[Build] Deputy Sal

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I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

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Many thanks to @Piemanlee for overhauling the formatting of the OP :slight_smile:

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I misspelled color in a few of the edits, but that’s a quick fix. Why are o and p right next to eachother on a standard keyboard?!?! Also the gear section, grog nozzle. I forgot the [/B] needs to be a b

Also missed this apparently, needs to be [/u]

And this facepalm

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Fixed, thanks :slight_smile:

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DeputyPiemanChuckLee FTW! And yes, formatting is a right royal pain.

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Salvador vs Master Gee OP8

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Good to see the build being used as much as it is.

If ya’ll want a real challenge, take on an Iron God at OP 8 (I did it at OP7 and didn’t realize it until just now after looking at the video on my pc).

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yeah, i have seen it, and my hand will probably cramp after that, lol.

Also, why delete your old videos?? That Iron God kill is not goofy and an awesome kill.

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I deleted them because I was going through a funk where I felt insignificant in the quality of my videos before deciding to try again, some I will redo and try to improve upon them such as my Leatherneck build. I plan on re-uploading the Iron God video tomorrow, though being OP7…yeah I am not sure I even want to try doing that again at OP8, that little difference might add ten minutes.

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Sharing my OP8 Ancient Dragons kill with the Deputy Build. This shows that even if you have a bad aim you can still solo the Dragons.

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Love this build. Was wondering if you play with the community patch and if you would do anything different because of it. Keep up the amazing work on helping out the community!

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I haven’t tried the community patch after the first version. It seems brawn was boosted quite a bit, so I would probably head in that direction and include I’m the juggernaut. I’m not aware of any piece of gear buffed by the UCP that would replace any in the build as it is.

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I’ve a quetsion about that: Is this a special thing for Sal or is this for everybody?

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Just in general, since the ruslers prefix adds 2 pellets and the orphan maker only has 2 to start with. AkA double damage


I know I’m late to the game, but just wanted to say I’m really enjoying this build. I’d stopped playing the game few years ago (without finishing it) but picked it back up couple weeks ago and found the build. I had “fun” farming Lv72 ROM.


Apologies for not asking on my previous post, but has anyone tried both Twister and ROM with this build? I’m just curious if it’s worth trying for a Twister, with possibility of passing it onto another toon if I don’t like it (namely Gaige, with whom I still need to get started on TVHM).

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As per the man himself, although I’ve not got up the gumption to try that farm myself and therefore cannot speak from experience. I think you would need a minimum mag of 5 so it gets 2 shots before reload.


Ah, I somehow missed that bit. I guess I’ll be farming for one. Bit burned out on the main story missions anyways from completing them multiple times in quick succession.

EDIT - sorry, the forum is acting weird on mobile.

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Any mag size will do for a Twister: you have to spec into FttB so a 4-mag will go up to 5.

I guess try to avoid one that has 8 so as not to make it a 3-shot.

But in any case, you don’t have to farm for anything specific: Gaza cleared pyro Pete’s bar with a blue scattergun with no accessory… And was still one-shotting everything.


Good point. I mostly wanted to try a Twister because it looks entertaining to shoot. Of course, one/two-shotting everything with ROM or Coach Gun is entertaining as well, at least when my aim is true.