[Build] Dotsworth - A Mayhem 4 Mobbing build

I was always testing them by just shooting my feet and if it damages me, then I’d know it has splash. But the spinner as far as I remember does not inflict self damage so I assumed it didn’t deal any, but the wiki says it does.

It’s on a roughly 60s timer. It starts counting as soon as you load into the game or equip blast master, and resets on reload or taking the mod off.

Has nothing to do with actually firing the gun like you’d assume. Also just an FYI Iron Bear gets the bonus damage with splash weapons as well, and the mech’s reloads don’t reset the timer.


i just tested the spinner and it’s not splash. it gains no benefits from blastmaster, nor can it self damage.

if you’re thinking it was because you saw one type deal more damage on the dummy, thats because the dummy counts as flesh, so shock and corrosive will show less damage, as well as radiation has higher damage penalties for its elemental bonus than F/S/C, while Cryo has smaller penalties. also, a DS with fire will ofc deal more damage with fire due to our skill trees.

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I think tonight i’m going to make an index of splash weapons after i finish my house keeping today. i’ll list the ones that are splash, and test the ones that are on the edge of doubt and periodically add them. the question of “is this splash?” comes up often enough that its worth listing them.


Speaking of the spinner… Is there anyway to increase maliwan projectile speed permanently? The one anointment doesn’t last long enough. I wanted to make a spinner build but man it’s an awful gun with how slow the projectiles travel.

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the 2.9x maliwan smg scope has a 15% projectile speed bonus, and one of the body accessories gives 30% as well.

Great… So I have to farm for one with those specific parts, 2 specific elements, and a specific element mag anointment… That’s going on the back burner.

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mhm. you sure you wanna try at all though? that gun has some serious baseline damage draw-backs.

The idea was just finding an artifact with the projectile bonus speed, but I hadn’t seen one so assumed it didn’t exist. Needing that specific of a gun ruins any chance of ever even trying it. I was just going to make a gun with most of the elements on it using green monster.

gotcha. yeah, if only the tsunami had shock/cryo or shock/rad on it instead of shock/corrossive, i could see that being a thing. the DS just has so many functional problems with it though imo. the double element type is a drawback as much as its a benefit, for one. then it suffers the problem that it has only slightly higher base than other lasers, with none of their benefits (ie, no continuous dmg bonus), and then also has the fire rate of a legendary nebula, so it chews through ammo much faster than a laser normally would. pretty much everything else on the gun is a draw-back for the fact that when it fires it alternates between its 2 elements.

To be fair, I never said I wanted to make a good build haha.

It’s a pretty terrible gun and kind of useless considering you don’t need shock + radiation and corrosive + cryo.

Edit I meant terrible build. The gun is terrible for other reasons

oh yeah, i get that. i’m currently working on how to make moze into a hyperion salvador without a Butcher. i miss my machine-shotgun bulldozer…

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oh yeah, i get that. i’m currently working on how to make moze into a hyperion salvador without a Butcher. i miss my machine-shotgun bulldozer…

I’ve been trying to use the HeartBreaker as a replacement for the butcher… I sure wish the healing percentage was more. It doesn’t fire as fast as the butcher (obviously) but with scorching rpms it has a respectable fire rate and with Mozes ammo bonuses, her ammo regen can sustain the gun pretty decently

Me too. It’s pretty disappointing. There’s no way to boost the healing is there?

I think the only thing that can be done to boost the healing is to:

  • boost your gun damage / shotgun damage
  • Land as many crits as possible
  • Always be firing?

Yeah not sure there’s anything else we can do to boost the healing. Maybe the mind sweeper grenades would count towards healing with moxxi weapons?

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I have a test to run… shall edit this if it turns out

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Shotgun damage has no affect. It’s only the SoR gun damage skills and Click Click that has an effect. Element matching doesn’t help/hinder either.

Here’s a write up of my testing on Moxxie stuff.


That’s not a bad theory. Never thought of it. I somehow doubt it would. Green monster might also because it has strange interactions. I wonder if holding a moxxi weapon while throwing a grenade would heal you as well (without Vampyr) *while using green monster

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Interesting click click does… Is there anything else in the same part of the damage formula as click click and DM?

Phalanx, Drowning in Brass, Tenacious Defense, Armoured Infantry, the general weapon damage stat roll and manufacturer specific damage rolls are the ones I’m aware of.

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Wow, that’s awesome research…

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