[Build] Deputy Sal


Managed to get through OP3 using the Bus version. Not sure how, as I’m a spectacularly mediocre player. Ended up farming for a while at OP4 to compensate for my lack of skill (after which I accidentally reset the playthrough - the key bound to resetting and changing OP level is same on PC).

Not looking forward to OP4 DP.

(Carlton Slayer) #430

Hang in there- the Deputy will deliver :+1: Also, there’s a thread dedicated to climbing the Peak with class specific suggestions for all VH except Gaige and Krieg- you might want to take a look if you haven’t already…

(Is this thing on?) #431

As @Carlton_Slayer mentioned, this might be helpful:


The Deputy did, in fact, deliver. I’d be happier if I never see surveyors again, though.

Thanks @VaultHunter101 for directing me to the Peak walkthrough thread. The thread was very helpful and the OP4 run ended up going much smoother than the OP3 run.


Thank you @DeputyChuck for the wonderful build! Took me a while, but after couple of tries, I’ve managed to unlock OP8! Now time to gather some OP8 gears and take on raid bosses.

(Sheriff) #434

Will update the build guide soon to include @kbk160008’s contribution to the Brawn side of the build (especially his inclusion of the Beast COM as a solid alternative.)

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #435

I have been keeping my eye out for a good Beast com to give this a try. Saturn drops them from time to time. I’ll keep at it. What I don’t want is the buff to Just got Real on the com. So I’m holding out. lol

(Santa Söze) #436

I found a purple the other night - it’s highest stat was Incite. I’m…not sold on it…yet.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #437

I recently specc’d out of incite. Which I have never not taken. So it’s a bit new not being able to haul ass after a melee or skag bite. lol now I get to jump into zerk mode if I want to haul ass like a bus that can’t slow down. :smirk:

Edit: I’m thinking of going com-less to see how op this dep brawn build can be. I’ll let ya know what I find out on that end.

Edit2: Went com-less last night. Pfffff! Deputy Sal doesn’t need a com. Seriously. I wrecked everything. it’s seriously surprising how I didn’t miss having a com on at all. lol :cowboy_hat_face:

no com

Item Finds of the Day BL2
(Tysonyar) #438

Funny, this is the exact reason why I almost never run a Monk or Raider COM with deputy Sal, but rather just the Legendary Gunzerker. It is plenty for that powerful a build.

I will admit though, I have been lurking on the thread about the Beast COM deputy Sal build and I have been tempted to try it. I have been traveling for a couple weeks for work, but I may farm the snowman and see if I can’t get myself a Beast COM this evening so that I can try it.

(Sheriff) #439

I must admit that in all my initial testing with the build, I never really considered that you could go without a bonus to money shot.

It seemed so fundamental to me…

With the need for a COM at all out if the way, I think I should explore other options that might fit the build as well.

The beast of course comes to mind, but the leg. Gunzerker and Berserker could also be interesting choices. If you don’t plan on using the RR, the leg. Titan could also be a good pick.

Anything else I’m missing ?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #441

I finally found a Beast com I would use.

I did preliminary testing just to see if the reload speed applied to Sal’s offhand. it does, and its glorious. with a dep badge relic and the beast com’s buff to reload speed, its really nice. I might roll with the Beast com for mobbing. but for RAIDing i would go monk all the way. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Sheriff) #442

Overhaul of the OP completed.

Trimmed down the build section
Removed some passages which I no longer agree with.
Completely changed the COM section, credited @kbk160008 accordingly
Made the “Brawn version” the main one
Removed mentions of the Fabled tortoise trick, as I feel it’s not bringing much anymore.
trimmed out some fluff
Corrected some spelling mistakes

Let me know if you spot a new mistake. :slight_smile:

(Tysonyar) #443

Chuck, you are as always a badass.

(Santa Söze) #444

Looks great!
What do you think about adding the Chain Lightning?

(Carlton Slayer) #445

It’s ‘DPUH’ not ‘DPHU’ (third line down after you start to talk about the build) :grin:

(Sheriff) #446

Fixed, thanks!

That mistake had been there for years! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sheriff) #447

I’ve thought about adding it, and the Magic Missile as well. I decided against it to keep the text lighter.

Ultimately, the build doesn’t require a grenade and anything good with Sal in general would work. So in that section, I just recommend to go have a look at the Top Gear for grenades and shields (which does feature the Chain lightning)

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #448

Looks fantastic Chuck. Thanks for all you do. You’re the sole reason I still love Sal. After coming across your build(Deputy Sal) and all the little variations within the Deputy Sal “umbrella” breathes life into this character for me. I moved to Maya after being burnt out on the pistol build I had used for so long. I’m converted and have never looked back. :cowboy_hat_face::acmaffirmative:

Edit: at this point in the games lifespan I have now been playing as Dep Sal for longer than the old pistol build I rocked.

(Sheriff) #449

Thanks man

It’s players like you who motivate me to keep this updated in the first place :slight_smile: