[Build] Deputy Sal

(Focused for Success in a Distracted World) #470

Just to confirm :

  • Mag size 2 does not round up. Deputy players are painfully aware that only a Jakobs or Bandit grip will give two shots to an Orphan Maker. All other grips require a relic with mag size boost or a Leg Berseker to get F2tB to 10/5 (+50%)
  • Mag size 3 also does not round up - it remains 3 ( 3.75 with 5/5 or +25% ).
  • Mag size 4 becomes 5 of course
  • Mag size 5 becomes 6 (6.25)
  • Mag size 6 becomes 7 (7.5 does not round up)
  • etc

Also I just tested the few remaining skills that seemed to be missing from the Things That Don’t Work on Offhand Guns thread and will add them to the OP as an editor’s note.

(Sheriff) #471

I can confirm that 5/5 Fttb will push 4 to 5 mag size.

That’s why I recommend a BLUE coach gun instead of a purple one. (Blue has a mag size of 3)

Only 1 point in Inconceivable is enough to mitigate that (so 4/5 Fttb will leave it at 4) and the odds of getting the free shot are low enough to manage. I would recommend that you don’t use a RR if you go this route to minimize the odds of proc. Go with a Neo or Evo instead.

Yes, the Kitten is a great choice, no the grip doesn’t matter that much. But I favor the Vladof grip not because of the fire rate, but because of the matching grip bonus. (If the grip matches the gun manufacturer, you get extra mag size and better reload speed. That’s true of all guns in the game BTW)

And finally your COM: as long as it boosts money shot, it’s a good one :slight_smile:
Some people use the Beast Com and it doesn’t even boost money shot at all and they’re doing great.

(Sheriff) #472

I completely agree.

If you’re using a Brawn version, a purple com is a better choice than a blue one.

I should probably edit the OP

(Sheriff) #473

It doesn’t round up.

At 25%, 3 will stay 3, 4 will become 5

4/5 Fttb and 1/5 Inconceivable will fix that.

(spectacularly mediocre) #474

Didn’t even occur to me to use purple Evil Monk COM. Methinks I’ll be farming for one.

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #475

It’s intended as a list of things that DON’T work, with a smattering of exceptions where there are inconsistencies.

If it isn’t listed, it probably works.

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(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #477

@Sljm @DeputyChuck

I realized that when the pseudoephedrine haze lifted and decided to leave my foot in my mouth rather than attempt to erase my shame. But seriously, thank you both for all of the work that you guys have done. Truly, you are the giants upon who’s shoulders my vault hunting successes stand.

(spectacularly mediocre) #478

Finally got myself a purple Evil Monk COM after opening chests in the Unassuming Dock for several hours (+5 M$, +4 Asbestos, +4 Sexy T). Any suggestion on which skill I should shave 1 point off so I can put one in Asbestos?

(Focused for Success in a Distracted World) #479

That’s the COM I use and this is the build that goes with it.

(Sheriff) #480

What @Jefe just linked is perfect.

Personally I think 5/5 incite and Bus is a bit too fast, but if you have no problem handling it, that’s good. I would move a point of each to fill out T-rex, but that’s just me.

(spectacularly mediocre) #481

When I initially tried Lengendary Berserker COM, I had 5/5 in both Incite and Bus. That was entirely too fast with the COM’s bonuses to Incite and movement speed. Before I could adjust to the speed, I missed a bridge to my demise.

I guess I’ll play around with the point spread to see where my sweet spot is.

(spectacularly mediocre) #482

Out of curiosity, anyone using FotF with their Deputy Sal?

I enjoy the repeating novas (assuming I remember to turn down the visual effects) that keeps me topped off with a Moxxi weapon. It also shows up early enough in the game that farming for on-level ones for my Peak run was relatively quick.

(Sheriff) #483

Not that I know of, but it is certainly a great choice, especially considering how sporadic the healing you get from shooting is.

(spectacularly mediocre) #484

Anyone know if the reload bonus of I’m Your Huckleberry stacks with that of All in the Reflexes?

I’m wondering if moving the points in Locked and Loaded to Huckleberry would be more beneficial, however marginal it may be, to the main hand Grog Nozzle/Rubi/Lady Fist.

(Sheriff) #485

Technically yes, it would work.

But, whatever you would gain in reload speed, you would lose the fire rate bonus to slag more reliably as a tradeoff.

It could work, but I don’t think it’s advantageous overall.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #486

Quick question, i’ve been using this for a long time and i’m happy with it, using the CE Monk with +5 Asbestos:


Now, I was considering making these changes, and I was just checking I wasn’t missing anything by making this change, except some bonus accuracy from DL:


Am I going to miss DL? Since i’m always using different types, it’s bonus accuracy, i’m just wondering if it’s enough to notice. Input would be welcome.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #487

I’m far from an expert, but I don’t think you’re going to miss DL. Your altered build is what I rode to OP8, except I spec 5/5 Get Some and 4/5 Yippee Ka Yay because I think cool down > duration. Plus you get Come at me Bro, which I like to pop just as gunzerk ends, or for emergency healz. Double birds make me feel so badass. Also, my com is purple, so I get Sexy Rexy buffed too.

(Focused for Success in a Distracted World) #488

If you have sufficient healz, you could actually put DL’s points into KiPH which is marginally more useful (and by extension, NKLO…because he’s not broken enough :wink:). That way you don’t have to respec if you want to do some raid boss farming.

Otherwise, like Paulo said many of us have moved to purple Monks to get SexyT boosted. Incidentally, I find AGTtB to give better healing so you could grab points from Sexy and/or Bus and/or Incite.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #489

Could you post what you mean exactly as a build? I’m going to do some experimentation perhaps over the next week (i’m away from home for the week so will probably revert to things that require minimal commitment). I may end up just using what I have now, but i’d like to at least have a play around to see if I prefer anything else instead.