[Build] Deputy Sal

This seems to have in mind a slightly more no hurry battle than mine, as it included the Keep It Piping Hot and the Fistful of Hurt.

Yes. Yes.

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Oh I’m sorry. I sent you the wrong one. Lol. Although this modification is still largely close to yours. I just add “I’m Ready Already” for peak runs. Otherwise I use the other build for regular play. I really just enjoy being able to go further in the Brawn tree. Especially picking up “Bus That Can’t Slow Down”.


How is I’m Ready Already now with the extra points when using a Chaotic Evil Monk com ?

I’ve always felt that gunzerk fell a bit short in time, but is it worth pouring some points in that skill on top of the rest ?

Well the build actually works at level 46, so you’ve got an abundance of points unless you’re going deep into Brawn. Therefore you’ve got points for I’m Ready. My solution however : keep shooting and Get Some will get you cooled down faster.


Currently I have Get Some at 5/5 and I’m Ready at 4/5. Now I always have Bus that can’t Slow Down at 4/5 at a bare minimum, and have been toying with Tyranosaurus at 4/5. I feel that the action skill coming back a tad faster is worth the trade, I am not 100% sure of that either. Using the Neogenator as a shield so health regen is actually fine

That’s a pretty good build. And honestly at this point you’ve proven you’re a better player than I am, so I’m not going to second guess you :slight_smile:

The only thing I’m curious about us the lack of double your fun. Maybe one point from YKY to get it would help ?


I use I’m really already on the peak, as the spawns have a different kind of timing.
Outside of the peak, the difference it produces is minimal at best.

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Yes. You’re right. It is Singularity build for the Peak. In that case I feel single grenade is better than 2. Otherwise Double Your Fun is better as double.
By the way,

What happened right now? :laughing:


If I say, Killing the Hyperius many times to get 86% Evolution is worth it.


My Deputy Sal build

Fwiw here is my Sal build:

  • no points in Hard to Kill as 0,5% regen per second is unnoticeable, and in actual play I don’t feel any difference with or without the +20% health;
  • no points in Double Your Fun, as I do not throw grenades for damage purposes, the immense majority of the time one grenade is more than enough for the effect achieved;
  • 4/5 to All in the Reflexes as I did not see any perceivable difference between 4/5 and 5/5; since I needed a point somewhere else, I shave one point here;
  • 4/5 in I’m Ready Already, as I found myself having long idle time using Chaotic Evil Monk mod; I know that with Get Some it is redundant, but Ready Already kicking in when idle is actually pretty noticeable I’ve found;
  • no NKLO, as to be brutally honest I cannot see any practical difference with/without it (at least while mobbing :stuck_out_tongue:), and the 5 last points needed to reach NKLO are better invested somewhere else.

I don’t know what your thoughts are on this take ?

I’ve got both of them actually :stuck_out_tongue: just can’t decide myself between the two, and I am pretty sure that one of you guys have done the maths for which shield to use for what situation

I prefer the EVO to the NEO myself, but the difference is not worth talking about really.

For what it’s worth, the EVO is easier to farm


Well it’s true:
you’re a much more skilled player than I am, your gameplay videos and TT runs can attest to that, and you have successfully improved on the build, I have no more to add :slight_smile:


Hard to kill is way better than Asbestos. The flat max health bonus means you have more room for error. You might not feel it, but you won’t feel Asbestos at all…

And unless you REALLY want to hit with a lady fist, don’t skip on Steady as she goes. The accuracy bonus is irrelevant, but the 80% recoil reduction is HUGE in a build where the second shot is always the one that counts

Otherwise, pretty solid build :dukeaffirmative:


That’s a damn good point.

I am playing with a Lady’s Fist :stuck_out_tongue: do we really have that much recoil with Grog+ROM ?


The ROM has huge recoil, and that’s really the only gun that matters here.

Just try with and without while shooting at a wall and see how much less the reticle blooms with it. The lady fist is so accurate to begin with that honestly, I would still take SaSG if I was playing with it.


You can feel that way about Hard to Kill. And that’s part of my agreement. But in fact, I play very tight, so that 0.5 percent and 20 percent numbers are something I can’t ignore. But as you say, it can be trivial.

This issue also applies to the question of choice between the two shields. The two are almost twins. Perhaps Evo has the strength of HP regen (it’s been so long since I’ve been equipped with Neogenator that I can’t remember well about the difference). This is also a small advantage. But the better is better.

I totally agree with I’m Ready Already. Because the tempo of progress is entirely a matter of attraction to the player himself, and that’s what you have to choose for yourself.


There is/can be clear gap. It prevents one more reload in many cases. This part is related to your build. Your build is quite stable. Perhaps you won’t bother reload one more time without NKLO. That’s a good thing, then, despite the differences.

I missed it.

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OP updated

With the current number of skill points available, I distilled it down to one version of the build in the OP and simply added notes on how to change it up to taste. Hopefully that will make things easier. :slight_smile:


You are still “The Deputy” :wink::+1:


Deputy80 living up its legend :wink:

Fixed updated build link
I have taken your comments into account; ended up shaving All in the Reflexes entirely. I barely notice any difference upon reload, must be around a tenth of a second.

One question regarding the Striker shotgun. Is it me or does it have so much bloom it is nigh impossible to use it properly ?

EDIT1: added update to build
EDIT: link fixed !


You still don’t have Steady as she goes ? :wink: