so long. Re-ran it few weeks ago from level 1, got excited when i could use rubi, also excited when i could use lady fist and super excited when started using grog. Used any jakobs shotguns, didn’t care much about their color, till op8. Of course 72 to op8, i have a few rom of assorted levels, also the striker.
Thanks you @Chuck80

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Thanks for the reply- I think I’ll use the green CE Monk for now while using other characters to get him a blue CE version with +6 MS (I don’t want to do any dlc with him until I do the main story first- certainly not for any spoiler reason but just because :relaxed: ).

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I started mowing down Hyperius with this build and honestly the sheer damage output takes me by surprise once more with how fast he drops. Sometimes if I get lucky I kill his loaders with a single Money Shot.

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Yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

I fully realized how OP this build is when I killed the OP7 Black Queen from the Peak with my OP2 ROM with ONE well-placed shot… it was a special moment :stuck_out_tongue:


With my new computer it has just gotten easier to kill everything as I do not feel as sluggish as I used to be and my reaction time has gone up as a side effect.

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I always thought it could be possible to 1 shot (or 1 Money Shot anyways) Hyperius with this build at lvl 72. Have you had anything close to that happen?

I know it’s very possible to hit the visual damage cap, but I have no idea how much health a lvl 74 Hyperius has.

Plus he seems to have a weird crit spot at his chin. Playing on console probably doesn’t help much with the timing as well. That fight can get very laggy.

With the numbers from the ROM it’s possible to calculate it.

What is the damage value of a level 72 ROM with jakobs grip ?

gear Calc says 592959, is that right ?

Yup that is the damage on a ROM with Jakobs grip Chuck.

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Well anyway, let’s assume it is…we can always modify this later. (edit: Thanks troubled)

I’ll use the Brawn version for this (2 reasons: it’s my favorite and I REALLY don,t feel like accounting for NKLO in this)
I’ll also assume BAR is off
Deputy’s badge (12% damage)
Evil monk (50% type A crit bonus)
lady fist (+800% Type A crit bonus)
And we’ll also assume that all 4 pellets hit and that they all crit

Strangely enough, the only skills that affect this equation are quick draw and Money Shot…everything else has absolutely no impact on your damage :stuck_out_tongue:

So Base:
592,959 X 4 pellets = 2,371,836

Deputy’s badge:
2,371,836 X (1 + 0.12 ) = 2,656,456

2,656,456 X (1 + 8.0 + 0.5 + 0.1) X (1 + 0.15) X 2 = 58,654,548

Money shot:
58,654,548 X (1 + 10.56) = 678,046,574

And Finally, Slag:
678,046,574 X 3 = 2,034,139,722

##2,034,139,722 damage per shot

More than twice the display cap :stuck_out_tongue:

How much health does Hyperius has again ?

(Neat shortcut in the future: You can calculate how much damage this setup can do at any non-OP level and with any shotgun by taking the damage of all pellets and multiplying it by 857.6)

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I have no idea how much health that loon has. I stay away from math as much as possible. Though with the Grog’s drunk effect the ROM can do a lot more damage, assuming the pellets all land.

I’ve tried a bit to find some info on raid boss health at 72, but didn’t have much luck. Honestly, I didn’t t try that hard though.

What initially made me think it was possible was the best time I could get on Pete, who I’m pretty sure has way more health than Hyperius. Being able to beat Pete in under 20 sec. (Think it was maybe like 17, don’t remember ATM) with what amounted to 4 Money Shots I think and it was basically the same setup you used in the damage calculations above.

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if the goal is to kill Hyperius in one shot, it might be easier (Mathematically at least) to do so by luring the loader at the door in the arena and killing it to activate NKLO, then switching to a Quad-barreled Tediore or Bandit fire shotgun with a crit accessory and Torgue grip that has purposely been left with just one shot in the mag (gotta remove auto-loader from the spec) and using a fire bones of the ancient as your relic.

…he’s weak to fire right ?

Search Admiral Bahroo’s channel on Youtube- he did a vid a while back about the raid bosses and their health/shield capacity. I think Dexdidious came in at the highest health at OP8- more than a trillion IIRC…

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Yes, Dexi even had to be patched because he couldn’t actually be killed anymore at OP8 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not watching that guys videos, sorry. Can’t stand him. If somebody else wants to look though, be my guest.

Either way, I might give it a go later. Biggest problem is keeping him slagged and actually hitting multiple pellets on his crit spot. I think Pete’s is much easier to crit when he’s not flailing his arms around with DOT attacks. The window before Hyp’s shield goes up isn’t very long either.

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He is weak to fire, but now you’re telling me I might have to find a specific parts fire quad Bandit or Tediore? Eww. Rather farm the Bunker, lol.

Also, why Torgue grip and not Jakobs?

Torgue grip adds a bit more damage, and the cost is slightly lowered reload speed (which is irrelevant if you plan on only shooting once)