[Build] Dr. Timothy Fries

Shout out to Derch for putting me onto the Chronicler of Elpis COM. I’m currently running this build and it’s ruining lives, so I wanted to share it with you guys.
So as we know, this class mod boosts freeze chance, cryo damage, shield capacity, Optimism, Lean On Me, Persistence, Winning, and Company Man. With +4 to Company Man, one would think that a Hyperion allegiance build is best, and it certainly won’t hurt you. However, my set up currently looks like this:

  • Cryo Rosie (damage) / Lazlo’s Freezeasy (freezing)
  • Flying Fridgia
  • Hammer Buster II (although any Jakobs weapon is probably fine)
  • Casual Ravager (or any other Torgue weapon)
  • Bulwark, 3DD1.E, Quasar (or any Hyperion grenade), Chronicler of Elpis COM. 4 stacks of Company Man (54% accuracy and 72% crit damage), laser buffs, free money, and lots of survivability.

SKILLZZZ: http://thepresequel.com/Jack/50000000000005550501015101505015005101

From the HotS tree, I only decided to max out BFF, which comes in handy for sure. I went all the way down to the capstone for the GG / FE trees because it’s a large part of my playstyle. Since Digi-Jack respawns count as deaths, I can keep up my kill skills just by moving around, and Potential / Leadership has saved my butt plenty of times. As for Sponsored By, the weapon combos are as follows:

  1. Cryo Rosie can get either the Torgue bonus to add explosive damage, or the Dahl bonus to keep the beam straight when firing.
  2. The Fridgia can have extra elemental damage added from the Maliwan buff (even though it operates pretty reliably without it), or gun damage from the Jakobs buff.
  3. Our Jakobs weapon handles a lot better with a Dahl buff, and although I don’t use this as often, the Torgue bonus is available as well.
  4. Our Torgue weapon can gain 30% damage from the Jakobs buff (aka one-shotting any frozen enemy besides Ultimate Badasses), or cryo elemental damage from the Maliwan buff.

So basically, no matter which way you swap you’ll have a useful weapon combination for dealing with enemies, especially since every swap will activate Compound Interest. This build works awesomely against mobs. Against bosses, I switch to the Indistinguishable Projection COM since it boosts BFF, Company Man, and Abs. Advantage, which is more than enough to take on enemies that can’t be frozen, especially with 120+ stacks of Money is Power. Plus, you get extra Gun Damage which is always welcome. Also, I tend to rely on other weapons besides lasers against bosses, so I switch 3DD1.E out for a Precision Strike Oz kit. At this point, you can do whatever you want with your weapon setup. For example, I go Hyperion-Hyperion-Vladof-Vladof against 1st form Sentinel, and Hyperion-Hyperion-Hyperion-Jakobs against his final form / Odjurymir.

Thanks again for all the comments on my Dragon Ball Athena build. Feel free to drop any suggestions; looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Have you tried the mining laser? I think it would be a better option for a freeze laser with 9/5 company man. You could have mining laser+bullpup+fatale and perhaps 1 explosive. (the fatale with explosive bonus is pretty great)
Every piece of hyperion gear is a huge bonus ; )

Other then that it looks solid.

I’ve thought about it, but I generally don’t like most of the Hyperion guns in TPS and Sponsored By seems like too good a skill to pass up. However, since frozen targets take extra damage from crits, it might be a better idea to go Hyperion allegiance with the Chronicler of Elpis COM and then have a more varied setup when I switch to Projection. Something to think about!!

Both crit and explosive is boosted on frozen target. A torgue sponsored Fatale wrecks face with 7 hyperion items.
You can obviously do as you wish. I just thik the bonus is to great to pass up when it is at 9/5. And your weapons doesn’t seem to be so unique as to not be replaced by hyperion counterparts.

Lol when you put it that way I guess I can see your point. So besides the Fatale and a cryo Mining Laser, what other Hyperion weapon would you suggest? I guess it’s down to either the T4S-R or a Bullpup. Shock or cryo? Flakker, Kerboom, Ravager, or Fragnum? SO MANY QUESTIONSSS haha

I would probably go:

Minig Laser (Cryo or Fire)
Bullpup (Shock)
And a Torgue Ravager (for the Torgue bonus, and to shatter frozen badasses)

Word. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for all the info man!

I’ve been playing with my build around this too and its a lot of fun, while the accuracy on the fatale is somewhat wasted the crit bonus with the cryo on top of it is amazing, also I’ve been using hyperion splitters and holy **** they are amazing with this. My build though is running 8 hyperion items and instead of cyro explosive I’m just doing cryo critical hits.

Hyperion splitters and the Mining Laser have similar projectiles right? Do you think splitters are better? The Fatale would be my main offensive weapon, with anything else just being there for freezing enemies.

not really the mining laser’s are set flight pattern so accuracy effects them very little, while the splitter’s are not set and accuracy effects them greatly.

The mining laser is kinda like most lasers combined

  • Extra crit chance and base stats like a Hyperion Rail gun
  • Penetration like a Dahl lasers
  • Split pellets like Tediore lasers

Its only missing the maliwan effects

Now that you mentioned that I’m realy sad that it doesn’t have a continous fire bonus :sob:

I’m okay with hitting crits but in the middle of a big fight I think I’d be more comfortable just being able to switch to an explosive weapon to finish off a frozen enemy lol